Woman Mistakenly Arrested for Roommate’s Darknet Package

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On Tuesday, the French customs services handed to the police a 26-year-old woman in Nantes, France. Her name has been withheld at the time of this report. She was arrested when she came to a post office to pick up an envelope containing 220 MDMA tablets. This package was being picked up as a favor to her roommate who asked her to grab it. Little did she know that the contents included the drugs, had been shipped from the Netherlands, and purchased on the darknet. She was reported to have been suffering from shock when she was arrested.

A few days earlier, the French customs border guards marked a suspicious package at Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport. Inside the parcel was a potent synthetic drug , tabs of ecstasy. Additionally, 10 pill presses, cannabis and tramadol were discovered. The customs officers decide to let the package pass in order to follow ita nd pursue an arrest. Similarly, such was the case when a teenager in Austria ordered darknet drugs through the darknet marketplace with the intention of reselling it. He was caught by the Oberwart highway police officers.

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The trap was tense, and customs officers only needed to wait a few minutes to make the bust. Customers succeeded in identifying the owner of the goods immediately with surveillance technology. Upon her arrest, she was questioned on the content of the package. She completely denied knowing what was in the parcel. The lady’s surprise and shock was convincing. The agents believed her story but kept her overnight for further investigation.

On hearing of what happened to his roommate regarding the delivery, he immediately went to the station to bail her out. What he did instead shocked the police force, as he confessed to the entire criminal activity. He explained to investigators how he bought the drugs from a darknet marketplace and ordered it specficially under his roommate’s name. He then convinced her that he ordered a random package in her name by mistake and asked her to pick it up on his behalf. He never thought that she would get caught and taken into custody. He admitted the entirety of the contents and took full responsibility of his actions.

This man’s private details are being withheld by the police, but the report stated that the drugs were paid for a meager price on the dark web. These purchased controlled substances were intended for his consumption, and also for resale. Street valule would be 10 times more expensive than the retail cost. The man also said that he bought these illegal substances with his bitcoin wallet and other cryptocurrencies.

The French prosecutors are on the move to arraign the man on the conspiracy for drug trafficking. He was also asked to pay a hefty custom fine of 50,000 euros. The young woman was later released and taken out of the investigation by the French authorities. For more evidence to strengthen his arraignment in the court of law, special agents with an approved search warrant, searched the man’s residence. The investigators, then, found and confiscated a vast quantity of contraband drugs such as methamphetamine, 20 pill presses, cocaine, cannabis, ketamine and other tools needed to prepare the purchased drugs for resale.

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Concerning the increasing rate of drug trafficking in the country, the French law enforcement agencies are confident that the action taken by the customs officials in detecting the owner of the package will go a long way to prevent others from engaging in such crime in the future.

French authorities are stepping up their actions against all darknet crime and activity. More recently, the most infamous French darknet market Black Hand was shutdown. And only within days following the take down, French police captured and arrested its mother and administrator. To completely put an end to the darknet drug menace in the country, the French Gendarmerie recently acquired the best monitoring tool worth over 258,000 euros from Aleph-Networks.

According to report, the officials prosecuting the case have vowed to make sure that the man is put behind bar.

He is currently in the custody of the French police and awaiting trial. His trial date is still unknown.

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