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RAMP or Russian Anonymous Marketplace is a darknet market that is obviously intended for Russian-speaking users. The site is only available in the Russian language. This market is notable for having a forum interface. It’s a marketplace where buyers and vendors interact through forum threads. It is regarded as one of the most popular darknet bazaars that remain in operation.

Based on the statistics presented on the forum at the time we did this review, RAMP had 186,304 users; 13,224 created topics, 931,494 posts (all time), and 88 posts for the week. These numbers show that RAMP is indeed a significant darknet community. The longevity and popularity of Russian Anonymous Marketplace appear surprising to some especially as the site claims to make around a quarter of a million every year but RAMPs’ owners believe that this is because it is in Russian and serves predominantly Russian users. Also, it could be due to its focus on drugs and prohibition of hacking and pornography.

RAMP Market link URL address:

  • http://ramp5bb7v2abm34a.onion

Homepage prior to login


Homepage after login

How to Access and Buy on RAMP

To be able to access RAMP, it is important to be familiar with the Tor browser, the use of a VPN service, PGP encryption and decryption, as well as the use of bitcoins or Qiwi. And of course, you need to be able to comprehend Russian texts. This darknet market has no English version.

You can actually proceed to browsing the site and making purchases with just the Tor browser and your bitcoins. The Tor browser is essentially Firefox that enables anonymous web browsing and taps on the Tor network to allow it to open Onion websites. Having this browser is enough to open Russian Anonymous Marketplace link http://ramp5bb7v2abm34a.onion/ or the alternative RAMP links shown on the RAMP homepage. However, you must be sure that your anonymity is maintained and that you are properly secure as you use RAMP. That’s why it is still recommended that you also a VPN service and PGP software.

VPN ensures that your online activities will not be tracked, especially as you go into shopping for prohibited products. PGP, on the other hand, is a software used for encrypting and decrypting messages or information shared online. It enables anonymous chats or exchange of information, which is particularly useful as you send your shipping address. Like in most other darknet markets, it is recommended that you use your real name and address for shipping as using a fake name and address only tends to invite more suspicion.

Russian Anonymous Marketplace Account Registration

Registering or a Russian Anonymous Marketplace account takes some time. As you click on the Register button, you will be shown a long page that tells you the things you need to know about having a RAMP account. Plus, there’s a timer. You need to wait for 120 seconds before you can proceed to the registration process. Apparently, you must use this time to read everything shown on the page. The account registration button is greyed out initially and only becomes active as the countdown timer ends.


The RAMP account registration form may look long but it actually asks for just the usual information from users, plus an email address. It only requires a username (must be 2 to 25 characters), password, and email address. Yes, you will be asked for your email address so be sure to have one that is not related to your other accounts. Create an email account that is not linked or associated with any of the email or other online accounts you are using.

After the 120-second waiting period, the actual account registration actually only takes around 15 seconds. You should be able to have your account and be automatically logged in once your account has been created. We’ve read of complaints about undecipherable CAPTCHAs during account registration on DeepDotWeb but we did not encounter this kind of issue.

RAMP Interface and Functions

As mentioned, Russian Anonymous Marketplace is a forum-based darknet marketplace. It’s notably different visually, though then a lot of other  darknet marketplaces, particularly because of collection of ads on the top part of the site. These ads are very distractive as most of them are animated. If you are using a typical 16:9 monitor, you will not immediately see the forum threads because the ads occupy most of the screen. These ads apparently cost some $700 to $1,000 per month for vendors who are selling on the site and want to have their products made more conspicuous.


Your RAMP account comes with a Profile page where you can add your contact details, enable 2-factor authentication, reset your password, and do other changes to your account details and settings.

You don’t need javascript support to navigate around the RAMP website. However, you have to activate javascript support on the Tor browser as you load the site for the first time. You can’t proceed to getting your account registered if javascript is disabled.


If you are familiar with forums, it shouldn’t be difficult finding your way around the RAMP website. You just need to be mindful of the threads you are clicking. There will be a lot of threads to go through so you also have to have the patience to do lots of clicking and scrolling. Go over the other parts of this review below to be guided on how to use the site and how to post or buy the products posted.

Categories and Listings

There are no categories and listings on RAMP similar to what can be found in other darknet markets. Postings are not grouped according to their respective categories. However, the site clearly specializes in recreational drugs. They are just presented according to their vendors or sellers.

There are four main categories of vendors on the site:

  • Audited Dealers
  • Private Points
  • Market
  • Miscellaneous

The Audited Dealers group is obviously the more reliable group of vendors so it would be advisable to start with them as you look for products to buy.


We have skimmed through different threads on RAMP to find out what specific drugs are available. The following is a sampling of the most popular drugs being offered on the site.

