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WageCan Card aims to help everyone spend blockchain assets easier.  As its slogan claims, it is a service meant to connect the virtual world with the real world. It offers a bitcoin debit card that has no activation fee and with support for multiple currencies.


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What Is WageCan?

WageCan is arguably one of the best bitcoin debit card services available at present. It was started in 2014 in Taiwan by a group that specializes in blockchain assets wallets for web and mobile apps. WageCan, however, designates Hong Kong as the place for settling legal issues or consumer-related disputes. Serving users in different parts of the world including the United States, WageCan offers both plastic and virtual bitcoin debit cards.

Signing Up for an Account, Logging In

Getting a WageCan account appears to be a quick and easy process. The account registration form only asks for your email address and your nominated password for the account. After submitting the registration form, you will then be taken to the login page. You can’t immediately proceed to logging in, though, because there’s still an account activation step you need to complete.

WageCan Registration

This account activation step is what makes the account registration process longer. After you click on the account activation link you receive in your inbox regarding your WageCan account registration, you will be directed to a page that asks for your first name, middle name (optional), last name, nationality, date of birth, transaction password, and phone number. Be careful when entering your details here because you can no longer change these details later on. WageCan requires that all users submit accurate personal details. Inaccurate or misleading information can lead to the termination of the account.

The transaction password you need to enter during account activation is a new password. It’s different from the password you entered during account registration. You are to set this new password during account activation that’s why you will have to enter it twice. Additionally, you need a One-Time Password (OTP) during account activation. This is something you will get by entering your mobile phone number and clicking on the button right below the phone number field. You need to get this OTP and enter it into the appropriate field before you proceed to clicking on the Submit button to complete the account activation process.

It’s only after your account is activated that you can log into your account. As you enter your account dashboard, you will also see a Verification tab. This verification is different from account activation.

You can avoid all of these account registration hassles if you have a DigiD account. There’s an option to immediately log in by using  a DigiD profile.

WageCan Account Dashboard, User Interface

The WageCan account dashboard looks simple and minimalistic. It almost looks bare. As you log in, you will see four tabs, Accounts, Account Activity, Send, and Verification. The Account tab simply shows your balance. If you want to do changes with your account settings, you need to click on the Settings button (the button with the gears icon near the upper right corner of the site).

WageCan Account

The Settings page allows you to set if you want to split your load amount (“On” by default) so the amount you load in your account is split over a number of days in case the amount you load is higher than the imposed daily limit. You may also enable or disable (enabled by default) the login email notification under Settings. Additionally, you can click on the Google Authenticator tab (to the left) to enable two-factor authentication with Google, as well as change your account and transaction passwords.

To proceed to getting a WageCan bitcoin debit card, just click on the red Purchase a New Card button under the Accounts page.

WageCan, moreover, features a “Solutions” section that offers a bitcoin ransomware removal tool/service. It appears to be a paid service so we’re no longer doing a review of it. It’s just worth noting that there exists this option in case you have a bitcoin ransomware problem.

Just like in other bitcoin debit card services, the WageCan user interface interface has a session timeout. You will be automatically logged out if you leave your WageCan account dashboard idle for a couple of minutes or so.

Currencies Supported and Countries Served

Depending on the card type, WageCan supports a number of fiat currencies. The Wagecan Golden Card is exclusively for US dollars (USD) while the Universe Card supports USD, British pounds (GBP) and euro (EUR).

WageCan serves users in different parts of the world, including the United States (through the Golden Card). If you go to the Pricing page, you will see a section labeled “Which Card Is Available for Me.” You should be able to find there a dropdown list of countries served by WageCan. However, based on how it is being marketed, it appears to be mainly intended for users in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European continent (the area that uses the euro currency in particular ).

WageCan Services/Functions

WageCan offers bitcoin debit cards, in plastic and virtual types. The plastic card comes in two variants: Golden Card and Universe Card. The virtual card, on the other hand, is a virtual counterpart of the plastic Universe Card. The plastic card can be delivered through DHL (Golden), regular mail (Universe), and express (Universe) options.

