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Initially introduced as Silkkite in October 2013, Valhalla or Silkkitie is notable for being one of the longest running markets in the dark web. It eventually had a rebranding after a couple of years in operation and served the global dark web. Silkkite used to focus only on the Finnish darknet marketplace. Valhalla now operates with support for traditional escrow, multisig, 2FA and forced PGP payment methods. The site’s codebase is claimed to have been examined by the “most famous and expensive security experts.”

Valhalla has an invite-only registration system. According to the site’s admin, this was implemented as a way of controlling the growth of the Valhalla market membership and to put in place a method of encouraging users to invite other users. You can obtain “invite earnings” through this user referral scheme.

Valhalla Silkkitie  Market URL Address:

  • http://valhallaxmn3fydu.onion/register

Alternative onion and not onion Links to Dream Market chanels

Valhalla and Silkkitie Deepweb Market Forums:

  • http://dnmavengeradt4vo.onion/index.php?topic=809.0
  • http://thehub7gqe43miyc.onion/index.php?board=37.20

Things You Must Know about the Valhalla AKA Silkkitie Market

Note for newbies: Valhalla is a marketplace in the dark web that mostly features recreational drugs. Most of its listings are narcotics-related. If you are new to the darknet marketplace, be forewarned that not everything you find here will be appropriate or legal.

Moreover, you can’t and shouldn’t access Valhalla in the same way you access traditional marketplaces or shopping sites. Before buying or selling at the Valhalla or Silkkitie marketplace, you need to get acquainted with the following: VPN service, the Tor browser bundle, using PGP for encryption, and the use of bitcoins. You need a VPN service to cover your tracks, the Tor browser to access the nonstandard Valhalla market URL (http://valhallaxmn3fydu.onion/register), PGP to encrypt your messages, and bitcoins to anonymously pay for your purchases or accept payments for the items you sell.

Account Registration

As mentioned, Valhalla is an invite only  market so you can’t simply go to the site to register for an account. Yes, we tried and we received this prompt: “Invalid invite link! Try to find an invite from the forum.” You can’t just load the http://valhallaxmn3fydu.onion/register URL and click on the Register link to sign up for an account. You need to use an invite link like the ones in the forum mentioned above. You don’t have to worry about finding an invite link, though. If your (invite-less) account registration fails, there’s a message on the Valhalla account registration page that presents a link to where you can get one.

When registering, you will be asked to choose if you want to register as a buyer or as a vendor. This is a bit of a letdown considering that other darknet markets allow users to sign up for an account regardless of whether they are sellers or buyers. It’s a hassle having to register for another account if you are a buyer and you decide to also sell items on the Valhalla dark market, vice versa. You can actually change your account to a vendor account (if you have a buyer account, or to buyer from vendor) by going to the Settings page but this function is almost concealed at the bottommost part of the page so we almost failed to notice it.

Valhalla registration

Registration, once you have the invite link, should not take more than 10 seconds as the registration form only asks for a few details. You just have to select if you are a buyer or seller, add your username (not your name or email address), enter your password (should at least be 10 characters), answer the question for the session, and click on the Register button. You will be automatically logged into your account as the registration process gets completed.

Valhalla Interface

Once you log into your Valhalla market account, the interface you see is mostly the same as the homepage when you haven’t logged in yet. The only difference is that you already have the following links on the top part of the site: All Products, My Purchases, Messages, and Account.

Valhalla Interface

Valhalla Interface looks like this

The All Products link is actually an unnecessary link as it only leads you to the homepage. The My Purchases link points to your message inbox. We noticed, though, that the inbox does not come with the button or link for drafting and sending messages. If you want to send a message, you have to go to the Support page, where you can find the Send Message button. The Account link is for mostly for your funds management. Valhalla apparently does not have a profile page but there’s a Settings link under the Account page through which you can add your PGP public key, change the site’s language (English or Latvian), set your currency, and enable two-factor authentication.

Also, under the Account page, there’s a link to your Invite Earnings page. As mentioned earlier, Valhalla has a referral program that allows you to get commissions for inviting new users into the site. Valhalla gives a commission of 10% of the fees collected from buyers and vendors.

Overall, Valhalla offers a clean and intuitive interface. You don’t actually need to turn the Tor browser’s javascript support on. Everything can be accessed in plain HTML. It was a bit of a letdown though that page loading speed occasionally falters and sometimes the pages refuse to load.

Categories and Listings

The Valhalla marketplace is dominated by drug listings. There are only two main categories on the site (1) Drugs and (2) Other Products.

