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We had to skip reviewing this darknet market before because we couldn’t sign up for an account. We’re not sure exactly what prevented us from getting an account but the comments from other users/potential users of the site on Deepdotweb support the fact that there was indeed a problem on the site before.

The Detox Market (or “The detox market”)  has a familiar interface similar to that of Fantasia Market. It is a relatively new marketplace in the dark web as it was only introduced last January 11, 2016. This darknet market features listings in a variety of categories including services, jewellery, guides and tutorials, digital products, weapons, fraud, electronics, and drugs.

TheDetox Market link URL:

  • http://tdetox4obdz62tri.onion/

TheDetox Market Forum Onion Link

  • http://tdetox4obdz62tri.onion/forums



  • Relatively new market introduced in January 2016
  • Escrow market, no FE
  • Appears to be using the Evolution clone script
  • Applying for a vendor account entails a fee of 0.152 BTC and a bond of 0.0645 BTC (may be waived, see details below)
  • Most listings are for digital products (almost 75%)

How to Access TheDetox Market

TheDetox market darknet link: http://tdetox4obdz62tri.onion/ of TheDetox Market means that this website is not something you can open using just any web browser. It requires the Tor browser. If you are not familiar with this browser, we have a Tor browser download guide for your reference. Don’t worry about how to use it. It’s not that different from other browsers and you don’t have to configure anything to start accessing sites with it.

Additionally, to make sure that you get to securely and anonymously use The Detox Market, you need to acquaint yourself with the use of a VPN service, PGP encryption/decryption, and bitcoins. A VPN service allows you to avoid leaving tracks of your online activity and makes it virtually impossible for others to tap on your connections online. PGP software is for preventing others from reading the messages or information you send or share with other darknet market users. Moreover, you need bitcoins since bitcoins (and monera for some darknet markets) are the only viable currency you can use. Bitcoins allow you to send or receive payments anonymously, securely, and reliably.

Account Registration

Getting a TheDetox Market takes only a few seconds, perhaps around 20 seconds if you have your PGP key ready. The account registration form only asks for the standard details: username, password, and PIN. The Profile Text and PGP Public Key fields are not compulsory. You may leave them blank.


By the way, the username can be up to 30 characters. These characters can be letters, numbers, and any of the following: @/./+/-/_. It’s not necessary to have both letters and numbers for the username, though. The username is also not case sensitive.

All newly registered accounts are buyer accounts. To get a vendor account, you need to apply for it.  Click on the Vendor Apply option in the My Market hover menu on the upper right corner of the site to start the vendor application process.

You will be paying a 0.152 BTC fee for the process. You will also be asked to send a 0.0645 BTC vendor bond. You must have your PGP key in your profile before you can proceed with the process.

TheDetox Market Account Interface and Functions

The first thing you will find on TheDetox Market website as you log in is the welcome message along with some news below it. Overall, the site is cleanly laid out with everything you need easily accessible from the homepage.

The categories are readily shown on the homepage along with the search bar at the top part. Prevailing exchange rates for BTC to a number of major currencies are likewise shown. If you want to do changes in your profile, just hover your mouse pointer on the My Market hover menu and click on Settings.

The Settings page allows you to add your profile text and PGP public key, change your display currency (BTC by default), and change your password and PIN.


You need to enable javascript support on the Tor browser to access all pages, features, and functions of TheDetox Market website. The site looks and behaves in the same way whether or not javascript support is activated. We have to point out, though, that there are some sections of the site that don’t work as expected. The Buyer’s Guide in the homepage, for example, does not show anything. The tooltips (little question mark icons), like the ones in the vendor profiles that supposedly provide information regarding the vendor ranking system of the site, also don’t work even with javascript activated.

Categories and Product Listings

At the time we did this review, TheDetox Market only had a little over 1,500 listings in 8 categories. The category tree for this darknet market is as follows:

  • Services (4)
    • Social Engineering
    • Carding
    • Other – Services
  • Jewellery (1)
    • Gold
    • Silver
    • Diamond
    • Other Jewellery
  • Digital Products (1123)
    • E-Books
    • Movies
    • Game Keys
    • Legit Software
    • Other Digital
    • Fraud Softwares
  • Guides and Tutorials (228)
    • Hacking Tutorial
    • Social Engineering Tutorial
    • Other Tutorials
    • Drug Tutorials
    • Fraud Tutorials
  • Fraud (31)
    • Accounts & Bank Drops
    • CW & Cards
    • Dumps
    • Other – Fraud
    • Scans & Other Info
  • Weapons (4)
    • Ammunations (sic)
    • Pistols
    • Long-Range Guns
    • Hand Weapons
    • Other Weapons
  • Electronics (1)
    • Laptops
    • Watches
    • Sim Cards
    • Mobile Phones
  • Drugs (120)
    • Benzos
    • Tobacco
    • Steroids
    • Ecstasy
    • Stimulants
    • Cannabis & Hashish
    • Oxycodone & Morphine


When it comes to prohibited listings, TheDetox Market website only mentions child pornography or nudes. Vendor accounts that post listings involving child pornography are to be immediately deactivated.

On the other hand, the listings on TheDetox Market are neatly presented. There’s a thumbnail, a descriptive title, link to the vendor profile, vendor level, price (in BTC), and the Buy It Now button. It would have been better if there were also indicators regarding the listings’ shipping, nature (digital or physical), and payment methods (especially for FE items) but there’s nothing much to complain about the way the listings are presented. The listings also come with a Favorite button, which is good for “bookmarking” listings you may want to return to later on.

