University Lecturer Kills Friend with Drugs from Darknet, Receives 6-months in Prison

harry purser
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Dr. Harry Purser a Nottingham Trent University psychology lecturer has been sentenced to a six-month jail term. He was found guilty for buying a cocktail of illicit drugs over the Darknet. This led to the death of a friend after taking the drug. Dr. Harry Purser bought a range of illicit drugs such as ketamine, cocaine and other brands of psycho-active drugs. This was made possible through the use of bitcoin to make orders on the internet.

This is not the first time a UK citizen has been arrested for purchasing drugs on the Darknet as a number of dealers have been arrested and jailed.

According to reports, the lecturer did not take the drugs alone, but he did with Patrick Marr, an old school friend of Purser. When Purser woke up late in the morning, he saw his friend dead and he has dialled 999.

Before his sentence, the judge said Purser was “dicing with death”.

The Nottingham Crown Court heard that Purser organized the night of drugs and alcohol which led to the death of his friend. The former Cambridge graduate woke up around 11:48 am, and after finding his friend dead, and an alarm went off within him according to the prosecutors.

Upon the arrival of the police, he showed them the drugs he had bought on the darknet market.

“His friend came for a visit from Leeds, and on November 12, they spent the evening drinking alcohol together and taking illegal drugs.”

The post-mortem released confirms that Mr. Marr died from the drugs he took. The drugs he consumed had a major effect on his respiratory system and his heart. Four charges were given for supplying drugs and another five for possessing drugs.

Before jailing him, Judge Timothy Spencer QC said to him “This is truly a tragic case but it is a cautionary tale of why we regulate drugs in this country. “You knew that the devastating cocktail of drugs you were obtaining was illegal and you must have known it was dangerous.”

The judge further stated: “I can’t ignore the ultimate consequences of your criminal conduct. That is why I am left with no alternative but to lock you up. It gives me no pleasure, quite the opposite. It would be a failure of the judicial function to do anything else. You are a man of absolute exemplary character and huge ability. You have probably ruined your career.”

Even though the accused flouted the law, the judge gave deserved credit to him for being frank with the police. He complied when given legal advice that he could remain silent.


“It is a terrible case and they had been friends for a long time. They made a fatal mistake, a fatal decision to drink and have these drugs,” according to a local mitigator.

A spokesman for the Nottingham Trent University said: “As court proceedings have now concluded, this member of staff’s employment by the university is being considered within our established procedures.”

Darknet Drug Purchase on the Rise in the UK

The dosage of drugs purchased on the Darknet is on the rise in England, as a recent report shows how youth in the country consume many illicit drugs. A research conducted some years back revealed that the UK has the largest online market for illicit drugs.

Researchers from the Rand Europe think-tank revealed that UK dark web sellers were engaging 20,748 drug deals. This is worth £1.8m a month, which is nearly double Europe’s second largest online drug market of Germany; 11,039 deals worth £920,000.

Mr. Steven Rolles a senior policy analyst at the Transform Drug Policy Foundation, made an interesting comment on the UK Darknet drug deals. He said the size of the UK online drug market is up to 16 percent of global Darknet dealings. This confirms to the historical pattern of the UK being found consistently among highest drug consumption countries in Europe.

Mr. Rolles believes that the UK drug consumption is likely to rise in the future as more users learn how to access the Dark web.

“This is the reality UK policy makers have to deal with,” he said. “The constant mutation and adaptation of the online drugs market is yet another very good example of the futility of an enforcement response,” he added.

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