TheRealDeal Market Marketplace Review, Links and Guide

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TheRealDeal is a darknet market known to be part of the cyber arms industry. There are reports that it had been selling code and zero-day software exploits. In an interview with DeepDotWeb, the creators claimed that this darknet marketplace was created in response to the prevalence of unreliable darknet markets over the years, that listed mostly scams and were not really offering anything of value.


TheRealDeal is arguably one of the more popular markets in recent years although its rise to fame may not be that flattering especially to individuals who are new to the concept of darknet markets.  The site is well-known as a destination for hackers who try to get bitcoins by selling off databases. It is where 200 million Yahoo accounts from the 2012 Yahoo hack were being peddled. Close to 400,000 uTorrent accounts were also put on sale on this site back in September 2016.

TheRealDeal Market Market URL Address and alternative onion and not onion Link to TheRealDeal:

  • http://trdealmgn4uvm42g.onion



How to Access TheRealDeal Market

Obviously, given its Onion URL, http://trdealmgn4uvm42g.onion, TheRealDeal Market is a website that can’t be opened by just any regular web browser like Chrome or Firefox. You need the Tor browser to be able to access it. We have a Tor browser browser guide just in case you need assistance in downloading and using this browser. There is nothing to configure and it’s basically just a version of Firefox.

Additionally, you need to use a VPN service as well as PGP software. You need these to make sure that your online activity tracks cannot be monitored and that you don’t leave any incriminating digital evidence as you communicate and transact with other users of TheRealDeal Market. VPN connections to TheRealDeal shields you from prying eyes while PGP encryption/decryption ensures that only you and your intended recipient can read the messages or information you exchange.

Moreover, you also have to get acquainted with the use of bitcoins since these are the only viable currency you can use. Bitcoins enable anonymous and secure payments so this currency is a safe option for darknet market transactions. It’s even possible to make transactions more secure through the use of bitcoin blenders.

Account Registration

Getting an account with TheRealDeal Market only takes around 15 seconds or so. The process is short and straightforward. You will only be asked for your username, password, and PIN. It’s the usual account registration process although not a replication of what Fantasia and TheDetox have.

Since the later part of December 2015, TheRealDeal Market has been providing free vendor accounts. This was made public in an interview by Deep Dot Web with TheRealDeal Market’s admin. For the sake of comparison, the similar-looking TheDetox Market and Fantasia Market charge for vendor account applications or requires deposits (deposits are given back to the account holder).

TheRealDeal Market Interface and Functions

TheRealDeal Market has a notably different look as compared to when it was launched. At the time this review was written, the site has already started using the Evolution code. In an interview by Deep Dot Web with the site’s admin, the new code was obtained from a hacking forum in the later part of 2015.


TheRealDearl Market’s website now looks similar to the websites of Fantasia Market and TheDetox Market. It’s easy to navigate and highly intuitive. Going to the most important pages of the site should be a breeze.

There are message and order notifications on the topmost part of the site. If you want to go to your Balance or wallet page, just click on your BTC balance on the top part of the site or you can click on the My RealDeal link on top and find the Balance link on the sidebar. If you want to make some change in your account settings, click on the My RealDeal URL link near the upper right corner of the page and find the Settings link on the left side.

The messaging system on TheRealDeal Market is the native system that comes with the Evolution code so it’s similar to what you will find in Fantasia Market and others that use the Evolution code. It comes with the ability to “star” and filter messages.

It is not necessary to activate javascript support on the Tor browser to properly view the site or to access all of its pages and functions. The site apparently does not employ javascript so its appearance and behavior are not affected.

Categories and Listings

As the website code for TheRealDeal changed, its category tree also changed. Previously, the site used to present the following categories (emphasis on exploits).

  • 0Day Exploits
  • FUD Exploits
  • 1Day Private Exploits
  • Information
  • RATs
  • Other Tools
  • Hardware
  • Misc
  • Drugs

As of the time this review was written, TheRealDeal showed a new set of categories. They are as follows:

  • Counterfeits
  • Databases
  • Drugs
  • Exploit Codes
  • Fraud & More
  • Government Data
  • Other Tools
  • Services
  • Weapons


Of note, the new category of the site is comparable to those of other sites that use the Evolution code. However, TheRealDeal is not significantly veering away from its renown as a site for exploits or hacked information. Its Drugs category already contains the most number of listings (among the different major categories on the site) but it continues to be a prolific site for exploits. In fact, as reported on DeepDotWeb, the site posted hundreds of thousands of uTorrent accounts for sale last September 2016. More than 40% of the listings on the site are exploit and fraud related.  The drug-related listings, however, have a share of more than 50%, which is comparable to the usual prevalence of recreational drugs in most darknet markets at present.

