Young man sentenced 90 days in prison for a Darknet Cocaine Deal

darknet cocaine
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Over the last several years, Germany has intensified its investigation of the illegal drug trade. As a result, law enforcement agencies have been on the look out for drug traffickers.

A young man from Schwabach, Germany, was recently arrested for drug dealing. The arrest came after a series of nationwide searches on drug-related cases. After hearing the charge presented against him in court, he confessed that he had bought the drugs. He also admitted to selling the drugs to a friend at a profit. The courts found him guilty. His confession caused the judge,  Andrea Martin, to be lenient on him. The judge sentenced him to 90 days in prison, with a penalty of just 40 euros.

When the young man appeared at court, sometime late last year, he presented his own case. He explained that the act of selling the drugs was not in any way a form of rebellion against the country’s laws. He said that he engaged in the crime because of personal issues involving his family. He also told the court that he was financially constrained, and selling drugs provided him with the money he needed. He used the profits to meet his daily needs.He would buy the drugs from Bloomfield, a darknet market, for up to 300 euros. “I would sell these back and get 500 euros,” he said. He admitted that he made a similar order for his girlfriend’s friend. “It was the only way I had to make money,” he said. With the money, he told the court that he was finally able to make rent for the month.

“He was not trading for wealth,” said his lawyer, Rudolf Feder, his client just needed “some quick money” to get out of his financial situation. Selling drugs was the quickest way he could think of. Feder said that this was different from someone who did it as a business.

When asked where he sourced the drugs, the young man admitted that he went to top darknet sites like IDC. On this platform, he contacted another young dealer in Leipzig and ordered the delivery of the drugs. He registered his address under a fake name such as “Burger King” or “Heineken.” DHL or a similar registered mail service probably delivered the package.

The post office has become one of the easiest ways for drug dealers to send their illicit packages. This is because most of the packages, especially with a first class seat, are rarely opened for the check without a search warrant. Those buying and selling the drugs tightly seal the package in such a way that will conceal the contents.

The police were onto him. after receiving a tip from their operator at the post office. They obtained a search warrant and raided the young man’s apartment. After a thorough look through the building, they found an average of 300 kilograms of anesthetics. Alongside these, the police also found pages upon pages of accounts information, arranged meticulously.

In court, the prosecutor, Katja Beugel, asked for an 180-day sentence, to be accompanied with a fine of 40 euros. The suspect’s lawyer was quick to counter the plea but asked the court to consider that financial pressure made him commit the crime. Finally, he argued that the sentence was too harsh for such a “minor” crime

Feder did not manage to convince the judge to throw out the case, but she lessened the jail time to 90 days. and a fine of 40 euros.

Drug trafficking in Germany has been on an upward trend. but recently, the German police made a high-profile arrest, catching a woman trafficking cocaine concealed in her breasts. Drug traffickers use all methods at their disposal to engage in their activities. In fact, police say that traffickers increasingly use submarines as a form of transport.

In Europe, over 150,000 people die each year due to drug abuse. Mechthild Dyckmans, Germany’s drug commissioner, says that cannabis is the most abused illegal drug in the country. “We continue to make modest gains in our fight against drug trafficking,” she told a group of reporters recently.

As a result, Germany sets aside close to 5 billion euros every year in the fight against illegal drugs. Most of this goes to law enforcers and the justice system.

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