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WayAway is a Russian darknet marketplace that was once located on the traditional web. It is a forum-based marketplace with some similarities to RuTor. It is one of the longest running darknet marketplaces, having been active since 2009. It is known for specializing in recreational drugs and research chemicals (RC).

  • WayAway link – Market onion URL:

How to Access WayAway

Being an Onion site, with its URL http://wayawaytcl3k66fl.onion/, the Tor browser is required before you can get to access this site. For those who are unfamiliar with the Tor browser, it’s actually just like Firefox that takes advantage of the Tor network. It enables anonymous web browsing but the interface is just like the familiar Firefox UI. In fact, you can add to it all of the add-ons available to Firefox.


It’s not enough, though, to rely on just the Tor browser to make sure that you stay anonymous while accessing the WayAway darknet site. You also have to use a VPN server as well as PGP encryption/decryption. VPN ensures that your online activities cannot be monitored while PGP encryption/decryption guarantees that the information or messages you share or send are not accessed by persons other than you and your intended recipient. PGP enables anonymous chats and is particularly useful when sending sensitive information such as shipping addresses.

Phishing is quite rampant on the dark web so it’s important to be mindful of the URL you are using. Make sure that you will only access WayAway through the link shown above. If you do a search on the regular web using a standard web browser, you might find sites that are showing the exact replica of the WayAway site but with URLs that don’t end with “.onion”. Be aware that these are not official WayAway sites and are not sanctioned mirror sites. Stay away from them. Only access WayAway through its official Onion link. Also, be sure that you are getting the Tor browser from the official Tor website. You might end up using a corrupt Tor browser that will steal your identity details and passwords.

Account Registration

As mentioned, WayAway is similar to RuTor and this is something that can be easily noticed when it comes to account registration. To sign up for an account, you will be using the login page (the link is near the upper right corner). Just enter your preferred username and check the “No, Register Now” option (the default is “Yes, My Password Is”) so you can proceed to the account registration page.


The account registration page asks for a username that can no longer be changed and a password that should be at least 8 characters long, with at least one number and letter character and with at least one character in a different case (from the rest of the characters).

The account sign-up process shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds. The CAPTCHAs you have to enter to complete the registration are very easy to read so there shouldn’t be any problem with them. Perhaps you will only take some time if you missed reading the instruction about the password having specific character requirements.

You will be automatically logged in once your account has already been created. You need to have a Seller account or to pay for “commercial topics” or threads (on a monthly basis) in the forum before you can sell anything. If you write a post with the intention to sell something without having a seller account or without paying for commercial topics, you will can be reprimanded or evicted from the forum. The details for the prices and account rules on WayAway are presented in the Wiki section of the forum.

WayAway Interface and Functions

You may find a lot of things going on with the WayAway interface but it’s not that difficult to figure things out. There’s the usual menu bar on top, beside the logo, providing quick links to important pages like the homepage, list of users (convenient reference when you want to send a message to someone), messages, and notifications. On top of the logo, there’s a persistent “Hydra” banner, which appears to be an ad. It’s a bit distracting but not that much to impair the usability of the site.


Right below the logo and menu bar, there’s a box that flashes messages. These are mostly announcements and advertisements. It would be good if it’s not there, with the announcements just shown in the Notifications/Alerts page but it’s not necessarily that much of a distraction to bother users of the site.

If you want to go to your Profile page to add more details, make some modifications, or change some of your settings, just click on the User link on the menu bar or hover your mouse pointer over your account name near the upper right corner to find the different options available.

The Profile page allows you to add a signature, change your password, configure your alerts settings, add/change your contact details, and manage your subscriptions. You can also edit your privacy under the Profile page. You can set if you want others to view your current activity, birthdate, age, contact details, and other information about yourself. The Privacy section of the Profile page also allows you to prevent or allow other users to leave messages on your profile page or engage in conversations with you. Additionally, you can set if you want to have two-factor authentication for your account.

Moreover, you can your GPG public key, change your timezone, and set if you want to show your online status, automatically follow topics, use the full-featured editor when writing posts, and show user signatures under the preferences/settings section of the Profile page.

You need to activate javascript support on the Tor browser to be able to access all features and functions of the WayAway website. There’s actually a notification regarding this on the top part of the site in case you don’t have javascript support on.

Product Categories and Listings

To better present the products and threads featured on WayAway, perhaps it would be better to present the whole structure of the forum. Presented below are the major sections and important subsections of WayAway with the section and thread titles already translated in English. We have provided parenthetical notes here to give a concise description of what the sections or threads are about.