On the listing page, you will find an item/product description as well as information on shipping, the number of items available or left in stock, and payment method/escrow. The refund policy is also presented along with feedback from buyers who have bought the product. You may also send a message to the vendor of an item through the Question button (right beside the Favorite button) in the listing page.

Search and Search Filters

TheDetox Market has filter and list sorting functions. The search filter function only appears after you perform a search (the blue Filter button). The sorting function can be applied to search results and listings (the list shown when you browse items category by category).


The search filter feature on TheDetox Market allows you to limit search results based on shipping locations (to or from), price range, and vendor activity. Click on the Active Vendors toggle to show only items from vendors that have been active on the site or the past 96 hours.

The listing/results sorting feature, on the other hand, allows you to change the order of listings or search results according to popularity, price (low to high or high to low), feedback, and date of posting (from most recent to oldest).

How to Deposit and Withdraw Funds

The Detox Market employs a deposit system or bitcoin balance tied to your account that is used in paying for transactions. Before you can make purchases, you have to send bitcoins to the deposit address shown on the site. Just click on your BTC balance on the top part of the site so you can access your wallet or deposit/withdrawal page.

The deposit address is readily shown on the wallet page. Just copy it or scan the accompanying QR code so you can proceed to send your deposit. Deposits require 3 confirmations and are usually completed after 45 minutes.


The deposit address changes after every deposit so be sure to go to your wallet page every time you make a deposit to copy the most recent deposit address. The deposit address you have used before is not instantly retired (stays active for up to 7 days) so your new deposits may still be accepted and reflected in your account. However, just to be sure, always use a new deposit address. Deposits sent to an old address that have already expired are bound to be lost.

Also, you can’t make a deposit within 30 minutes after your last deposit. There appears to be no exemption for this. You have to wait for half an hour to lapse before you can make another deposit.

When it comes to withdrawals, the process is straightforward. Just go to your wallet page and fill out the withdrawal form with your BTC address, the amount you want to withdraw, and your PIN. Withdrawals are expected to be completed within a few minutes. If you have pending withdrawals, they will be presented in a table just below the withdrawal form.

How to Choose a Vendor

TheDetox Market, like most other darknet markets, has vendor profiles to help you decide as you choose a good vendor from whom to buy items. Vendor profiles here present the vendors’ last login date, registration date, feedback ratings (separate numbers for positive, neutral, and negative feedbacks), vendor level, general policy, PGP, and the written feedbacks from buyers.


Obviously, you need to choose a vendor that has been doing business on the site for a long time (look at the vendor’s registration date), one that has good feedback rating (100% as much as possible), and one that has good feedback from buyers. It is also preferable to choose a vendor that is active on the site (look at the last login “last seen” date).

Don’t rely on just the information presented in the vendor profiles, though. Do more research about vendors in the site’s official forum.

Unfortunately, good stealth is not something being emphasized on TheDetox Market. For the uninitiated, good stealth refers to the good packaging that ensures that the contents of the package (for shipping) are not easily perceivable or identifiable by touch, sight, sound, or smell. This is something that can usually be examined through the feedback or comments from buyers but in the case of TheDetox Market, stealth is not that emphasized.

Ordering Guide

As usual, to start the ordering process, you have to click on the Buy It Now button in the item/listing page after indicating the quantity you want to get (through the dropdown list on top of the Buy It Now button). You will then be taken to a page where you can enter your shipping address and proceed to paying for the product. After the order is completed, you just have to wait for the delivery of your item before finalizing the order (releasing the payment from escrow to the vendor).


Be reminded that you have to review all of your orders before sending payments for them. Once you send the BTC payment, you can no longer cancel the order. Also, make sure that your shipping address is accurate (your name plus your real shipping address) and PGP encrypted. TheDetox Market does not expressly state on its site that it will no longer reship or refund your orders if you send an incorrect or faulty shipping address, but it’s a common policy for most darknet markets to refuse reshipping and refunding orders not received because of customers’ errors in the shipping address.

It’s also worth emphasizing here that TheDetox Market does not allow FE (finalize early) transactions. The privilege to sell with the FE payment method is only granted by TheDetox Market’s admin to vendors who have proven good track records as sellers. Hence, avoid vendors that require you to finalize early (FE) as much as possible.

TheDetox Market Support

If you want to contact TheDetox Market admin, you can use the internal messaging system of the site. Just click on the mail icon on the top part of the site to go to the Messages page (in between the notification and shopping cart buttons). You then have to go to the General Policy page under your Settings page to find the official market PGP key to use in encrypting your message. However, we can’t find on the site the name to enter in the Add User (recipient) field. We presume, you just have to enter the name “admin.” We tried several names including TheDetox, TheDetoxMarket, support, help, and many others but we received the notification “User does not exist” for them. Only the text message we sent for “admin” went through so we think it’s the right name to use as recipient.


TheDetox Market also has an official forum so be sure to visit it if you have questions or to get useful information and insights regarding the use of this darknet market. You will be asked to do a separate account registration for this private forum. Non-members of the forum cannot view the posts in any of the forum’s threads.

Pros and Cons


  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Free vendor accounts for vendors from Nucleus and waived vendor bonds (for a limited time, announced last March 2016) for vendors from reputable darknet markets
  • Forced escrow system, no FE transactions unless granted by TheDetox Market admin


  • Does not have as many listings and vendors as other major darknet markets
  • The CAPTCHAs used on the site can be difficult to read.
  • Allowing FE transactions is dependent on account standing as decided by TheDetox Market’s admin
  • Some parts of the site like the buyer’s guide and tooltips are not functioning as expected.
  • No two-factor authentication and support for multisig payments

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