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T•chka is a darknet market of Russian origin started in January 2015. It is considered as the first darknet market that was not in Russian (of Russian origin but with English texts) that offered the “dead drops” option for product delivery or distribution. It enables the quick sale of items on the dark web without having to make the seller and buyer meet or communicate.

In case you’re wondering how to pronounce this darknet market’s name, just treat the black dot as an “o.” T•chka is a pretty small dark web marketplace but it has a few features many may find interesting and worth trying.

T•chka Market Deep web URL Link Address:


Alternative onion and not onion Links to T•chka Market chanels and T•chka Forum:



How to Access the T•chka Market

To access T•chka, you need this URL: http://tochka3evlj3sxdv.onion/auth/register. This is an Onion URL address, which means that you can’t open it using just any kind of web browser. You need the Tor browser bundle to access it.

However, since T•chka is a marketplace on the deep webweb, it only makes sense that you avoid leaving online activity tracks, prevent anyone from snooping into the data and messages you exchange online, and maintain your anonymity. That’s why you will also need to use a VPN service and PGP. We have a post on how to use PGP so be sure to check it out.

Account Registration and Login

Signing up for a T•chka account is a quick and simple process. The registration form will only ask you to nominate a username and passphrase, and indicate if you want an buyer or vendor account. Enter your invite code if you have one. After you enter the CAPTCHA, you can proceed to clicking the Register button and have your account created. You can complete everything within 15 seconds. You will be automatically logged into your account once the registration is completed.


By the way, you will be made to choose if you want a buyer or vendor account. We couldn’t find an option within the T•chka account interface for converting a buyer account into a vendor account or for enabling vendor privileges. Apparently, an account can only be either a buyer or a vendor account. If you want to buy and sell, you need to sign up for two accounts.

By default, you will get a free T•chka account when you register. However, you can upgrade it to a premium account to obtain more privileges. You will have to pay 0.2 BTC for an upgrade to a premium account. T•chka gets a 5% commission for sales made through the site but this will be reduced to 2% if you have a premium account. You will also enjoy higher referrals revenues (from 10% to 50%) and an unlimited number of listings (from 5) if you upgrade to premium.

The T•chka Market Account Interface and Functions

T•chka is a well-designed deep web marketplace. It’s not really impressive looking but you will most likely like how it is laid out. The first page you will see as you log into the site shows the categories to the left and a grid of of thumbnails filling most of the page space. Links to important pages are presented on the top part of the site.



If you click on your account name on the upper left corner of the site, you will be taken to a page that is somewhat similar to Twitter. It shows feeds from other T•chka users. We just don’t know who decides on what feeds to show here. This page also presents notifications for private messages, orders, messages from the T•chka support team, and referrals.

If you want to add details to your profile, just click on the gear or settings button on the upper right corner of the site. It will take you to a page where you can add a short description for your profile, configure your encryption, enable two factor authentication, add an auto-withdrawal bitcoin wallet address, or view your BTC address change history.


The T•chka vגendors link URL adresses on top of the site points to a directory of vendors on T•chka. Marketplace, on the other hand, is basically just the homepage.

T•chka is doubtlessly one of the better looking marketplaces on the dark web. It is well organized and pleasing to the eyes although the color theme may not be to everybody’s liking. Also, there’s no need to activate javascript support on the Tor browser to access all of the sections, features, and functions of the site. It’s just a bit of a letdown, though, that page loading is a tad slow.

Categories and Listings

T•chka is not as big as other major marketplaces on the dark web like AlphaBay. It only features 8 categories and a few thousand listings. We are very much fond of how the categories are presented on the site, though. If you hover your mouse pointer on a category, the subcategories automatically get displayed. With this setup, there’s no need for multiple clicks to go from one category to another.

T•chka has the following categories and subcategories:

  • Drugs (1,017)
    • Cannabis
      • Hash
      • Buds
      • Seeds
      • Oil
      • Cheews
      • Prerolled Joints
      • Edibles
    • Stimulants
      • Cocaine
      • Amphetamine
      • A-PVP
    • Empathogens
    • Psychedelics
      • LSD
      • Psilocybe Cubensis
      • DMT
      • DOB
      • DOM
    • Other
    • Opiates
    • Dissociatives
      • Ketamine
  • Prescription (240)
    • Opioids
    • Xanax
    • Diazepam
    • Antidepressants
    • Viagra
    • Adderall
    • Antipsychotics
    • Valium
    • Sedatives
  • Digital Goods (86)
    • Other
    • Documents and Data
  • Software (78)
    • Source Code
    • Other
    • Exploits
  • Guides and Tutorials (63)
    • Hacking
    • Other
    • Drugs
    • Security
  • Services (48)
    • Other
    • Hacking
    • Social Engineering
  • Steroids (32)
  • Other (31)


As the category tree above shows, most of the listings on P•chka are related to drugs. The Prescription and Steroids main categories should even be placed as subcategories of the main Drug category. Well, we don’t know the rationale in arranging them the way they are now but it’s quite obvious that the T•chka market is dominated by drugs listings.

