Rapture Marketplace Still Offline and No Word on its Return

Rapture Market Exit Scam Under a microscope
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Rapture Market, a new and burgeoning darknet marketplace has been inaccessible for more than a week now. This outcome has made lots of people speculate as to why it has been offline. Many are fearing it is a quick exit scam. Presently, Rapture users and a considerable number of suppliers are worried considering that the website has been becoming well-known and its rating is solid with a good uptime of 98%.

For more than a week now, the Rapture Market’s messaging system and its integrated forum have been unavailable. Its customer service network is offline causing many customers and vendors to bail. According to a report, the week was so dramatic that it went down an entire percent in uptime rate, down to 97%. For a Darknet marketplace to drop so quickly is a sign of more to come.

Rapture Market was established in January 2018 by a dark web vendor known as British Dragon. Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) were one of the cryptocurrencies used in the exchange of substances on the website since its establishment. The market was available by multiple .onion mirror links too, providing many opportunities for vendors and buyers to access it. With excellent reviews and a trusted supplier’s affiliate program together with a referral system, the site provided over 500 drug listings and other controlled substances.

Last verified time Rapture was online

Nowadays it’s more difficult to get information on the track record of dark web vendors and administrator since the most famous DNM online forum referred to as /r/DarkNetMarkets was recently banned by Reddit. Nevertheless, users looking for information regarding the unavailability of Rapture Market are still interacting with each other through another forum such as r/darknetmarketnoobs subreddit and the Clearnet.

According to one of Rapture’s users during the offline issue, it was asked if “anybody been in touch with any of the administrator or is there a signed Rapture Pretty Good Privacy message related to downtime. I have searched and could find nothing. It’s been down for a while now. I want to know if anybody knows whether it’s a genuine downtime or possibly an exit scam.”

Some users of the Rapture Market stated that the site might be back again, that the website was experiencing a DDoS attack, with other minor issues. However, other users are not that confident the site will resurface; one user recommended that it would be a good idea to stick to an already well-established market rather than picking up on a new one that was unverified and untested. The 98% rating was deceptive as it is now revealed.

Another reviewer claims to have inside information on why Rapture Market has been unavailable, stating:  “For privacy purpose, I cannot uncover how I got the information. However, I have reliable sources. Additionally, the administrators of the site are fixing some bugs and also upgrading the webpage, thereby making the dark web marketplace unavailable for now. Bugs are trivial, but they are not much for now, so it’’s better to make the site inaccessible and deal with them once and for all. So relax it might take two or three weeks for everything to be in order. Per sources, Rapture Marketplace may be available before then. Nevertheless, I’’m uncertain of the time.”

Rapture Market Front page

Nobody has any reliable information regarding the precise reason Rapture went unavailable and when it will be online again. Moreover, irritated users are already worried and scared about their funds in escrow. Usually, the exit scam is continuously the most prevalent approach. Many users initially thought Alphabay had taken an exit scam before it was reported that the US government shut it down.

In typical cases, exit scamming is when the administrator of any darknet marketplace suddenly ‘vanishes’ with no reason, after collecting a lot of the user’s funds that sit in escrow along with an extensive collection of the supplier’s bonds. Some people even refer to the exit scam as the dark web’s perfect crime since it is so profitable.

There have been lots of preceding cases of exit scams. For example, a formerly famous darknet marketplace called ‘Evolution’ was online for just over a year before it inexplicably went offline, making it one of the most significant exit scams in DNM history. Two of its administrators are presumed to have accumulated over $12 million from the site’s users, after a year of collecting commissions.

This Rapture incident appears like AlphaBay’s freeze on July 4th, 2017. But no one is sure that a new market could really live up to the government interest that Alphabay and Hansa Markets held.

This is an ongoing report.

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