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The Open Road Market is an intriguing darknet marketplace which deals with a vast variety of commodities. Its name might sound a little bit deceiving because many people might have a perception of finding things much open and easier on this darknet marketplace. Well, it isn’t. It is just like any other darknet marketplace where there are hidden services and commodities are obtained.

It is a multisig darknet marketplace and also uses a 2-factor authentication login where all members are entreated to use their PGP login to ensure an extra security of their own accounts. Vendor bond is 0.02 BTC combine this with their commission method, they are basically the cheapest market to sell on. It also features a control panel, notification buttons for messages and orders and also a display of exchange rates on their homepage.

  • The Open Road Market Link URL: http://kess3p7xv6y4mlsd.onion/
  • The Open Road Market Login Link: http://kess3p7xv6y4mlsd.onion/login
  • The Open Road Market Forum Link: http://kess3p7xv6y4mlsd.onion/torddforum2/

How to Access The Open Road

Given its onion link http://kess3p7xv6y4mlsd.onion/, The Open Road Market cannot be accessed with just any other browser. A unique or special web browser known as the Tor browser is needed in other to access this darknet website. It is advisable to use a PGP encryption and decryption service and also a VPN.

PGP here is used to ensure that the messages you send or the information you share can only be accessed by your intended recipient and yourself. A VPN is a tool for staying anonymous and securing your web traffic against any form of attack. Making purchases on this darknet marketplace also requires the use of bitcoins.

Account Registration

The Open Road Market Account Registration

Registering an account on this website is quite a knotty one. There are a lot of steps involved. To begin with, you will have to click on “Join” which is located on the top right corner on the website. After that, you will be presented with a form to fill out. It includes a Username, Password, a box to confirm your password again, a pin ranging from 4 to 8 digits and lastly a CAPTCHA.

After this is done, you then click on the join button which is located just below the box for the CAPTCHA. But one thing to remember here is that the CAPTCHA should always be in capital letters. A message will appear stating that your account has been successfully created.

You will then log in with your credentials hoping it will direct you to your account dashboard but it will rather lead you to a page with a Security Mnemonic which will be used to reset your pin.

You will have to copy it down as it will be needed on the next screen after you’ve selected proceed. After re-entering the code to confirm the Mnemonic, you then click on verify which will finally take you to your account overview. The Open Road Market also has in place a 2-factor authentication system.

The Open Road Market Account Registration

Further adjustments can be done to your account under settings in the control panel. You can view your account and make changes to your pin and password, as well as an option to use a 2-factor authentication.

There is also a profile to be created by you according to your preferences. This includes your preferred currency for viewing listing prices (this could be in BTC, USD, EUR, GBP, AND AUD), a profile text which will be displayed on your profile and also your Public PGP key so that all your communications between you and other users/vendors can be encrypted.

A Multisig configuration is also required. It includes your bitcoin public key which is the default public key used to generate the multisig address. Also available is the bitcoin address that will receive refunds in case your order is cancelled.

By default, accounts created are only buyers accounts but there is an option for you to become a vendor. Becoming a vendor at The Open Road Market requires a PGP key and a 0.02BTC vendor bond. However, the vendor bond can be relinquished by contacting support on the website. You will also have to agree to the following rules:

  • You will be the sole owner of this account.
  • You will not engage in artificially enhancing your feedback scores.
  • You will not blackmail or DOX any customer.

You will not ask for FE unless you have been granted permission. In addition to that, there is also a list of expected things you are supposed to do as well if you want to become a vendor:

  • Charge reasonable shipping and handling costs.
  • Specify shipping costs and handling time in the listing.
  • Follow through on your return policy.
  • Respond to buyers’ questions promptly.
  • Be helpful, friendly, and professional throughout a transaction.
  • Make sure the item is delivered to the buyer as described in the listing.
  • Encrypt communication between you and the buyer where possible.
  • Delete all customer information including address once an order is complete.

The Open Road Market Interface and Functions

The Open Road Market Interface isn’t really a catchy one. There are no animations, graphic, or visual designs. Without the figures and writings, it would have been just a plain or blank page. It is although very simple and also very responsive.

The Open Market Interface and Functions

Features and sections are not hard to find. It has a straightforward layout with easy access without having to turn on JavaScript support on your Tor browser.

The top left part features The Open Road Market logo which will take you back to the homepage upon clicking on it, notification, message, orders, support and forum buttons and also a display of the BTC balance. The top right part has the logout button and the control panel which has overview, balance, favourites, settings and vendor application as options under it.

There is no specific time required to stay on a particular window (unlike other markets such as Wall Street Market) hence it can be left idle without any timeouts.

