Zurich Investigators Striking Back After Arresting “Happy Olaf”

Happy olaf accounts seized
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According to a report, a 28-year-old man from the Affoltern District, who made use of a pseudonym “Happy-Olaf,” was arrested, becoming the top-rated darknet vendor arrested by the Zurich police to date. Following an investigation into Happy-Olaf, the investigators with an approved search warrant invaded his home where they found and confiscated controlled substances including cocaine, marijuana, LSD, 12 kilograms of Xanax pills, over 10 kilograms of ecstasy, two pill presses mixers and other drugs-related paraphernalia including marijuana growing equipment and heat-sealing packaging materials. Agents also recovered approximately 50,000 Euros.

A review of electronic evidence found from the apartment of Happy-Olaf proved the vendor’s connections to the dark web. More than 20 Darknet vendor accounts were pinpointed as well as attributed to the real individuals selling illegal substances on the recently shut down Alphabay, Dream, and other darknet markets. All account information for these vendors was seized by the Zurich authorities.

Happy Olaf Dream Market Vendor Page

The Zurich authorities have succeeded in identifying a group of additional delinquents, which are said to have operated in the distribution of large scale darknet drugs. The prosecutors closed down three user accounts through which the sales of narcotics were handled, paralyzing the top-selling vendor and two other top 10 shops in Switzerland’s dark web narcotics transaction. Additionally, the cantonal police of Zurich confiscated four kilograms of cocaine and one kilogram of MDMA in the form of ecstasy pills.

As part of a complex investigation into the dark web, the prosecutor office arrested five people so far. They are under urgent suspicion of having operated dark web narcotics sales in the multi-kilo range on various Darknet marketplaces. At the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, with the Compulsory Measures and Supervision Court order all five of the accused were detained for further investigation.

According to special agents from the Department of narcotics and Cyber crime of Zurich, a wave of online narcotic sales swept across the Zurich territory. The Zurich authorities regularly monitored the Internet, Internet traffic and Internet resources, to identify the networks that facilitated this illegal activity. According to the Zurich prosecutor, fighting such crimes is extremely necessary because the Darknet marketplace is a platform were all perpetrators hide to perform their illegal transactions. However, the investigations in this area are complex and require close cooperation of various specialists.


Investigators analyzed an online session of the vendors IP-addresses to identify the devices utilized in the exchange of information together with their possible location. Because Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies were their primary source of transferring funds during their transactions in the online drug trading, an analysis of the bitcoin wallet addresses of the vendors was also carried out with the aim of apprehending their accomplices.

European authorities are taking stronger actions each day to fight cyber related crime. Such was the case when the French Gendarmerie purchased darknet monitoring tools from the security company Aleph-Networks. Also in Romania, after months of an undercover operation, the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) arrested two drug vendors in Rădăuți, suspected of buying darknet drugs and reselling them locally on the street.

According to the Zurich prosecutor office, the Zurich authorities will do all they can to put an end to this menace. This investigation is ongoing with the potential accomplices being sought out for immediate arrest. No trial date has been set for the 28-year-old.

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