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Scryptmail is an anonymous email provider that can protect your internet messages with other users by using the end-to-end encrypted email communication with no stored metadata. You should choose this email service because it hides all the technical details and provides a secure email. The emails are encrypted with a secret phrase that stays on your computer and nobody from Scryptmail can read your emails. On the internet you can’t be 100% anonymous, you can still use a Tor browser that can hide your IP and it can be used with Tor. With Scryptmail all scripts are delivered from their servers, you won’t have Analytics or other similar scripts to track your activity. It uses the standard protocol to exchange public keys between different users around the internet and the emails you are going to send will be encrypted with a 265-bit key and then that key encrypted also with a public key. The person with the right key will be able to read the email only.

Scryptmail Pricing

Scryptmail is a free anonymous email service and you can get your own private email in just a few clicks. If you want to help Scryptmail in maintaining this great email service on-going, you have the opportunity to make a donation through Paypal or Bitcoin.

Scryptmail Features

  • Send email messages end-to-end encrypted and no metadata stored
  • You can use it with Tor and have your IP hidden
  • There are no third party scripts like Google Analytics to track your habits
  • Emails are encrypted with random 256-bit key
  • Messages are deleted from servers after delivery to recipients
  • Encrypted messages requires a PIN number to unblock them
  • You can access Scryptmail all around the world with just an internet connection
  • Scryptmail can be accessed with regular browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox

Scryptmail is a very good private and anonymous email provider that uses the end-to-end encryption technology to protect user’s data. You can use Scryptmail with any browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox or even Tor browser if you want to hide your IP and be more secure over the internet. You will not see inside your email any advertising nor you will be tracked by scripts like Google Analytics. The email communication is encrypted with 256-bit keys and the encrypted messages require PIN numbers to unlock them.

Scryptmail Advantages

Scryptmail advantages

  • Free email services
  • End-to-end encrypted messages
  • Anonymous email communication
  • No third party analytics
  • Messages automatically deleted after receipt
  • PIN numbers to unblock messages
  • Use it with Tor
  • No advertising inside your inbox

The most important advantage is the fact that Scryptmail is anonymous and free. Then the encryption they use is very good, the end-to-end encryption will assure you that your communication with other users will stay secure and private. If you use a commercial email provider you will have your habits tracked with scripts like Google Analytics, this is not the case with Scryptmail. You will be able to use Scryptmail with any browser you like, but if you use it with TOR, your privacy will be even higher.

Scryptmail Disadvantages

Scryptmail disadvantages

  • No IMAP and SMTP
  • No iOS, Android app
  • No schedule when to send emails
  • No multi-language interface

Scryptmail has a lot of advantages and only if you are a hater you can always find disadvantages in everything, but let’s not forget it is a free email service. When you can find as a disadvantage could be the fact that you can’t have IMAP or SMTP, you can not schedule messages and there is no multi-language interface.

Scryptmail Registration

Registration for a Scryptmail account is very easy and it takes just a few steps until you are ready to go with your new email. Just follow the steps below and you will have your own anonymous email in a couple of minutes.

Step 1 – Go to Scryptmail Homepage

Scryptmail homepage

The first step you need to take is to go to Scryptmail homepage and find the Sign Up For Free button as you can see in the image above. Click that button and the registration process will start.

Step 2 – Choose a Scryptmail Username and Password

Scryptmail Registration

Fill the username and password fields as you can see in the picture above and click the button Create account.

Step 3 – Download the Scryptmail Secret Token

Download Scryptmail secret token

You will be prompted with another window where you will see a new message that your account has been successfully created and you need to download the secret token.

Step 4 – Log into your Scryptmail Inbox

Scryptmail Inbox

Once you have your username ready and the token downloaded, you can start sending private messages with Scryptmail.

Scryptmail Overview

The conclusion to this article is that Scryptmail is an anonymous email provider that can help you to easily communicate with other users in a more private and secure way rather than having a commercial email service full of ads and not so private. There are a lot of advantages and just a few disadvantages. The main advantage is that Scryptmail is free, you can send a donation though if you want through Bitcoin or Paypal to help them keeping the services running, you can use it with Tor browser meaning that you can send emails having your IP hidden. Also, you can send encrypted messages and you can use it with any regular browser like Chrome or Firefox.

Another good feature is that messages that are already delivered to recipients will be automatically deleted from their servers for your peace of mind. Some of the disadvantages could be the missing of IMAP, POP3 and SMTP services, there is no Android or iOS app, not multi-language interface or no schedule option for sending messages. If you are a new to using anonymous email services, Scryptmail can be a very good option if you don’t need SMTP, IMAP or POP3, but if you do, then you can try something else, like Protonmail for example. So if this article convinced you that Scryptmail is suitable for your needs, then you should begin the registration process and start using this email provider’s services.

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