The Drugs category has the following subcategories and sub-subcategories:

  1. Cannabis (Weed, Hash, Edibles, Concentrates, Leaf, Synthetics)
  2. Stimulants (Amphetamine, Cocaine, Methamphetamine [spelled wrongly on the site], A-PVP, Cathinones, Snuff, Crack, MDPV, Nicotine, 2-FMA, 4-MePPP, and Phenidates)
  3. Empathogens (Ecstasy, MDMA, MDA, Methylone)
  4. Psychedelics (LSD, DMT, Mushrooms, 25x-NBOMe, Ayahuasca, Mescaline, 2C-x, 5-MeO-DIPT, 5-MeO-MIPT, LSA/LSZ, Ibogaine, and DOx)
  5. Opiates (Heroin, Buprenorphine, Oxycodone, Fentanyl, Tramadol, Codeine, Morphine, Opium, and Metadon)
  6. Pharmacy (Benzos, Erectile Dysfunction Pills, Sleeping Pills, ADHD medication, Painkillers, Sedatives, Muscle Relaxants, MAOIs, and Nootropics)
  7. Dissociatives (Ketamine, Salvia, and MXE/MXP)

For the Other Products category, there are 9 subcategories listed. These are as follows:

  1. Body Building
  2. Cannabis Growing
  3. Mushroom Growing
  4. Production/Distribution
  5. Paraphernalia
  6. Self-Defense Items
  7. Digital Items
  8. Services
  9. Classifieds
Categories and Listings on Valhalla

Categories and listings on Valhalla marketplace

Valhalla appears to be mostly about drugs but other items can actually be listed in this darknet marketplace, as long as they don’t pose harm to third parties. Items not allowed on Valhalla include child pornography, explosives, and services that lead to violence and physical harm (assassinations).

The categories are neatly listed to the left and are presented in trees so it’s easy navigating around them. The listings, on the other hand, are neatly shown in rows with breadcrumbs on top. Breadcrumbs, by the way, are links that show the pages you have opened to get to the page where you currently are. They serve as a site navigation guide.

We wish the thumbnails for the listings were a little bigger. They’re too small for our liking. This is just some minor complaint on aesthetics, though.

Valhalla Search Filters

The Valhalla marketplace does not have a section that shows all of the search filter options available. Instead, you get a number of ways to sort out or refine your search results. You can filter results based on (1) location/country, (2) recommendation, (3) payment method, and (4) top vendors/all vendors. You need to do a search first before you filter the results. You may not do a search but doing so will make the filtering apply to all of the listings on the site, so you will end up getting a very long list of results.

Valhalla Search Filters

This is how you search and filter on Valhalla

These search filters are “mouseover-based.” (1) To sort search results based on location or country, just hover your mouse pointer over the All Countries link on the left side of the site, to display the list of countries available. You can then click on the country you want. You may also show only domestic listings by hovering your mouse pointer over the Domestic and International link and clicking on the Domestic Only option. This Domestic Only filter, however, only works if you have already set your country in your Settings page (under the Account page). (2) You can also sort listings according to recommendation. You have three options: show the Most Popular listings first, show the New Listed or most recently listed items first, or show the items with the Lowest Prices first. (3) Additionally, you can filter listings according to payment method. There are three payment methods available (discussed in greater detail in the paragraph labeled Payment Methods below). (4) Lastly, you can filter results by showing listings from all vendors or showing only those from top vendors.

The filter is instantly applied the moment you click on a particular filter option so expect a lot of page reloading as you use several filters. It would have been better if Valhalla provides a section on top where you can specify all the filters you want before reloading the page.

Payment Methods: The Valhalla darknet market provides three payment methods: Escrow/Multisig/FE, Escrow/Multisig, and Multisig Only. There’s actually an Auctions Only option but we did not find listings for it so we’ll skip discussions on it in this review. For the uninitiated, an escrow system means the payment sent by the buyer is withheld and only transferred to the seller when the sale terms are already fulfilled. Multisig or P2SH means that the the bitcoin transaction (payment) requires multiple signatures. Valhalla’s Support page has details on how multisig payment works. Refer to this page to get acquainted with the process. Not all vendors use this, though, so you may not have to deal with the intricacies of this option. FE, on the other hand, is an acronym for Finalize Early. With this payment method, the vendor can ask for the transaction to be finalized early or for the escrow to be released (the escrowed payment transferred to the vendor even when the terms have not been met yet).

If you are a buyer and you want to avoid fraudulent transactions, it would be better to stick with Escrow/Multisig transactions. As much as possible, avoid finalizing early.

