Darkent markets have their online counterpart referred to as the dark web markets or dark net markets. These are commercial websites in the dark web operating via darknets like I2P and Tor. Just like black markets, these darknet markets enable the purchase and sale of various items unlikely to be sold out in the open. These include weapons, narcotics, unlicensed synthetic drugs, cyber-arms, counterfeit goods, counterfeit currency, forged documents and forgery services, credit card details, personal information, stolen account, guides and tutorials, and fraud services. Legal products may also be sold in Deep Web markets to avoid taxes or other related obligations that raise their prices.


What we provide here on DarkNetMarkets are guides to and information on various aspects of the world of dark net markets. We feature various posts on important topics you need to know, especially when it comes to finding the best darknet markets and Deep Web news. We don’t only present darknet market links, we also provide in-depth reviews to help you pick the best options. We also feature informative and insightful posts to help you understand many topics and concepts underlying dark net markets.

DarkNetMarkets Essentials

There are important points you need to understand before you explore and get involved in the world of darknet markets.

  • Most of the things offered are illegal or inappropriate. Don’t be surprised to find narcotics, weapons, hacking services, and fraud services in Deep Web markets . Even the best darknet markets offer these. Realize that these marketplaces on the web were created for things that cannot be made available out in the open. Some may even list weapons of mass destruction and assassination services.
  • Using darknet markets is without a doubt risky. Because of the nature of the items being traded, you are bound to expose yourself to the possibility of getting investigated or encountering law enforcement officers who may be doing entrapment operations. Likewise, you cannot have high expectations on product or service quality.
  • Scammers abound. Even the best darknet markets also have scammers in them. No marketplace in the dark web is free from scammers. If you read comments from buyers who have been scammed, that should not be enough reason to be discouraged to use darknet markets. The darknet markets themselves may also be scammers.
  • There are ways to protect yourself. While it is true that there are many risks and scams on darknet markets, there are ways to avoid becoming a victim. In general, there are four things you need to get acquainted with as you get involved with darknet markets. These are the Tor browser, VPN service, PGP, and bitcoins. These allow you to access darknet markets anonymously, without leaving tracks that can be possibly used against you.
  • Anonymity is a necessity. Withholding your identity is the rule for darknet market users. These markets were never designed to be a place for establishing good long-term buyer-vendor relationships. The setup is meant to enable anonymous transactions and establish reputation through the feedback and rating systems implemented by the different markets.
  • Don’t expect something similar to traditional online marketplaces. There are many similarities between traditional online marketplaces on the Deep Web but you should never expect them to be similar. Don’t think that the items you bought will always be delivered on time. Don’t expect a customer service system that will give in to your demands or complaints for the fear of having a tarnished reputation due to customer complaints published online.
  • There are several dark net markets and they come and go. There’s a multitude of darknet and Deep Web markets but there are no counterparts to long-running entities like eBay or Amazon in the dark web. Not even the best darknet markets are expected to last for a long time. They may eventually shut down and rebrand or completely cease operations.

Not Just a Darknet Markets List


DarkNetMarkets.co is not just a directory of darknet markets, its a lot more! Even our list to the right side of the site is more than just a list. This real time list of active marketplaces, with their respective darknet market links, also serve as a guide for availability. The ones in green are active markets that are accessible while the ones in red are  active markets but are inaccessible or having a downtime at the moment. Our list include a list of private vendor shops. You can find great and active darkent markets, like Alphabay, Dream MarketHansaRamp and more!

In addition to the different darknet markets list we have on the site, we also feature harm reduction and discussion forums. , it would help signing up with this forums to participate in discussions or to simply go over the multitude of threads that can provide you generous amounts of information and insights about the world of dark web markets.

You can be assured that we maintain a darknet market list that provide you with the right darknet markets URL and Deep Web reviews. To be safe from phishing, you can make our site your dependable starting point as you explore the leading marketplaces on the dark web. Our list points to our reviews, which in turn present the links to the official Online URLs and forums (when available) of the different darknet markets we have reviewed. This means that the Onion addresses you will be clicking here have been evaluated and proven to be the correct and updated darknet market addresses. You can always check if your link is real marketplace link or just phishing link through our “Are you Phished?” tool.

The WWW Portal to .Onion Marketplaces


DarkNetMarkets can be considered as a liaison between the standard world wide web and the deep web’s dark web. That might sound a bit confusing and complicated but that’s just how the global internet is. There are things you may have not learned about or heard of before, and these are things that can be useful to you.

If you have just visited DarkNetMarkets for the first time and you are still reading this portion of the lengthy block of texts we have on our homepage, we would assume that you are indeed interested to learn more about the darknet markets and the Deep web. We are glad to tell you that we can provide you extensive amounts of information and resources that will help you as you dive deeper into the dark web.

In-Depth Darknet Market Reviews

Reviews of darknet markets and deep web-related services are a major component of the content we publish here on DarkNetMarkets. We will help you find the best darknet markets you may want to consider as you try for the first time or as you look for alternatives because the one you have been using has already closed down or is no longer dependable.


