Stolen Credit and Debit Cards Lands Singapore Man Three Years in Jail

Stolen Items from Credit Card Fraud in Singapore
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Mohammad Adam Mohamed Rashid, a 29-year-old from Singapore was recently given three years jail over stolen credit cards. The accused took advantage of the vulnerability of the PayPal payment system to steal and teach others with the same intention.

According to the Straits Times, a Singapore news agency, Mr. Rashid learned how to exploit loopholes and then “went ahead to teach others across the globe on how to stolen similar credit details, thus earning him a total of $100 per case. He also sold his tutorials on the darknet,” according to the news source. Re

At this point it is alarming how people take advantage of the darknet marketplace system where global powers are trying to stop the buying and selling of illegal good, just like in the case of the suspect. All that is required is special software to access the deep web, such as a TOR browser, which is also readily available. Once you have access the trail of destruction will sooner or later commence and it will also be completely anonymous.

The suspect, who was once a cabin crew member, used the darknet markets to acquire credit and debit card details as well as PayPal log-in credentials. He then later used the details via his mobile phone and laptop to commit the crimes. It is said that the accused paid approximately $30 for a hacking file containing information on numerous credit and debit cards. Once he had attained all the necessary details he went on an online shopping spree.

Singapore police caught up with the activities of Mohammad Adam leading to his arrest on July 11 of last year. However, he posted court bail and was immediately released. This did not last as he was arrested yet again on November 29, of the same year. It is said that the accused threw away the cellphone he had been using to make fraudulent purchases.

“The accused has admitted to 15 out of 96 charges, that is including computer misuse and cheating,” said Stephanie Chew, the Deputy Public Prosecutor.

According to the prosecution, the accused purchased the log-in credential for numerous PayPal accounts belonging to various users via the darknet. Chew also added that the accused used the login details to access PayPal accounts and change the login credentials to block legitimate owners. This prevented the owners from accessing their accounts. The accused would buy stuff online like GoPro cameras, and mobile phones, he would later resell the items to make even more profit.

“The proceeded charges involved $7,754 of the total $24,560, that Mr. Rashid took or attempted to take cheating,” said DPP Chew.

According to Gino Hardial Singh, the defendant’s lawyer, his client was remorseful and could not recall why and how he committed the offenses. This is due to “Dissociative amnesia”. Apparently, the accused suffered from memory loss attributed to an injury he suffered when he fell down a flight of stairs. This occurred while under police custody December last year.

“I have never come across such a case,” concluded District Judge Chay Yuen Fatt. He added that he considered the case very serious and finished by adding that the deterrent sentence was to be imposed to deter such crimes in the future.

It is not the first time that Singapore hosted the high price theft of credit cards.  Amongst global powers, Singapore has the 6th highest rate of card fraud globally. But this is a global epidemic as other 3rd world countries, such as Pakistan are having an increase in credit card skimming. Digital transactions have become part of today’s lifestyle and are inevitable, especially in this 21st century.

There are ways in which you can avoid being a victim. We recommend using Bitcoin wallet or a Bitcoin debit card because with this you will not have the risk of being credit card skimmed on a daily basis.

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