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Riseup is an email provider offering mail services, VPN, and online chat. It was launched in 1999 in Seattle with the mission of fighting the web surveillance from different government agencies. In 2013 Riseup had more than 6 million subscribers. The main service they provide is a secure communication between users, anonymizing services and a strong encryption with as less data retention as possible. If using a big corporate email provider is not a secure way of communication, Riseup is a very good alternative for a better way of communication over the internet. The minimal data that is stored on the Riseup servers can not identify your machine and it is stored in encrypted form. Riseup doesn’t log your Ip address.

Riseup Pricing

Riseup is a free Email service. It also has provided options for free advertising. If you are using one of the following: Yahoo Mail, Gmail or AOL Mail, then it is likely you will receive ads that pop up occasionally. However, with Riseup these are rare. You don’t need to pay for using the email services, VPN or chat. There is a possibility to donate to Riseup to sustain their efforts to keep this anonymous service on-going. You are able to donate by Mail or by sending money online. You can pay with Bitcoin, a decentralised peer-to-peer electronic crypto-currency that is helping you to stay anonymous, you can pay by Dwolla or Paypal.

Riseup Features

  • Emails can be sent to other Riseup users or to other users of regular email providers
  • You don’t have trackings inside your emails
  • Riseup supports SMTP, IMAP and POP mail, to easily use an email client
  • You can use Tor for more anonymity, but you can use it without also
  • Riseup can be accessed from anywhere
  • You can create Riseup mailing lists
  • Riseup provides secure live chat between its users
  • Anonymous Virtual Private Network for traffic encryption

Riseup is one of the best anonymous email providers because it has all other features like SMTP, IMAP or POP for you to use your favourite email client. You are able to use Riseup with the Tor browser and without it, which is an advantage because, for example, you can not do that with Mail2Tor. You will be able to access Riseup from any location, you can create mailing lists. Riseup offers also unique features like the secure live chat between its users and an anonymous Virtual Private Network.

Riseup Email

Riseup Email
You need to know that if you want to use the Riseup email, first you need a Riseup username. You can get a username only if you have an invitation from another member. Riseup is a very secure email system, they don’t keep any basic information about you, such as name or addresses. You are advised to keep your password secure and to not disclose it to anyone else. The messages kept in the special folders will be automatically deleted. The trash messages will be deleted after 21 days, the spam messages will be deleted after 7 days and from the Sent folder after 120 days. With Riseup you can use an email client such as Thunderbird, the recommendation of Riseup. If you access the Riseup email page you will be able to a list of the Frequently Asked Questions. These questions include answers about forgotten passwords, about address books, or answers to different questions about encryption and mail quote.

Riseup Advantages

Riseup Advantages

  • Riseup is a free service
  • Email messages are encrypted
  • No advertising inside
  • Free secure live chat through Jabber
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Riseup can be accessed from anywhere
  • Automatic deletion of special folders
  • Riseup can be used with email clients
  • Traffic is encrypted whenever possible
  • Location is not disclosed to recipients
  • Your IP is not logged
  • Creation of mailing lists

Riseup is a very good free service offering anonymous mail, free secure live chat and a virtual private network. You can use an email client through the SMTP, IMAP and POP services. It can be accessed from anywhere and you need to know that some special folders are automatically deleted after a period of time. Traffic is encrypted when possible, the location of the recipients is never disclosed because your IP is never logged.

Riseup Disadvantages

Riseup Disadvantages

  • Riseup Accounts are frequently targeted by hackers using phishing technique
  • Viruses may be sent through a Riseup mail address
  • Like other email providers, spam can be received with Riseup
  • You need an invitation to create a Riseup account

Like any other email providers, Riseup is fighting spam and viruses, but it is impossible to stop all these problems so from time to time you may experience spam in your inbox and try not to open unsolicited emails because it may contain spam or viruses. Another disadvantage is that you can not create an account if you don’t have an invitation from another user.

Riseup User Registration

Riseup Registration

If you want to register a Riseup account you may find it quite difficult. This is because you can not do it if you don’t have an invitation code. This is a big disadvantage regarding Riseup, but if you put it on other words, it could be an advantage because it’s a small community which makes it more safely and more secure. So doesn’t matter if you want a Riseup email account, if you want to use the Live chat, or the VPN, you just have to request an account or to have an invitation to sign up.

Riseup Overview

Riseup is a very good email provider where you can communicate with other users in a very secure way. The main advantage is that Riseup is free and it is anonymous, you can use it with Tor browser or without it. You can have the same features like other regular email providers, this includes SMTP, IMAP or POP services. With Riseup you can also have a live chat with other users or you can register for the Riseup anonymous Virtual Private Network. You can create mailing lists and you can not find advertising inside the Riseup services. Another great advantage is that your IP is not logged and your location is not disclosed to other users. A big disadvantage is the fact that you can not create your Riseup account without an invitation from another member. You just have to have this invite code or to request one from the Riseup administration.

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