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The Majestic Garden is not a full-fledged darknet market but more of a forum for psychedelics. This is at least what can be perceived of the site at the time we did this review. It may change into a typical darknet market for psychedelics eventually. Or it may not. The Majestic Garden, however, does something similar to what darknet markets offer through P2P transactions. There are no wallets to be maintained. There’s no need to send deposits to be able to buy something, no fees for upgrading to a vendor/seller account to be able to post items for sale, and no intervention from the site’s admin when buyers and sellers transact.

The Majestic Garden Market link URL:

  • http://bm26rwk32m7u7rec.onion/

The Majestic Garden Account Registration Onion Link and Forum

  • http://bm26rwk32m7u7rec.onion/index.php?action=register
  • http://bm26rwk32m7u7rec.onion/



  • Psychedelics forum that also serves as a marketplace
  • Facilitates the buying and selling of psychedelics through P2P transactions or by directing buyers to the stores or accounts of sellers in established darknet markets
  • Prepare for the information overdose!

How to Access The Majestic Garden

With its Onion URL, http://bm26rwk32m7u7rec.onion/, The Majestic Garden is  a website that cannot be opened by just any ordinary web browser. You need the Tor browser to be able to access it.  Don’t worry if you are completely new to this browser, we have a Tor browser downloading and installation guide here. Also, this browser is not really that different from other browsers. In fact, it’s just Firefox that enables anonymous web browsing. You can even add Firefox add-ons and extensions to it.

In addition to the Tor browser, you also have to use a VPN service, PGP, and bitcoins (or other cryptocurrency supported by a vendor). The Majestic Garden may look like just an ordinary forum but you still have to make sure that your activities on the site are not going to be tracked or monitored. That’s why you have to use a VPN service and learn how to use PGP encryption/decryption as well as bitcoins for sending or receiving payments. PGP encryption/decryption enables anonymous chats or communication between buyers and sellers. The use of bitcoins, on the other hand, allows anonymous but reliable payments.

Account Registration and Login

It wouldn’t take much time signing up for an account on The Majestic Garden. You just have to enter a username, email address, and password. Yes, there’s an email address requirement. If you really want to get an account with this site, we suggest creating a separate email address that is not linked in any way with the email address you are using currently using. Also, make sure that your email address (and your username) cannot be associated with your other online accounts.


You should be able to complete the registration process in 10 seconds or so. You will not be required to do an email verification.

Once you have your account, what you get is basically just a forum account. It’s not a buyer or vendor account. There is no distinction for accounts. All newly registered accounts have the same features.

When logging in, notice that the login form includes a section where you can specify how long you intend to be the site (how long before you get automatically disconnected by the site), but you can choose to remain always signed in. We got curious so we tried this feature and it appears the site will really automatically log you off after the set time lapses.

The Majestic Garden Account Interface and Functions

As mentioned, The Majestic Garden is a psychedelics forum so upon logging in, expect to find a forum interface. It’s not the usual darknet market site so if you have been used to dealing with the interface of a darknet market or a darknet vendor shop, expect something completely different here.

The setup of the messaging system here is different from what you may be accustomed to in darknet markets since the forum itself is the messaging system. There is, however, a private messaging feature to allow you to communicate with other users. Also, there are PGP keys presented on the site.


Again, as mentioned in the earlier part of this review, there is no The Majestic Garden wallet to maintain. You will not be making deposits to be able to do transactions. The sale or purchase transactions will be left entirely to the users’ discretion. The site will not intervene with the arrangements between or among users.

The Majestic Garden exists mainly to present psychedelics information and allow users or those interested to learn something and possibly buy or sell. There are no order handling functions.

Product Listings and Special Offers (The Items Offered for Sale)

There is no Categories and Listings page on The Majestic Garden but there is a set of threads labeled Vendor Information and Reviews. This is where you will find the things being offered for sale, advertisements from various darknet vendors (including links to their respective stores in different markets), vendor reviews, as well as lists of Rogue Vendors or vendors known to have been involved in scams and other similar misdeeds.


There are no specific categories for the products being sold or offered on The Majestic Garden. Presented below is a sampling of the listings we found on the site at the time we did this review.

  • Looking for LSD Testers/Reviewers
  • Souvenir Sample Packs Game (here buyers pay for mystery sample packs, guess what the mystery packs are, and the first ones to make the correct guess receives a refund)
  • 5-MeO-DMT Giveaway
  • 125 mic WoW
  • Strips of TT’s Storm Trooper Blotter
  • LSD Liquid Vials
  • MET and MIPT
  • Gold-Dust Tabs
  • Tryptamine
  • Albino A+ Spore Prints
  • Domestic India MDMA
  • Polish Silver LSD
  • Free LSD for Anyone with xxx Posts on the forum
  • MDMA Free Samples
  • High Quality Shatter
  • TMG Special White Fluff

You will also find lists of vendors on the site. Just go to the Vendor Information and Reviews thread. The lists are regularly updated. These lists may take you to the stores or accounts of vendors in established darknet markets like AlphaBay and Hansa Market.


Vendors who want to post their offers on The Majestic Garden are required to be active on the site for at least 1 week/7 days to be able to answer questions from prospective buyers. If a vendor (who posts an ad or product) is not active within this required period, the post will be taken down 10 days after it has been posted.

