Buying on the Dark Markets? Here is How to Stop Google Voice From Recording You

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If you love buying on the DW markets – whether its buying weed online or just going through some of your most favorite deep web marketplaces looking for interesting stuff, you need to always remember that big G is watching you! Google voice have the capability of recording your voice, and in some cases, it will target you and may cause you troubles. So, let’s play it smart and stop Google from recording your voice. This is how to:


Google voice searches have an increased popularity in the recent past as there are people who prefer recording voice as opposed to typing since it is easier. What many people don’t realize is that Google keeps a record of the voice searches and this can be used against one . Hackers are using various ways to get to know ones personal information . Google has a very large database where it stores the habits of its users .By using the Google voice control feature such as OK Google one gives information about themselves since Google keeps a records of all the searches. This feature is also available on Android and Windows phones. Google doesn’t talk much about Google voice and audio activity page and thus many people don’t know about it . on visiting it one will be shocked to get all the records one has ever searched. When you visit the personal history page on google, you will get that Google has every record of you being on the Internet if you have been using it or its services.

Google processes many search queries on the Internet every second with an average of 40,000 per second which translate to billions of searches per day and the data is stored to a personal account of the one doing the search. This is why Google can easily predict trends from the searches. More through this link

Google and your Privacy

On using Google email and password one can publicly access the data, though Google says that it guards the data of its users and the privacy is not compromised in any way.

Google claims that the database helps them to make their services better by knowing the users preference and to customize ads to the specific requirements so that one gets relevant ads when they are browsing. On doing the voice recording, Google also tracks the location of the one doing the search especially if they have not turned off their location

They deny claims that the data may b e shared to third parties and used against the users preference while it shares with some parties knowingly such as law enforcers without the consent of the users. This means that it does not highly regard the privacy of the users.

This explains why every voice search queries are recorded using virtual assistant on both android and Windows 10. And when one uses the voice command in Google search it is recorded, transcribed and stored in the database.

Google keeps a record of your voice and can easily recognize it as it keeps the data of your voice in aggregate and particular forms. It is also important to note that hat Google has records of all data that was also searched out of google.

What many people are not aware is that the database is readily accessible to users and can be altered and also deleted completely if one wants to maintain anonymity. There is also an option of turning off all permissions for recording any voice commands.

When one turns the voice activity off it does not mean that Google will stop keeping the recordings but will keep it with an anonymous identifier and thus cannot be linked to the account of the user.

The easiest way to stop Google from keeping all your recordings is simply to stop talking to it and instead use other options. The are however further options for those who cannot do without it. Clearing the history page as it is known to many is not enough.

google voice settings

How to Turn Off Google Voice Command Recording

  • On thevoice command tool on your Google page, there is an option to log in to the recordings database
  • On entering the email, username and the password, one will get a list of all the recordings that represent your voice commands to Google virtual assistant and their transcriptions
  • On that page one will see side bars and on the left side bar there will be a drop down option with an option of delete activity by’ button that makes it possible for one to delete entries from the database.
  • On clicking the delete by option one will see a drop down menu that has an option of delete by date and choose all time.
  • On finishing the delete process all the records of all voice recordings will be deleted from the database.

How to Turn Off Further Recording

As much as one can delete all their voice records, it does not mean that Google will stop keeping records of recordings into the database. This therefore means that one needs to turn off the option of keeping records so that they are sure about their anonymity. The best part is that one can turn off the option of keeping records and this will make them to remain anonymous. This can be done by:

  • On the Google voice commands page there is a link of voice recordings
  • Enter email and username to log in.
  • Go on the left sidebar and go to the drop down menu and you will see Activity control option. Instead of choosing the delete by option choose the activity control option.
  • On the activity control option turnoff keeping records. This will deny Google the permission of keeping your recordings and will help you remain anonymous.

Voice Activity management

This is important as it will help you access all your recordings if you are a frequent user of Google voice command tool. It even has an option to play all your recordings and thereafter delete them. As much as some people may not care much on the content going to the cloud, there are those who do not prefer their personal information going to the cloud. This feature is especially useful for those who do not mind some information going to the cloud. In this case:

  • Go to the Google voice and audio activity page and sign in
  • Listen to all your recordings using the play button beside it
  • Delete what you feel uncomfortable about. There is also an option of deleting for a particular day from the drop down menu on the left. And one can delete all through the drop down menu on the top right corner. Through that option one can delete for a particular time just in one click.
  • You can pause recording history too . On the voice and audio activity page you need to go to the settings and you will see on option for pausing recording history. This will help the users to be confident of their information not being recorded.

Google and the Dark web

One may be concerned if by using the dark web Google can still keep the recordings. The truth is even though it might not be possible to access dark Web using Google chrome, Google can still record dark web searches. In this case it is only recommended that one uses some browsers to access the dark web and make sure that any accounts connected to Google are turned off. These include Gmail and YouTube .This is to make sure that there is anonymity.

Web browser such as Tor will make Google get an interest on tracking your personal use of the Internet and thus monitor your online activity. Due to this factor, it is advisable to use a strong VPN or other browsers that are compatible with the dark web. These browsers include: Tor and Epic browser. There is a browser plugin that can be used and will serve the same function of ensuring online anonymity and is also compatible with the dark web. This plug in is called Cocoon browsing. Apart from ensuring online anonymity, it also has many features that one can use while still maintain online anonymity. These include blocking Facebook tracking and offering end to end encryption. The only this that limits the usage of cocoon browsing is that fact that it has subscription fees that some people may not be willing to pay.




As much as Google does the tracking for positive reasons such as improved user experience, it is important to turn off online tracking and delete the recordings that are in the database. Companies are also tracking the details of the customers and their habits to improve the experience of the customers. Maintaining anonymity is important as the data may fall into wrong hands and pose a threat to the user. As much as there are many companies that are keeping the users database for positive reasons, there are those that have malicious intentions and thus one may not be so sure the intention of keeping the data. The fact that hackers and Web criminals are also devising systems of hacking into databases is another reason why remaining anonymous is much secure.

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