In addition to the WageCan bitcoin debit card, having a WageCan account basically means having a bitcoin wallet and the ability to send funds to those who have bitcoin wallet addresses. Unlike other top bitcoin debit card service providers, though, WageCan generally does not accept deposts (fund loading) in fiat currencies. As stated in the WageCan FAQ page, it’s possible to connect your WageCan debit card with your PayPal account but you need to have a verified card for this. Also, the function is only for using WageCan funds to use PayPal as a payment method, not to use PayPal to fund your WageCan account. This function also may not be available to users in all locations.

Mobile Apps

WageCan is mobile-friendly. It has iOS and Android mobile apps you can install to make it easier using the service. However, you don’t have to install the app on your device. You can access your account dashboard through your web browser by accessing the mobile-friendly WageCan website (that use responsive web design).


Like what every dependable bitcoin debit service provider should have, WageCan implements HTTPS or SSL encryption to protect users’ data from getting stolen by third parties.  On the part of users, WageCan also provides security functions such as two-factor authentication and email notifications when logging in using a different computer. These should help users in making sure that their accounts are not easily accessed by anyone without permission.

To safeguard the bitcoins being accumulated by WageCan, they are held in a combination of online and offline storage. It is because of this  that there may be instances of delays of 48 hours or more when processing transactions.

Policy on Anonymous Use

We initially thought that WageCan can be a good option for an anonymous bitcoin debit card as it allows unverified usage (with limits).

Unfortunately, WageCan is unlikely going to be a good option. With it, you will be required to verify your identity in order to get a card and activate it. As mentioned in the earlier part of this WageCan review, you can quickly sign up for an account but there’s an account activation step you need to undertake, which requires you to enter accurate personal details, otherwise your account will be terminated. WageCan strictly complies with federal and state laws pertaining to money laundering.

WageCan Fees and Charges

WageCan’s fees and charges are mostly comparable to what most other bitcoin debit card service providers have. These fees can be summarized as follows:

For the Plastic Universe Card:

  • Card cost at the time we did this review was 0.005 BTC  / 15.4 USD / 13.75 EUR / 12.1 GBP. The standard cost  however, as stated on the FAQ page, is 0.008 BTC / 28 USD / 25 EUR / 22 GBP.
  • The Plastic Universe Card can be delivered via regular mail (with the costs indicated above) or express mail with the following cost: is 0.042 BTC / 145 USD (standard cost) or 0.023 BTC / 79.75 USD (discounted cost).
  • There is no activation fee.
  • A monthly fee of 1.00 USD/EUR/GBP is charged for plastic Universe Cards.
  • Foreign transactions are charged 3%.
  • The ATM withdrawal fee is set at the following ranges: 2.50-3.50 USD / 2.25-2.75 EUR / 1.75-2.25 GBP.
  • PIN change fee is 1.00 USD / 0.80 EUR / 0.60 GBP.
  • Card replacement fee is 9.00 USD / 8.00 EUR / 6.00 GBP.
  • If you want to renew your expired card, there are no fees to pay.
  • There is also a monthly SMS notification fee, which is required and not optional, of 1.00 USD/EUR/GBP.

For the Plastic Golden Card:

  • The Golden Card cost at the time we did this review was 0.047 BTC  / 162 USD. The standard cost  however, as stated on the FAQ page, is 0.052 BTC / 180 USD.
  • The Golden Card is delivered via DHL.
  • There are no activation and monthly fees.
  • There is no PIN change fee.
  • Top up/fund loading process takes 1 to 4 business days.
  • ATM withdrawal fee is 2.5% or 3 USD whichever is higher.

For the Virtual Card:

  • The virtual card’s cost at the time we did this review was 8.5 USD / 8.5 EUR / 6 GBP but the standard cost is 17 USD / 17 EUR / 12 GBP.
  • There is no activation fee but a monthly fee of 1.00 USD/EUR/GBP is imposed.
  • Foreign transaction fee is set at 3%.
  • Only 1 virtual WageCan card is granted to every user.