  • MDMA
  • Amphetamine
  • Cocaine
  • Cannabis/Marijuana
  • Hashish
  • Speed
  • A-PVP
  • Mephedrone
  • Modafinil
  • LSD
  • Ecstasy
  • Ketamine
  • Mushrooms
  • Nbome

Like many other darknet markets, RAMP also has a list of prohibited posts. They are as follows:

  • Pornography, including child pornography
  • The promotion of violence and nationalism
  • Weapons including explosives and posts about warfare
  • Political posts or things related to politics
  • Fake documents and banknotes
  • Products with fictitious names or names of compounds that don’t abide by the IUPAC nomenclature
  • Synthetic cannabinoids and smoking mixes based on such synthetic substances
  • Psychoactive substances sold in the guise of another substance (fake)
  • Lottery

There are also important things RAMP users must be mindful about. These are the following:v

  • The disclosure of the personal data of RAMP users without their direct or indirect consent
  • The removal of information from the closed section of the forum
  • Disclosure of information regarding the delivery address of products, including pictures of the places of delivery
  • Attempts to reveal users’ identities, including proposals for IRL meetings
  • Advertisements or links to other darknet resources
  • Registration of provocative usernames or usernames that are similar to the ones used by RAMP’s admin
  • Advertisements in a RAMP user’s signature
  • Discussions of the rules of the resource or administration action

Depending on the gravity, RAMP users found to have violated the rules of the site are sent a warning or may be banned permanently from the site.

Search and Listing Filters

Since the Russian Anonymous Marketplace is a forum-based darknet market, don’t expect advanced search filter and listing  sorting functions. What you will find on the site is just a regular search feature for a forum. You just have the option to narrow down your search to a specific thread. You can also sort results according to a number of parameters.


How to Choose a Vendor

Again, since RAMP is unlike the usual darknet markets, you will not find vendor profiles on the site. The vendors are presented in their separate threads. If you want to learn more about the vendor, just read the posts on the thread. You should be able to get an idea of the credibility or reliability of the vendor by reading the posts on their respective threads.

Unfortunately, the Russian Anonymous Marketplace does not have a system for ranking or rating vendors. You really have to read and read some more to come up with your own assessment of which vendors to choose.

A few tips in choosing a vendor:

  • Choose one that has been on the site for a long time.
  • Choose one with good feedback from customers.
  • Make sure that the “customer feedback” being posted on the vendor threads are real. Generic positive comments and comments that have been posted in succession are a red flag and are likely posted by the vendors themselves to boost their reputation. Also, don’t be misled by the stars posted by vendors on their thread titles. RAMP has no official rating system so don’t think that a vendor that puts stars on its thread header is better than the rest.
  • If there are vendors that post links to their official stores or accounts in other major darknet markets like AlphaBay or Dream Market, it would better to just go these markets since they provide more reliable systems for more secure purchases. They also have more credible reputation systems.

How to Pay for Purchases

There is no wallet or account deposit on RAMP. Different vendors have different ways of handling purchases although most of them accept bitcoins or Qiwi. If you already have your bitcoin wallet and bitcoins or a Qiwi account, you can proceed to making purchases. For better security, it’s better to stick with the use of bitcoins. You can use bitcoin tumbling services for an even more secure and anonymous transaction

How to Order

To place an order, what you need to do is to go to the thread of the vendor you like and post a message or something to express your interest in buying something. Be sure that this first message includes your public PGP key. The vendor will then contact you. Yes, you have to wait for the vendor to contact you before any transaction proceeds.

RAMP recommends the use of Jabber to further discuss transactions. All message exchanges should be PGP encrypted. The transaction will then proceed depending on what you and the seller have discussed and agreed upon.

For vendors with stores or accounts with other major darknet markets (they usually indicate the links on their threads), it would be better to go to their respective darknet market accounts so you have a more systematic and reliable way of making a purchase.  Most darknet markets come with escrow or multisig payment systems, which can help prevent scams. These allow you to get your money back in case you get a bad product or in case no delivery has been made.

The details of the ordering process are presented in the FAQ thread of the site.


RAMP Support

Use the forum’s messaging function to contact RAMP’s admin or support team. Based on the feedback from several users of the site, RAMP’s admin is relatively prompt in responding to customers’ inquiries and complaints. They are particularly quick in addressing complaints of scams or fraud, which is said to be the reason why this forum-based darknet market continues to thrive.

Important Forum Threads

Since RAMP is mainly a darknet forum, this review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the highly important non-product or non-vendor threads of the site. Near the bottom part of the site, there are important threads worth noting. They are as follows:

  • Substances – Features discussions and market research on various substances
  • Security  – Discussions on online and offline security
  • Finance – Discussions on paying for transactions, cryptocurrency, and the deposit/withdrawal of funds
  • Communication – Discussions on various topics of interest to the RAMP community
  • Polls – Self-explanatory
  • Curiosities/Monkey House – Miscellaneous discussions

Pros and Cons


  • Includes informative and insightful threads for darknet buyers and sellers alike
  • Long-running darknet marketplace for drugs
  • Active/responsive forum admins/support team particularly commended for their response to complaints or reports of scams and fraud
  • Option for two-factor authentication


  • Forum-based marketplace, not as intuitive as the interface of leading darknet markets
  • No English version/section, site is available only in Russian text and serves Russian-speaking users only
  • Limited vendors (Russian)

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