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RsClub Market is an escrow darknet market and autoshop. It’s a small marketplace in the dark web with a limited number of listings and vendors. It’s not a bad option to try, though. The site looks good and is intuitive. It also comes with features other leading darknet markets have, like seller and trust levels, a well-organized feedback system, an autoshop, and a nice internal messaging platform.

RsClub Market Market Link URL:

  • http://776mef5rfv3evriy.onion

Alternative onion and not onion Links to RsClub Market Channels and Forum:

  • http://rsclubzznck53v35.onion/



  • Small, new darknet market with few listings and vendors
  • Upgrading to a seller account costs 70 USD.
  • Features an autoshop

How to Access RsClub Market

RsClub Market’s web address, http://rsclubvvwcoovivi.onion/, is obviously a darknet Onion link, which means it cannot be accessed by ordinary web browsers. You need the Tor browser to open it, otherwise you will just keep seeing an error page. The Tor browser has different versions for different operating systems. Please see our guide on downloading and using the Tor browser if you are not familiar with it.

The Tor browser, however, is not everything you need as you access and use the RsClub Market. You also need to use a VPN service, PGP, and bitcoins. Always remember that you have to remain anonymous and untraceable in darknet markets in order to stay safe. VPN or Virtual Private Network prevents you from leaving tracks of your online activity. PGP is intended for encryption, allowing you to communicate or share information with others in thee darknet anonymously. Lastly, bitcoins are being used as the currency of choice for darknet markets since they allow anonymous fund transfers. For added bitcoin security, you can also subject your bitcoins to tumbling and mixing to further remove the possibility of anyone being able to trace your use of your bitcoins.

Account Registration

Signing up for an RsClub account requires you to fill out a relatively long registration form. The form asks for your username, password, PIN (should be 6 digits), login phrase, Jabber ID, ICQ, email address, website URL, and signature text. Not all of these fields, however, are required. We were able to register for an account by just filling out the username, password, PIN, and login phrase.


We don’t recommend entering your contact details like your email address, ICQ, and Jabber ID. Remember that anonymity is a must in darknet markets so as much as possible, don’t share information that can aid in revealing your identity.

Once you have successfully registered your account, your mnemonic will be flashed on-screen. It is a phrase that will be used in recovering your password in case you forgot it. Be sure to securely save your mnemonic.


Newly registered accounts are buyer accounts by default. To have a vendor or seller account, you need to apply for it. The seller account application process doesn’t take a long time. Upon logging in, you just have to click on the Become a Seller link on the top part of the site. You will be asked to pay 70 USD or 0.1142 BTC (BTC amount may change depending on the exchange rate fluctuations). This amount serves as a bond. It will be returned to you if you close your account or once you prove that you are a seller of good standing.

RsClub Market Account Interface and Functions

RsClub Market’s homepage or the first page you see upon logging presents a welcome message, news, the categories, bitcoin exchange rates, and some reminders on top. We like how neatly everything is presented. It shouldn’t be difficult finding your way around this darknet market’s site.

RsClub does not have a lot of “menu links” or the links to important pages on the top rpart of the site. However, you can access most of the important pages through the MyClub hover menu. You will find the links to the Listings, Deposit & Withdrawal, and Support pages as you hover your mouse pointer over the My Club link.

There are three main links on the top part of the site: Home, Become a Seller, Messages Inbox, and Orders. Of course, these are already self-explanatory. The Messages Inbox, we have to note though, is not just an inbox because it comes with an array of messaging functions. You can actually send messages (unlike others that only show the messages you received) with it.  The Messages page also includes a tab for trash messages and a system for marking messages with a star or marking messages as read or unread.


If you want to see or do changes in your profile, just click on your account name on My Club hover menu. In your Profile page, You can add a signature text for your store, change your store’s name (default: Your Account Name + Store),  add an avatar, set the currency to use, enable two-factor authentication, and configure other security settings. You can set your account to not require a PIN when making purchases.

On the other hand, if you want to go to RsClub Market’s autoshop, the link is on the My Club hover menu. At the time we did this review, RsClub Market had more than 700 cards in its autoshop.


If you are wondering what the login phrase (asked during account registration) is for, it is used as an anti-phishing measure. Every time you log into your account, your login phrase is displayed along with the welcome messages. If you don’t see a login phrase or if what is shown on the site is not the right login phrase you set for your account, that could only mean that you are not in the real RsClub Market website.

You don’t need javascript support to be able to open all pages of the site and to make use of all of its functions. In fact, RsClub Market’s homepage has a reminder to have javascript support disabled.

Moreover, it’s worth noting in this RsClub Market review that the site seems to have a long automatic session timeout. When we experienced some Internet connection problem for several minutes, we found out that we were still logged into our account when the connection returned. UPDTATE: After spending some more time with the site, we are having doubts about our initial observation regarding automatic session timeout. It appears RsClub Market’s session timeout is just like those of other darknet markets. We couldn’t get the exact automatic session timeout time but we repeatedly observed the site (intentionally setting it aside/minimizing the window) and it appears it has the usual session timeout for most darknet markets.