You can access our reviews through the darknet market list on the right side of our site. The individual darknet market reviews contain the links to the actual darknet market sites. This may seem a little long-winded (having to click on the darknet market list go to the review where you can find the link to the actual darknet market), but we just want to help you stay safe and be well-informed before you access a darknet market. Yes, it would be faster for you to go to the different darknet markets available if our darknet market list is directly linked to the respective websites. However, we think it works to your advantage if you have the opportunity to read our review first before going to the market.

Why Read Our Reviews?

We have four major reasons:

  • DarkNetMarkets.co provides comprehensive, detailed, and real evaluations.
  • Our reviews appeal to your eyes through the multitude of screenshots we insert.
  • We take note of oddities or unusual attributes in darknet markets so you wouldn’t be surprised and to help you figure out
  • Our reviews are written for newbies and experienced darknet users.

Our reviews provide you a comprehensive and detailed look into the different darknet markets available. We cover almost all aspects of the darknet markets and services we examine. We also include high quality screenshots to help you get a visual glimpse of the different darknet markets without having to actually go to the site itself. These screenshots also counter the boringness of the blocks of texts in our review.

Additionally, our reviews include guides on account registration, account interface and functions, the adding of funds, the different categories in the darknet market being reviewed, search and search filters, vendor selection, and the process of making orders. Moreover, our reviews provide reminders on the things you need to make sure that you are able to access the sites we have in our darknet market list safely and anonymously. We never fail to allocate a portion of our reviews to mention, even in just a few paragraphs, the things you need before you access a darknet market.

At DarkNetMarkets, you can expect to find meticulously prepared darknet market reviews that take note of important features you need to know. We always point out things we find important, unusual, or special (in a positive or negative way). We take note, for instance, of encounters during the account registration process when we find it difficult to successfully sign up for an account. There are some sites that return an account registration error because of an error in the PIN or password you entered but there’s nothing in the account registration form that states how many digits or what characters should the PIN or password have. We take note of instances like this and try to figure out a workaround or a solution.

Moreover, our reviews are written to appeal to both newbie and oldtimer users of darknet markets. We make sure that they are made to be comprehendible to those who know nothing much about marketplaces on the dark web but still useful for experienced darknet market frequenters.

Darknet Market Guides, Insights, Tools, and Tutorials

In addition to our darknet market reviews and our darknet markets list, we also feature several posts and resources useful to those who are on the dark web.


Deep Web and Anonymity Guides. We feature online anonymity as well as deep and dark web guides and tutorials on our site. If you are still confused with the different concepts involved in darknet markets, you can use DarkNetMarkets.co as a reference. We also have posts on topics like stopping Google from recording your online activities or using a live/portable operating system to access the dark web anonymously.

Bitcoin Tumblers and Mixers. DarkNetMarkets also features several other articles that go beyond the basics. For those who feel that the anonymity afforded by bitcoins is not enough, we also feature topics like bitcoin tumbling. In fact, we have a section in our site that features different bitcoin mixer and tumbler options. We have a page that shows brief overviews of these tumbling, blending, or mixing services but we also have full reviews.

Anti-Phishing Tool To help you ascertain that the darknet market links you use are correct and not just clones meant to steal your identity, we also feature an anti-phishing tool. If you found a darknet market URL that is not yet included in our darknet market list or if you found a darknet market address that does not matches the one we have in our reviews, you can go to our anti-phishing tool to verify. This tool checks if the .onion link you are about to use is real or just a phishing address by comparing it to DeepDotWeb’s list and the super list for darknet markets on Reddit.

Tutorials. DarkNetMarkets has an affinity to tutorials. Most of the posts on the site include tutorials or guides in doing important things like ensuring anonymity and using darknet-related services.

Darknet Market Tips

To avoid negative experiences with darknet markets, consider the following tips:


  • Ascertain your anonymity and security all of the time. Despite being known as an anonymity browser, the Tor browser is not enough in guaranteeing your anonymity as you go over darknet market sites. That’s why in addition to the Tor browser, you also have to use a VPN service and encrypt the data or messages you share online with PGP.
  • Never share any personal information in darknet markets or with other darknet user. You are not obliged to share personal information as you sign up for a darknet market account. The best darknet markets we have reviewed so far don’t have a policy of requiring users to supply personal details.
  • Avoid the same usernames, passwords, and avatars you use in your other online accounts. Your identity can be compromised if your Dmarket account can be associated with an online account you had used or you are currently using.
  • Avoid darknet markets that require an email address for registration. The best Deep Web markets we have in our darknet markets list don’t ask for email addresses or other contact details. Even when separately signing up for the official forum of a darknet market, an email address should not be a requirement.
  • Always use encryption. Be sure to get acquainted with PGP and always see to it that you use encryption as you communicate with vendors or with other users of a darknet market.
  • Prefer domestic orders. It’s always preferable if your item does not have to go through customs inspection.
  • Avoid transactions that ask you to finalize early (FE). Unless the vendor is someone you can trust or someone you have already been transacting with for a long time, it’s advisable to avoid finalizing early. Make the most of the escrow system used by darknet markets or use multisig bitcoin transactions, preferably 2-of-3 multisig.
  • Read DarkNetMarkets.co!