Search and Search Filters

The Majestic Garden does not have search filters but it has a search function. It’s a regular forum search tool, though, so don’t expect anything much from it. The only plus it has is that it allows you to search for posts from a particular user.


If you have been through forums before, you should know that the search feature is not going to be that useful if you are looking for something that has keywords or that is associated with keywords that can be used in many other possible posts. You may just end up with search results that are not going to match your needs. The search feature will only be useful to you if you have a good grasp of the use of keywords.

If you want to buy LSD and do a search using the keyword “LSD,” for example, you will be shown several posts that are not offering LSD for sale. To refine the search results, you need to tweak your keywords. You may use “LSD for sale,” “high quality LSD,” or other more specific keywords that include words typically used when advertising products.

How to Order and Pay/Receive Payments

The idea in buying or selling on The Majestic Garden is to just let buyer and sellers deal with each other on their own accord and agreement. In almost all cases, however, the vendors on this site present links to their official accounts or stores in major darknet markets. As such, you will just end up having to create an account (or use your account if you already have one) in the major darknet markets linked by the vendors.

In a way, you may expect a good transaction on this site since you will be using the platform of the darknet market with which the vendor maintains an account/store. You will be subjected to the rules of the darknet markets you will be referred to. Most of the time, vendors have more than one darknet market accounts. The links to these accounts are presented in the signature section (the bottom section) of a user’s post, as shown below.

In the sample we have here, the vendor has accounts/stores in Dream Market and DHL. If you want to buy items from this vendor, you will have to go to the Dream Market website or DHL darknet market. You will set up an account with either of them and proceed to placing your order. That means you will have to follow these sites’ respective rules and policies, and pay based on the methods they support.

We have reviews for these markets so be sure to check them out so you can be guided.

Note: In the image above, PGP refers to the page where you can find the vendor’s PGP key (to be used when communicating with the vendor) while Reviews is for the link to the review page of the vendor.

How to Choose a Vendor

Perhaps the best thing about The Majestic Garde is its vendor reviews.  The site can be a good starting point if you want to find good vendors for psychedelics. The site features a multitude of vendor evaluations under the Vendor Information and Reviews thread. The reviews, however, are not presented in a structured way similar to what we are doing here. The reviews are mostly comments from those who have already tried the service of the vendor.


There is no star rating or some form of ranking and overall evaluation in these reviews. That’s why you really have to go over page and pages of reviews or feedback from buyer to have a good idea as to whether or not a particular vendor is worth choosing.

Also, the Vendor Information and Reviews section of The Majestic Review includes threads that list non-active vendors and rogue vendors (scammers). These should help you avoid vendors that are likely to scam you.

The Majestic Garden Support

Support on The Majestic Garden can be comparable to using a forum within a forum. There are two threads here: Forum and Security. Go to Forum for issues or problems you encounter in The Majestic Garden. If you need security guidances or assistance, go to the Security thread. This thread includes discussions on alternatives to bitcoins such as cloakcoin and monero, bitcoin tumblers, and the OPSEC feature on The Majestic Garden that allows users to opt-out of appearing online.


Forum Topics

Of course, since The Majestic Garden is more of a forum, we have to include a section in this review pertaining to the forum-related (information or discussion centered) content of this site.

Some of the most notable threads are as follows:

  • General Discussion – Thread with the most number of posts. Features a wide variety of topics related to psychedelics, recreational drugs in general, and darknet markets.
  • Markets…. What’s Hot, What’s Not – Good resource for new information about psychedelics and active markets
  • Safety & Awareness – Discussions on how to safely buy and use psychedelics
  • Avengers Information, Comments & Discussions – Features threads on LSD, psilocybin, MDMA/MDA, cannabis, MDT, 2C-B, and non-classical psychedelics. Includes a section for products requested.
  • Chemistry Department –  This is not a very popular group of threads but you may find something useful about the technical aspects of LSD, DMT, and shrooms. Also features “DIY for dummies.”
  • Psychedelic Education Resource Center – Group of threads featuring psychedelic literature, poetry, and websites in the clearnet (regular internet/not the darknet) featuring useful information and resources related to psychedelics.
  • Spiritual Topics – There’s a thread here  that features life experiences of psychedelic users and also provides a thread for those who are seeking advice.

With everything considered, we can say that The Majestic Garden is a good reference site in the dark web for those who are new to using and buying psychedelics online as well as to those who want to sell their products. It is mostly intended for providing information and insights to buyers and sellers. The site does not guarantee the accuracy and reliability of everything posted on the site and does not get involved with the transactions that may be initiated between buyers and sellers who use the site. Bottomline: after going over the multitude of information presented on The Majestic Garden, you will eventually have to go to a darknet market or vendor shop and sign up for an account in order to buy or sell something.

So how useful can The Majestic Garden be for you? If you are new to psychedelics, it can be very useful. If you are already a long-time user and seller, though, you’re better off just heading to the established darknet markets directly.

Pros and Cons


  • Informative and insightful darknet forum focusing on psychedelics
  • Provides various vendor reviews
  • Includes safety and awareness discussions


  • Buy or sell at your own risk
  • No intervention from the site’s admin when it comes to the buying and selling
  • Not the best option if you want to buy or sell something

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