Categories and Listings

This particular darknet marketplace can boast a number of listings although not many. Most of the listings are mainly about drugs, digital goods, fraud items, services and guides/tutorials. There are close to 820 listings. The category tree is as follows:

  • Counterfeits (16)
    • Accessories (2)
    • Money (3)
    • Apparel (0)
  •  Digital Goods
    • Software (41)
    • E-Books (24)
    • Entertainment (7)
    • Music (0)
  • Drugs (561)
    • Benzos (7)
    • Cannabis / Hash (225)
    • Dissociatives (3)
    • Ecstasy (49)
    • Tobacco (14)
    • Opioids (58)
    • Steroids (1)
    • Psychedelics (68)
    • Prescription (15)
    • Stimulants (105)
  • Electronics (1)
    • Sim Cards (1)
    • Equipment (0)
  • Erotica (12)
    • DVDs / Streaming (7)
    • Pics (1)
  • Fraud Items (68)
    • Accounts (21)
    • Cards & CCV (26)
    • Dumps (1)
    • Data / Documents (13)
  • Guides & Tutorials (57)
    • Fraud (8)
    • Hacking (7)
    • Money Making (14)
  • Jewellery (0)
  • Lab Supplies (0)
  • Miscellaneous (0)
  • Security & Hosting (9)
    • Hosting (1)
    • VPN (2)
    • Socks 4/5 (2)
  • Services (21)
    • Cash Out (0)
    • I.D. & Passport (3)
    • Other services (6)

The Open Road Market Categories and Listings

There are not many listings here as mentioned earlier on The Open Road Market. Even though some categories have 0 listings, others are also endowed with a fair deal of details. Some appear in a data grid and others in rows.

The listings are accompanied by pictures or images of products, product name and vendor name. There is also a link to its profile page, ratings, product prices, small symbols or indicators showing whether the product is a digital or physical one, an indicator showing available destinations products can be shipped to, a favourite button, ratings, and vendor level.

Like other darknet marketplaces, The Open Road Market has a list of prohibited listings. This includes Child Porn, murder services, human trafficking & weapons/poisons for mass destruction. Any of this listings will be removed and your account banned.

Search and Listing Filters

Like most darknet marketplaces, The Open Road Market has a search box located in the upper middle part of the website.

It functions perfectly giving you as many results it can in relation to your search. For example, a search on “weed” which is not amongst the categories will still bring out all products under “weed”.

Any search which happens to be an item on the prohibited list, it will yield no results. In addition, The Open Road Market has some kind of a small filter box just before it which contains all the categories and listings. This aids in searching for the exact thing.

The Open Market Search and Listing filter

How to Choose a Vendor

Just like other darknet marketplaces, The Open Road Market has profiles of vendors.

Vendor profile on The Open Road Market

You take into consideration its details, feedback, vendor level and also its return policy before deciding to engage with the vendor. The return policy, for instance, varies from one vendor to another.

“Full reship cannot be discussed before 10 working days and for EU only. Australia or Scandinavians countries, reship can be 50% only.’’ Wrote one vendor.

You can go to the market forum to obtain more information on vendors to make sure what you are getting yourself into.

How to Place an Order

To place an order on The Open Road Market, you will have to visit the product page. Items available there include a buy it now button, a small box to choose the quantity you want, a postage option (the total days required before your order arrives), escrow options, the class of your order and the country from which the shipment is coming from.

How to Place an Order on The Open Road Market

There is also a favourite box as well as a question box upon which clicked will direct you to a message interface where you can private message the vendor regarding any questions you have in mind.

After filling out everything, you then click on the buy it button. It then takes you to a page where your information provided is displayed as well as the total cost (subtotal and all shipping costs). You then click on the buy button again if all the information seems right to you.

Onto the next page, you go again where you will have to provide your shipping address and/or additional info to the vendor and then click on the continue button. This will take you to another page again where you select your preferred mode of escrow.

This includes Regular escrow thus the traditional on-site escrow or Multisig escrow — using a 2/3 multi-signature bitcoin address. You are then taken to the final page where there is a review of your order before you finally place your order.

How to Place an Order on The Open Road Market

How to Pay for Orders

Bitcoins are used for orders on The Open Road Market. There are two options for payment and they are the Regular escrow and the Multisig escrow.

Regular escrow allows payment by securely holding the buyer’s coins in escrow until the terms of the sale are met and as a result, the buyer releases payment to the vendor.

Multisig escrow refers to requiring more than one key to authorize a Bitcoin transaction. Buyers commit money into a 2-of-3 transaction with the vendor and a third-party (The Open Road Market).

If the transaction goes smoothly, then both buyer and vendor sign the transaction to forward the money to the seller. If something goes wrong, they can sign a transaction to refund the buyer.

The Open Road Market Support

The Open Road Market has a support link on top of the website. Upon clicking it will lead you to a message page where you can only send a message to the market’s support. A subject can be added and obviously your reason for sending that message.

The Open Road Market Support

Pros and Cons


  • PGP 2FA
  • Promotes multisig bitcoins payment
  • Availability of a market forum
  • Escrow payment options


  • Relatively few vendors
  • Relatively few listings
  • Empty categories

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