  • WayAway Is (General discussions about the site)
    • Hydra. Supermarket Instant Purchases
    • Crystal Mephedrone in the Kitchen
    • Wiki (encyclopaedic bits of information about WayAway)
  • Russian Branch of Trusted Stores (Directory of trusted or proven stores or vendors, as assessed by WayAway’s admins)
  • Bookmarks (This is similar to the directory of trusted stores but it presents stores that operate in certain regions of Russia such as Siberia, North West, Ural, Far East, and North Caucasus)
  • Eco Bazaar (exclusive thread for natural products)
  • Shipments in Russia (section for ads and discussions on products that are only shipped within Russia)
  • CIS Countries (for those interested in buying things in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries)
  • Shops and Services Informal Sector
  • Goods and Services The Total Consumption
    • Tea Shop
    • Spy Electronics
  • Flea Market
  • FAQ
  • Jobs
    • Jobs (job postings, including work from home and passive income schemes)
    • Summary
    • Discussion of Employers and Employees
  • Hyperlab (presents posts and discussions on synthetic drugs)
  • Drug Knowledge (comprehensive information and discussions about narcotic or recreational drugs)
    • Drug Classifications
    • Cannabis
    • Stimulants
    • Psychedelics
    • Ethnobotany
    • Dissociatives
  • Health
    • Pharmacy
    • Healthcare
    • Healthy Lifestyle
  • The Administrator (section for sending suggestions and comments about the forum to the site’s administrators)
  • Sympathy Boxing Forum (Serves as the “smoking room” in the forum)
  • Free Communication (miscellaneous threads)
  • Archive-Shopping (archived discussions and market posts)


As shown above, WayAway is a darknet forum-marketplace that is not just about drugs and research chemicals. It features other products, although its drugs section is indeed a major aspect of it. Those who have been accustomed to the usual darknet markets, though, have to make do with the less than organized way the posts are presented. There is no clear categorization of products. Just like in most other forum-based marketplaces, what’s given more emphasis are the vendors or sellers. Vendors have at least two sections on the forum allotted for them.

We’re not saying, though, that these are a major drawback. After all, most if not all of the forum-based darknet marketplaces we have encountered so far make use of this kind of setup. They just differ in the number of posts, activity, and in the organization of the different sections and threads. We can say WayAway is one of the better organized forum-based darknet marketplaces.

Search and Listing Filters

Using the search function on WayAway is a bit tricky. The search bar is near the upper right corner of the site. Javascript support should be turned on so it can be displayed. There seems to be some problem with the coding of the site since this search bar, at the time we did this review, appeared to be out of place or not properly aligned with the rest of the site’s elements. However, when we refreshed the page, the search bar disappeared and what appeared was just the search icon that can be clicked to open a full version of the search bar or search tool (as shown on the screenshot below).


The full version of the search tool shows text fields for the keyword, a tick box to tell the search tool to search only through the post titles, another text field for limiting the search based on who made the post, and a field for limiting the search based on post date (indicate date to show only posts made not later than the date indicated). This is not the most advanced search tool for a darknet marketplace but it’s definitely useful enough.

How to Choose a Vendor

In choosing a vendor, you have to go to the different threads created for different vendors or sellers. Evaluate them based on the information posted on their threads. We can’t come up with a standard set of things to look for but as a general advice, make sure that you are dealing only with vendors that are active on the site, those that don’t receive a lot of complaints, those that offer good sales terms, and those that have been operating on the site for a long time. It is also recommended giving preference to vendors that support multisig bitcoin payments.

How to Order

Similar to how it works in other forum-based marketplaces, if you want to place an order, you have to contact the seller of the product you want to buy. Just find the “Start a Conversation” button on the profile box of the seller in any of the seller’s post.


All the terms of the sale will be between you and the seller. The transactions will move through depending on what you agree upon although sellers usually already present their terms on their posts. If you don’t like the terms, just find another seller or you can try to negotiate for more favorable terms for the transaction.

You have to save all of the logs of your conversation with a vendor as they are your only proof for possible claims or disputes you may want to make in the future.

How to Pay for Orders

Purchases on WayAway are to be paid for in bitcoins. The site has a good amount of discussions on the various ways of using bitcoins, including discussions on the wallet options and where to get bitcoins.


Since WayAway is a forum-marketplace, paying for transactions is dependent on what the sellers and buyers agree. Hence, there is no specific way of making payments. Different bitcoin wallets can be used and keeping payments in escrow is not compulsory. Likewise, it is not a requirement for vendors to agree to multisig bitcoin payments. Buyers and sellers decide on how payments are to be done.

WayAway Support

Refer to the FAQ or The Administrator sections of WayAway for answers for the questions you may have in mind. Feel free to post questions in the appropriate threads. WayAway is a relatively active forum-marketplace so you can expect your inquiry to get a response soon. If you don’t get an answer and your question or concern involves something that can or ought to be addressed by the WayAway admin or support team, just send a message to the site’s admin. You can find the admin almost everywhere in the forum. Just look for a post made by the admin and find the admin’s profile box where you can click on the Start a Conversation button.


Pros and Cons


  • Relatively well-organized darknet forum-marketplace
  • Good uptime
  • Mostly active members
  • Option for enabling two-factor authentication


  • You need to have a seller account or pay for “commercial topics” (threads) before you can sell
  • Focuses on the Russian market or Russian speaking territories
  • No English or international section
  • Limited vendors, albeit relatively large for a darknet site that focuses on the Russian market


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