Radark Scanning Software Fights Hacking on the Darknet

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Every year, there are over 8,000 attempts to breach the security walls of any given company. If an attacker manages to breach these walls, the cost is well over $3,000,000 in potential losses. For any organization to discover that their data has been breached can be a nightmare. There are steps now to prevent attacks, but on average this takes up to 200 days. On an annual basis, there are over 700 million records breached. These are indeed grim statistics that point out to the level of threats that face companies and individuals in this digital age.

The New Radark Software

As a result of all these security challenges, an Israeli Company recently exhibited a software product that aims to put an end to all these attacks; especially those that come from the darknet. The name of the company is Kela. At a tech conference in February 2017, the company revealed the revolutionary software known as Radark. This is an automated software product with the capability to scan the darknet and provide intelligence on all activities.

“The darknet is a hive where illegal dealings take place. There exist marketplaces in the darknet that readily sell firearms, malware and other illegal narcotics,” officials from the software company said in a press release. “This is what led to the authorities taking down one of the most prominent darknet sites in 2013, Silk Road. However, out of Silk Road came dozens of more markets and we need to monitor their activity as well,” the official concluded.

Even with the Silk Road shutdown, there have been new markets appearing all over the place, including Outlaw Market and Wall Street Market. In these places, individuals continue to engage in trade.

What the Software Does…

The proprietary software developed by this firm will allow any paying government agency or business to track activities in real-time. The technology also allows its user to produce results at scale, seeing a lot happening at once.

Some of the activities that the software is going to track are as follows:

  • Threats that may be caused by hacking
  • Stolen credit cards and gift cards that may be up for sale on sites like Valhalla for example
  • Fake documents, notes and other goods that may be up for sale in the darknet
  • Drugs and arms that may be bought from the darknet
  • Fake currencies that are up for sale on the darknet
  • Passwords and Identities that have been hacked and are up for sale

Stolen Credit Card Information

“There are certain markets that are beneficial to society,” said a representative for Radark. “However, it is important that in the case where a threat to society is imminent, we must rise and strive to create solutions that should counter this. This is a product that is aimed at tackling this problem,” he added.

The creators of this software product also said that it can be customized for the clients.

“You can actually fine tune the application and ensure that it gives out only information that applies to your specific industry. The rates of false information is low,” said one of the developers. “Our analysts have manually gone through all the sites that will be tracked by this product. They include all the major darknet markets and platforms. This means that users of this software will get only the best information that has been well filtered,” he concluded.

Some other key issues that the software can analyze are as follows:

  • Clearly mapping out the digital footprints of your company so as to block out social engineering attacks
  • Monitoring and keeping a close eye on all political and social events that may have a direct bearing on your company
  • Keeping a close eye on any negative feedback that may be levied upon your company from the darknet
  • The software will also map out all past attacks that may have been carried out on your company

In the Banking scene, Radark can thwart attacks targeted at financial institutions. Swift codes are not the only things that hackers and attackers try to get access to when robbing banks. Getting access to passwords, credit card details and account information are some of the things that may leave a company vulnerable. Radark reduces the high level of vulnerabilities.

This is indeed a revolutionary product. It remains to be seen if it lives to its billing by reducing the number of robbery incidences in the corporate sector.

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