Veteran Darknet Market Pair of Brothers Arrested for Drugs

German Customs and Police agents
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Two brothers, from Salzburg, were reportedly arrested for ordering drugs and reselling them on the darknet markets. The 25 and 27-year-olds are suspected to have trafficked drugs by accessing the deep web between May 2017 and March 2018. During this year they were involved in nine separate darknet drug orders, as well as multiple sales on the street and online.

This pair of bandit brothers were being traced by police on the dark web since March of 2018. German customs intercepted a suspicious mail package from Austria, thus signaling the Austrian police and authorities immediately. On the same day, the two brothers were set to pick up this parcel but instead were arrested. The parcel itself contained over 300 grams of amphetamine upon its opening. The address on the package was to arrive send to the 27-year-old’s apartment. The pick up and post release was in Neustadt, Salzburg, with police waiting warrant in hand. Furthermore, a follow up raid and search of the apartment revealed a slew of assorted drugs all ordered previously from a darknet marketplace.

Additionally seized by the police were: 1,000 more grams of amphetamine, 90 grams of MDMA, cocaine, 40 grams of cannabis resin, and 60 grams of marijuana in a sealed bag. Along with postal packaging, bags, and sealers, the police concluded in the report filing that all the drugs were be resold either on the darknet or on the street.

The arrest of the two consequently opened up investigations that led to the arrest of five more individuals, all suspected of buying the drugs. These included a 24-year-old came from Flachgauerin, a 27-year-old from Lower Austria and three others aged 26 or 28 from Salzburg. All of the five were investigated for buying and likely dealing drugs in relation to the pair of brothers.

The open investigation report from the Austrian police points to an upward trend in darknet drug purchases. A growing number of young drug dealers use the dark web as a hub for quick and easy sales, whereas, older drug dealers tend to move slower in this process. This is evident with the growing drug problem worldwide. Arrests made for deep web drug trafficking counted for 17 – 55 year olds where the young people dominated.

Police say that about 15 – 25 parcels containing drugs originating from the darknet and were intercepted routinely every month. Karl-Heinz Pracher, head of Salzburg State Criminal Office, however, stressed that the increase in deep web drug trafficking has not reduced trafficking on the streets. He further notes that while stimulants such as amphetamines take the bulk of arrests from the darknet, the deep web accounts for a big range of trafficking from Hashish to cocaine and cannabis.

There are extensive local reports of a darknet arrest of an Austrian man linked to a German tip. The reports however, do not expressly indicate whether the March Korneubrg district arrest is the same as the round up of the five or not. The man is said to have been arrested after a burst in what has been termed the “biggest LSD catch in the entire Europe” by Europol. The drug syndicate involved two labs in Spain, Granada and Valencia, involving 800,000 doses of LSD worth 12 million Euros.

The Austria man is said to have been in the center of an investigation of darknet drug trafficking that spurns two countries. Austrian drug dealing has been rampant recently with a huge number drug addictions being fulfilled. Reports indicate that a joint drug investigative taskforce between Austria and Spain was formed in the summer of 2017 but the epidemic of drug problems in Austria go as far back as 2016. A tip from German customs reached Austrian authorities orchestrating a difficult and lengthy investigation that led to a trail in Spain that connected back to Austria. The investigated drug gang is said to source for drugs from Asian countries, particularly China, and from Labs in Netherlands. They then deliver them in bulk to Spain before shipping to over 100 countries through the darknet.

In the bust, the Lower Austrian was identified as the man who administrated several darknet shops and handled various financial needs for the drug network with a bank in Austria under his name that received proceeds from the drug syndicate. Alongside the LSD, police found in their possession 4.8 million Euros in cryptocurrencies  – bitcoin, IOTA and lumens.

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