When it comes to the presentation of listings, T•chka appears to have a visually appealing approach. However, because of the way the listings are presented, the information displayed is limited. T•chka listings only show product thumbnails, listing names, prices, and item ratings (vendor ratings and item ratings are different). It would have been better if there were information about the nature of the product (digital/physical), shipping, and payment method (multisig/escrow/FE).

Prohibited Items: On the other hand, if you are planning to sell on T•chka, be aware that the following are not allowed on the site:

  • Harmful or life-threatening products such as weapons, explosives, and poisons
  • Secret government documents
  • Porn and snuff
  • Offer to disclose personal information
  • Products or services that  have something to do with nationalism, antisemitism, extremism, and discrimination
  • Items related to politics and religion

T•chka Market Search Filters

With T•chka, you need to do a search first before you can apply search filters. The filter options are just below the categories on the left side of the site. You can filter results according to shipping origin (product location), shipping destination (locations served), delivery type, price (lowest to highest), and popularity (most popular to least popular).


The good news is that the search filters also employ hover menus so you can quickly apply a filter with just one click. The bad news is you can’t apply filters simultaneously. You can’t set filters for shipping, delivery type, price, and popularity and just click on one button to apply the filter at the same time. You will have to reload the page everytime you click on a filter option.

How to Choose a Vendor

When choosing a vendor, it is important to go over vendor profiles. Unfortunately, the vendor profiles on the T•chka darknet market don’t contain a lot of useful information. The vendor profile page, by the way, is accessed by clicking on the vendor name (the one prepended by “@” below the vendor profile image on the left side of an item page).

A vendor profile presents an overview (about), contact information (bitmessage and Onion email address), shipping options, an indicator as to whether a vendor is a regular (purple) or a premium vendor (red), vendor rating (range of 1 to 5), and buyer reviews. The vendor profile page also presents information on how long the vendor has been on the T•chka darknet market (from the time of registration) and how much time has passed since the vendor last logged into the T•chka site.



Obviously, you have to choose a vendor with a high vendor rating and whose products have also been rated favorably by buyers. It is also recommended giving preference to vendors who are regularly online on T•chka or those who have been on the site just recently. Additionally, it helps getting more information from other buyers by making inquiries through the T•chka Messageboard.

Funds Management on Dark Web T•chka Market

It is not required to make deposits when buying thing on the T•chka dark web marketplace. The Wallet or Payments page on the site only has a field where you can enter your bitcoin wallet address for automatic withdrawal. When you buy something, you will have to transfer funds from your bitcoin wallet address to

Ordering Guide

When making an order, you have to go to the .onion link on T•chka market page of the item you want (listing page). You will notice that there is no Buy Now, Order Now, or Place Order button on the page. To initiate the ordering process, just click on the price of the item (purple button below the large item image). You will then be taken to a page where you have to enter your shipping address. Be sure to use PGP encryption for your shipping address. Once you’re done entering your shipping address, you can click on the Purchase button near the lowermost part of the site.




After you click the Purchase button, you will be taken to another page that will display the bitcoin address to where you have to send bitcoins to fund the transaction. This page also comes with a chat section but it’s not really the kind of real-time chat you may have in mind. It’s more of an email sending facility. Use this “chat” system to discuss the delivery of the item you intend to buy.

You have only 3 hours to fund the payment, starting from the time you clicked on the Purchase button. The T•chka Market system automatically detects if the bitcoin payment you sent has already been completed and notifies the seller.

T•chka only uses a traditional escrow system. The payment you send for the transaction will be held in escrow for up to 10 days. Once you receive the item you bought, you have to finalize the transaction for the payment to be released to the vendor from escrow. Transactions are automatically finalized after a period of 7 days since the time they have been given the “Completed” status.

If you have problems with your transaction, be sure to contact T•chka Support.

T•chka Market Help and Support

It’s great to find detailed support resources on T•chka for vendors and buyers (links are at the bottom part of the site). The site also presents the site’s rules and links to external non-Onion resources. If you want to contact the site’s admin or support team, just go to the support page (link at the bottom). The Support page comes with a message sending feature that supports file attachments. Also, you may want to interact with other T•chka users in the Messageboard section.

Pros and Cons


  • Neatly organized, well-designed, and intuitive site
  • Referral program that offers 10% to 50% revenue share
  • Buyer and vendor guides provided on the site
  • Good uptime


  • Slightly slow page loading (occasionally very slow)
  • No “lump sum” filtering of search results. You need to reload the page each time you want to apply a filter.
  • You need a premium account to enable FE transactions
  • Limited number of listings for free accounts (maximum of 5 only)
  • No multisig payments

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