Search and Listing Filters

Since TheRealDeal Market uses the Evolution code, its search filter and listing sorting functions are comparable to what can be seen in other markets that make use of the Evolution code. The color scheme is similar.

You will only see the search filter after you perform a search. The search bar, by the way, is persistently shown on the top part of the site, and it allows you to do searches in specific major categories.


The search filter feature is the blue button that appears on top of the search results. Click on it to show the different filter options available. You can filter search results based on the shipping destinations accommodated (Ships To), origin of the item (Ships From), price range (indicate Min and Max amounts), and vendor activity (check Active Vendors to show only listings from vendors who have been active on the site in the past 96 hours).

How to Choose a Vendor

Like most other darknet markets, TheRealDeal presents profile pages of vendors to help buyers in evaluating vendors from whom they will be buying products. These vendor profiles presents the following:

  • Date when the vendor was last seen on the site
  • Date when the vendor registered for an account
  • Feedback numbers (different numbers for positive, neutral, and negative feedbacks)
  • Feedback rating (%) – This is apparently the positive feedbacks divided by the total number of feedbacks
  • Vendor rank/level (higher is better)
  • Number of transactions completed (the number beside the vendor level number)
  • PGP key
  • Return policy
  • Feedback from buyers


As a rule of thumb, preference is to be given for vendors that have been on the site for a long time (older account registration date is better), those that are active on the site (based on the “date last seen on the site” detail), and of course those with high vendor levels and feedback ratings. It’s also advisable to examine the return policy and the individual written feedback left by customers.

There’s no specific section on the vendor profile that shows details as to whether or not the vendor provides good stealth. However, you may find something about stealth through the feedback from buyers. Stealth refers to the proper packaging of the product to make sure that its contents are not detected by touch, smell, sight, or auditory perception.

Given all of these details, it’s still important not to entirely base your decision in choosing a vendor on the details shown on the vendor profile page. It also helps asking for insights or advice from other users in the community forum.

How to Deposit Funds

To make a deposit, you just have to go to the Balance or wallet page of your account. There shouldn’t be any difficulty with the process. If you already have your bitcoins (and your bitcoin wallet, obviously), you can proceed to sending a deposit on the deposit address shown on the Balance page of your account.

How to Order

The ordering process on TheRealDeal Market is relatively simple and straightforward. There are five basic steps:


  1. Click on the Buy It Now button so you can go to the New Order page. Here, you will be asked to enter the quantity you want to buy and indicate the postage service you want for your order. Click on the red continue button to proceed to the next step.
  2. You will be entering your shipping information for the next page of the ordering process. As you do this, make sure that you use PGP encryption to make sure that only the vendor will be able to read your shipping information. In case you are buying a digital product, obviously you no longer have to indicate a shipping address. Still, you will have to send a message through the shipping information field so you can receive the download link. The download link may be sent to you through the site’s messaging system or through other options you indicate on the shipping information field (example: Jabber or email).
  3. The next step is for you to choose if you want to do an escrow or multisig payment. For the uninitiated, the escrow option means that the payment you send will be withheld by TheRealDeal Market (not sent to the vendor) and only released to the vendor once the ordered item has already been delivered or once the terms of the order have been met. For multisig, the bitcoin payment involves three bitcoin transaction signatures (one for the buyer, one for the vendor, and another for TheRealDeal Market). TheRealDeal uses the ⅔ multisig method wherein only two signatures are needed to release the payment. This means that if you already received the ordered item, you can proceed to signing the transaction so the vendor can get the payment. In case you fail to act on the order or you failed to finalize the order and enough time has lapsed to assume that you have already received the delivery, TheRealDeal Market can step in and sign the bitcoin transaction to release the payment to the vendor. ⅔ Multisig is regarded as a win-win option for buyers and vendors.
  4. Once you’re done with the payment method, you will be shown all the details of your transaction for Step 4. You have to carefully review the details of your order here. Be reminded that if there are mistakes that will affect the delivery of your ordered item, you will not be entitled to a refund or reshipment.
  5. The fifth step is for you to wait and finalize the transaction once you receive your ordered product. Buyers are encouraged to leave a review after a transaction has been finalized.


TheRealDeal Market Support

If you have questions you want to send to TheRealDeal Market admin or if you want to ask for assistance from the support team, use the messaging system of your TheRealDeal Market account. Just click on the Contact Support link at the bottom part of the site. You may also go to the official community forums of the site. The link is right beside Contact Support.

Pros and Cons


  • Neatly-presented and intuitive website
  • Escrow and multisig transactions
  • Thousands of listings and several vendors


  • CAPTCHAs can sometimes be difficult to read
  • NO option for enabling two-factor authentication for logins
  • Long and frequent downtimes recently

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