Romanian Authorities Detained Two Suspects For Trafficking Large Amounts Of Narcotics

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After a two months-long investigation, the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) arrested two men in Rădăuți, suspected of purchasing darknet drugs and selling them locally in the area of Rădăuți.

Iosif Marian Grijincu and Daniel Molociniuc were taken into custody for further questioning to the Suceava department of the DIICOT after law enforcement authorities carried out seven raids in Rădăuți on June 6. According to the prosecution, the two suspects sold amphetamine, cannabis and new psychoactive substances (NPS) in the area of Rădăuți. Investigators claim that the defendants had approximately 300 customers.

In a joint law enforcement investigation between the DIICOT, the prosecutor’s office, and local investigators, since April 2017, investigators documented criminal activity on obtaining drugs from darknet marketplaces, which later were offered for sale to consumers in the municipality of Rădăuți and the surrounding area.

According to the police, Grijincu obtained the narcotics from the dark web, which he marketed to various customers through trusted intermediaries in order to make profits from the sale of drugs. The investigation revealed that Grijincu used, in order to store the illicit substances, mailboxes or “premises belonging to people who were not informed about such actions”. Police claimed that the narcotics were picked up by the local accomplices of the defendant.

On April 20, a citizen of Rădăuți, who just returned from abroad, alerted law enforcement authorities since he found a package containing drugs in his mail. After the forensic examination, investigators discovered that the parcel contained 8.82 grams of amphetamine along with 17.19 grams of cannabis. The person who discovered the substances is a relative of Daniel Molociniuc, the other arrested suspect, who was selling drugs he purchased from his co-defendant.

On May 8, the DIICOT searched a warehouse, where they found 200 small plastic bags, containing a total of 42.45 grams of amphetamine. On three of the bags, investigators found fragments of the fingerprints belonging to Grijincu.

On June 6, law enforcement authorities conducted seven house searches in the municipality Rădăuți, in which they seized multiple electronic devices, including three hard drives and eight mobile phones. In addition, investigators also found documentation regarding the drug operation of the two suspects. The defendants were taken into custody for further questioning to the Suceava department of the DIICOT.

After a year of investigation, the DIICOT dismantled a network of drug dealers with over 300 customers in the county. The investigation revealed that the leader of the group, Răzvan Percec, aka “Boss” from Rădăuţi, established a network where the criminals allegedly ordered narcotics from the dark web. When the substances arrived, Percec’s gang sold the narcotics to local customers.

In total, five young people from Rădăuţi – Răzvan Percec, Alexander Hutuleac, Andrei Iulian Lungoci, Romeo Mihăiţă Roman, and Iosif Marian Grijincu – were taken into custody during the course of the investigation. All of the defendants were accused of establishing a criminal organization, drug trafficking, and money laundering. These types of crimes are common now in Europe with Slovakia, a close neighbor of Romania experiencing very similar darknet crimes.

During investigations, 22 members of the criminal group were identified with 24 issued warrants and 19 house searches. According to the police, the organized criminals were selling narcotics for three years, and many of them own land, houses, luxury cars, and offshore bank accounts in the Marshall Islands, Belize, and Hungary.

Law enforcement authorities seized a total of eight kilograms of drugs in the 19 raids they conducted on the locations, which they believed were connected to the criminal group.

Also, the prosecution and the police discovered in the course of the investigation that the leader of the group allegedly sold a total of 15,226 grams of illicit substances, stored in almost 127,000 plastic bags, through lower tier members of the criminal group. According to the police, in most cases, the members of the criminal group were assisted by their families, life partners, and wives.

The investigation also revealed that the leaders of the criminal group recruited young people, they called “arrows,” to sell the illicit substances. According to the police, the price of a bag ranged from 25-40 RON ($6 – $10).

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