Categories and Listings

RsClub Market, unfortunately, is not as big a other darknet markets. At the time we did this review, there were less than 50 listings in its 12 categories. The category tree is as shown below:

  • Fraud Related (15)
    • Accounts & Bank Drops
    • CVV & Cards
    • Dumps & Tracks
    • Personal Information & Scans
    • Other
  • Drugs General (6)
    • Benzos
    • Cannabis & Hashish
    • Ecstasy
    • Other
  • Guides & Tutorials (4)
    • Drugs
    • Fraud
    • Hacking
    • Other
  • Counterfeit Items (8)
    • Clothing
    • Jewelry
    • Money
    • Other
  • Digital Products (3)
    • Fraud Software
    • Game Keys
    • Legit Software
    • Other
  • Jewels & Gold (0)
    • Gold
    • Silver
    • Other
  • Weapons (0)
    • Ammunition
    • Pistols
    • Explosives
    • Others
  • Carded Items (2)
    • Clothing
    • Electronics
    • Digital
    • Other
  • Services (0)
    • Social Engineering
    • Carding
    • Hacking
    • Cracking
    • Other
  • Software & Malware (6)
    • Botnets & Malware
    • RAT & Trojans
    • Exploit Kits
    • Security Software
    • Other
  • Security & Hosting (0)
    • Hosting & Domains
    • VPN
    • Socks
    • Proxy
    • Bulletproof & Services
    • Other
  • Other Listings (0)
    • Other

Prohibited Listings:

  • Child pornography
  • Prostitution
  • Defamation
  • Items that pose threats to personal safety or security
  • Weapons of mass destruction
  • Assassination or murder services


It appears RsClub Market is one of those that picked up some darknet market template to use and is trying to grow. We’re not saying, though, that using a darknet marketplace website template others are already using is wrong, especially when the template chosen is good.

When it comes to the listings, the presentation is good. Each listing has a descriptive title, thumbnail, vendor rating (%), seller level, trust level, quantity of available items, and price in USD and BTC. They are the usual detail-filled presentation of listings, which we like. We also like to commend the nice color scheme.

RsClub Market Search and Search Filters

The search function on RsClub Market is mainly based on the title and body of the listings. It does not take the category into account. For example, searching with the “drugs” keyword only yields 1 result despite having 6 listings under the Drug category. The listings need to have better tagging or the search function should look at keywords beyond the listing title and description.

Unfortunately, RsClub does not have advanced search features or a search filtering system. After doing a search, what appears on screen are only the results. There’s no option to sort the order or limit the results based on some parameter.

This lack of search filters or advanced search function may not negatively affect RsClub Market for now since there are few listings on the site. However, once the number of listings and vendors go by the thousands, it’s imperative to have a proper advanced search tool or results filtering.

How to Choose a Vendor

RsClub Markett has detailed vendor profile pages (called User Profile, the same for both buyer and vendor accounts), which present seller levels, trust levels, number of sale transactions completed, number of orders, number of disputes, date of membership (account registration), last login date, and feedback. Contact details and the seller’s FE (finalize early) status are also presented on the profile page.


Go for vendors with the most number of sale transactions undertaken but with the lowest disputes (0 as much as possible), since these mean that the vendors already have a lot of experience transacting with buyers and they are reliable enough based on their previous buyers’ perception. Higher seller and trust levels are likewise preferable, obviously. Also, it helps examining the last login date of the vendor. A good vendor is one that is active on the site. One that has not visited the RsClub Market site for months is unlikely a reliable vendor, unlikely address your concerns and complaints.

Of course, you should also evaluate the vendor feedback. There should be no negative and neutral feedback as much as possible. However, ascertain that the feedback posted on the vendor profile page are real. Feedback that have been posted on the same date or at suspicious intervals a red flag. Like most other darknet markets, faking buyers’ feedback is not impossible on RsClub Market.

Moreover, visit the RsClub forum for more information and insights about the vendors you are considering.

Adding and Withdrawing Funds on RsClub Market

RsClub Market, just like other darknet markets, employ a deposit system for funding purchases. You need to deposit funds into the the address shown in the Deposit & Withdrawal page of the site (link is no the My Club hover menu). There is a minimum deposit amount of 0.005 BTC. If you send an amount lower than this minimum, it will not be credited.  Three confirmations are required for the deposit to be completed and reflected in your RsClub Market account.


The deposit address will be changed every time you make a deposit so be sure to visit your wallet page before making a deposit, so you can see the most recent deposit address to use.

When it comes to making withdrawals, it’s a straightforward process. Just go to  your Deposit & Withdrawal page and find the section for withdrawing funds. You just have to fill out the form and proceed with the withdrawal. There’s a 0.001 BTC transaction fee charged for every withdrawal. Also, be reminded that you are only allowed a maximum of 6 incorrect PIN attempts. Once you max out, your account will automatically be banned so be careful as you do your withdrawal. There’s a convenient “Forgot Secure PIN?” button you can use in case you keep failing to enter the correct PIN.

Ordering Guide

The process of ordering items on RsClub Market is comparable to those of other darknet markets. You just have to click on the Buy It Now button, enter the quantity of the item you want to buy, and just fill out the forms needed to proceed with your order.


RsClub Market Market Support

If you have questions or requests for assistance, just go to the Support page and use the message sending form. You may also ask for information from other RsClub users through the site’s official forum, http://rsclubvvwcoovivi.onion/forum.php.


Pros and Cons


  • Neat and well-organized site with color-coded tags/indicators for the listings
  • Intuitive account interface
  • Security settings that provide control over purchases (allow/completely deny purchases, require/not require PIN when purchasing)



  • Limited number of listings and vendors
  • Occasional “unable to connect” errors encountered
  • Also encountered long downtimes during the review
  • No advanced search or search filter
  • Long session timeout (update: Please see updated notes in the Account Interface section)

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