Valhalla claims to make multisig payments simple. We are not inclined to dispute this claim although we have to say the process is not really very simple. The instructions are clearly presented on the site. A screenshot of these instructions is shown below:

multisig payments on Valhalla

Multisig payments on Valhalla

How to Choose a Vendor on Valhalla

Like in most other darknet marketplaces, Valhalla presents vendor profiles to serve as guides for buyers. Valhalla’s vendor profiles look rather sparse but long. The space is not efficiently used. You have to do a lot of scrolling to see all the information on the vendor profile. It’s not really a bad presentation of vendor details, though. There’s a summary of important information shown near the top part so you can quickly have an idea of the vendor’s standing in Valhalla.

Valhalla vendor page

Your avarage Valhalla vendor and his poduct

Valhalla does not have vendor ratings but there are numbers for positive (green) and negative feedbacks (red) shown below the vendor name. These feedback numbers are also presented alongside the vendor name in the listings. Vendors’ total revenue figures are also presented on the vendor profile pages. Additionally, there are buyer feedbacks presented on the bottom part of the vendor profile.

Obviously, you have to choose vendors with the higher number of positive feedbacks and lowest negative feedbacks. However, just like the case of most other darknetmarkets, the feedbacks presented alongside the profiles are not always reliable. That’ why it helps going to the forums and inquiring about the reliability of the vendors you are considering.

How to Add Funds

The prices for the listings on Valhalla are presented in the currency you choose. You can quickly change the currency by scrolling down the bottommost part of the categories (to the left). Instantly switch between the following currencies: euro (EUR), US dollar (USD), British pound (GBP), and bitcoin (BTC). There are other currencies you can choose but you have to go to the Settings page to be able to view these other options: Norwegian krone (NOK), Canadian dollar (CAD), Australian dollar (AUS), Japanese yen (YEN), Chinese yuan renminbi (CNY), Russia ruble (RUB), Swedish krona (SEK), Danish krona (DKK), and Irish krona (ISK).

Valhalla recommends obtaining bitcoins through Bitstamp,, or LocalBitcoins.

To add funds to your account, you have to go to your Wallet page under the Account page to find your deposit wallet address. The Valhalla darknet deposit system is similar to other dark web marketplaces in having a deposit address that changes after every deposit. That’s why it is advisable to send your deposits to the latest deposit address shown in your Wallet page although Valhalla’s deposit addresses, according to the Support page, remain functional even when they are no longer shown in the Wallet page.

Valhalla Marketplace Ordering Guide

Clicking on the listing on the Valhalla marketplace takes you to the page for initiating an order. All you need to do is to enter the number/quantity of the item you want to buy and click on the Buy button. You will then be asked for your address. It will be automatically encrypted so you don’t have to worry about entering your real address provided that you feel reassured that the vendor can properly disguise or conceal the real nature of the package that will be sent to you.

Ordering from Valhalla Marketplace

Ordering from Valhalla Marketplace

If you want to make sure that your shipping address is really encrypted, you can use the vendor’s public PGP key to encrypt your address before sending it to the vendor. The vendor will then have to do two decryptions to be able to read your shipping address.

Notes for Vendors

If you want to use Valhalla as a vendor, you have to indicate in your account registration that you are signing up as a vendor. If you already have a buyer account, you can convert it into a vendor account but Valhalla recommends having separate vendor and buyer accounts with different names for your protection. If you want to become a vendor, the use of PGP encryption is a must. You will also be required to pay a 1 BTC deposit. This amount will be returned to you after a minimum of two months, after you have made 20 successful sales worth more than 1,000 EUR.


Valhalla has a Support page that provides useful information on how to use the site. If you need assistance from the site’s support team, you can send a message through Valhalla’s messaging system. Just click on the Send Message to Support button on the Support page. Valhalla’s admin can be contacted through this alternative link:http://valhallaxmn3fydu.onion/register kapteeni.

You can also interact with other Valhalla users in the forum that can be accessed through the following alternative links: http://thehub7gqe43miyc.onion/index.php?board=37.0 or this alternative  URL: http://dnmavengeradt4vo.onion/index.php?topic=809.0. These forums are not highly active, though.

Valhalla Support Page

Valhalla Support Page

Pros and Cons


  • Forced PGP and an option for two-factor authentication
  • Referral program earnings (Personal Invite Link)
  • Prices can be shown in different traditional currencies (not just bitcoins)


  • Occasionally slow page loading speed and brief downtimes -most of the times, when you will be asked: hey, is Valhalla down? And you will say -mmm mmm no no no!
  • Listings are mostly about recreational drugs and substances
  • No simultaneous listing search filtering. The page has to reload every time you use a filter so you need to reload a page multiple times to implement multiple filters.

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