WageCan Bitcoin Debit Card Limits

WageCan’s limits are not that different from the limits imposed by most other top bitcoin debit card service providers.  Here’s a summary:

Plastic Universe Card:

  • Only 1 Universe Card can be issued to each person/user.
  • Only 2 ATM transactions per day are allowed.
  • Maximum lifetime load is 2,500 USD / 2,500 EUR / 2,000 GBP for unverified cards and is unlimited for verified cards.
  • Maximum card balance is 2,500 USD / 2,500 EUR / 2,000 GBP for unverified users, and unlimited for verified users.
  • Maximum card load (for the lifetime of the card) is 2,500 USD / 2,500 EUR / 2,000 GBP .
  • Purchase limit is 2,500 USD / 2,500 EUR / 2,000 GBP for unverified accounts, and unlimited for verified accounts.
  • Maximum daily load is 2,500 USD / 2,500 EUR / 2,000 GBP for unverified accounts and 20,000 USD / 20,000 EUR / 16,000 GBP for verified accounts.

Plastic Golden Card:

  • Only 1 Golden Card is issued per person.
  • There are no limits on the number of ATM transactions allowed but there is a 1,000 USD limit for each transaction and a 1,000/2,500 USD daily total transaction amount limit depending on the card level.
  • The Golden Card is also subject to a 1,000/25,000 USD limit for ATM transactions depending on the card level.
  • The maximum card balance allowed is 6,000/13,000 USD depending on the card level.
  • Maximum annual load allowed is 6,000 USD or unlimited depending on the card level.
  • Purchase limit is 6,000 USD or unlimited depending on the card level.

Virtual Card

  • Only one card can be issued per person.
  • Maximum card balance is 2,500 USD / 2,500 EUR / 2,000 GBP for unverified users, and unlimited for verified users.
  • Maximum lifetime load is 2,500 USD / 2,500 EUR / 2,000 GBP for unverified cards and is unlimited for verified cards.
  • Purchase limit is 2,500 USD / 2,500 EUR / 2,000 GBP for unverified accounts, and unlimited for verified accounts.
  • The maximum allowed daily load for this card is 2,500 USD / 2,500 EUR / 2,000 GBP for unverified cards and 20,000 USD / 20,000 EUR / 16,000 GBP for verified cards.

How to Load Funds, Make Fund Transfers, and Withdraw Funds

To load your account, you need to go to your Account Activity tab or click on the Wallet link to find the bitcoin address for your account. The bitcoin address, presented along with its corresponding QR code, is on the right side of the Account Activity tab. Send your bitcoins to the address indicated to load your account.

The minimum amount you can send is 0.01 BTC while the maximum is 30 BTC for each fund loading instance. There is no daily limit for the amount you can load, though. You can load your account with more than 30 BTC as long as you do it multiple times, with not more than 30 BTC for each loading instance. Two confirmations are required for the amount you load to be reflected on your account. That would be around 20 minutes of waiting time depending on how busy the blockchain is. You will receive an email notification for a succesful transaction.

On the other hand, you can withdraw your funds or send funds to other bitcoin wallets through the Send tab, which is right beside the Account Activity tab. The Send function on the WageCan dashboard basically serves as both a withdrawal and funds transfer mechanism.

Customer Support

Customers who have questions or concerns, can send an email to WageCan using this address: [email protected] WageCan also provides customer support via live chat (Zendesk). Just click on the green Help button on the lower right corner of the site. Additionally, you can reach WageCan’s support team through its official Facebook and Twitter accounts. The links to these official social media accounts are located near the upper left corner of the site, right beside the WageCan logo.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Serves users in the United States
  • Mobile apps (Android and iOS) and mobile-friendly website
  • Can send funds to any bitcoin address


  • Service is limited to debit card, which can only be loaded with bitcoins (not fiat currency).
  • Monthly SMS notification fee for the plastic Universe Card (not optional)


WageCan is a great straightforward way to use your bitcoins through a debit card. It’s mainly created for you to make use of your bitcoins, so funding your WageCan debit card with fiat currency is not supported. You can only use your bitcoins to fund your WageCan bitcoin debit card, by sending BTCs to the bitcoin address indicated in your account. Well, this is what a bitcoin debit card is supposed to be for, so this can’t be considered a major drawback. The fees and limits on WageCan are within the same range most other similar service providers impose. If you are looking for a bitcoin debit card you can especially in the US or in Europe, WageCan is definitely a good option to consider.

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