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Pyramid Market is a new escrow darknet marketplace. Members enjoy no commission fees on this particular darknet marketplace. Members can also contact them without problems since this darknet marketplace is a beta version. Problems are expected to be reported as a result. It is although functioning very well.

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Pyramid Market URL: http://pyramidboobbekpv.onion/

Pyramid market Account Registration and Login Links:



How to Access Pyramid Market

Pyramid Market has an onion link and therefore cannot be accessed with any other browser. A special browser named the Tor browser is needed to access this darknet marketplace. It is though not common for many people.

A VPN service and a PGP encryption and decryption software are also needed to ensure a safe and secured use of the Tor browser. Bitcoin is also the preferred currency used on Pyramid Market.

Account Registration

Registering for an account of Pyramid Market is very simple and straightforward. It although involves some processes before. To begin with, you will have to click on create an account on the homepage.

Pyramid Market account registration

After that is done, you will be presented with some boxes to fill out. These boxes include a username, password, another one for you to repeat your password, a pin and also another box for the repetition of the pin. The pin should be a four-digit pin. After that, you will have to enter a CAPTCHA which is also in numbers.

After this is done, you then proceed to click on the green Register button below them. This will lead you to the login page where you will have to enter your chosen username and password and a CAPTCHA. You then click on a green login button and that’s it. All of this shouldn’t take more than two minutes of your time.

Pyramid Market Interface and Functions

The Pyramid Market interface is very simple and well laid out. All sections are clearly and neatly indicated to avoid difficulties in finding them. On the menu bar on top is the usual set of links to the vital pages.

It consists of a CC shop icon, a message icon, become a vendor icon, order icon, a user icon, settings icon and a power off symbols which represents log out. The settings icon when clicked on gives you the option to modify your account. You can create your profile which can be an active one or a vacation one.

Pyramid Market interface

On top of that are your return policy and your PGP Public Key. There are also security measures in place for you to fill out. This includes an OTP (One-time password) password with an option for you to disable it.

You can also make changes thusly allowing you easy access to update or change your user password and pin. The user icon also takes you to a page which will require you provide a refund Bitcoin address. To use CC shop (Credit cart), you can also activate your BTC deposit address.

There is also a display of several currencies in their country’s flag and a suggestion box just below them. These are the US dollars ($), followed by the euro (€), the GBP (£), the Russian ruble, Chinese Yen (¥), Canadian Dollar (C$) and lastly the Brazilian Real (BRL). These same very symbols are also displayed on the far left on the account dashboard.

The listings are then shown as the main content of the homepage. Pyramid Market does not require the use of JavaScript. It also has a section for monitoring orders. Its automatic timeout session is also of very reasonable time duration.

On the Lower part of the page, is a section about latest news as well as ongoing projects on the marketplace.

Categories and Listings

Pyramid Market has a limited number of categories and listings and this isn’t surprising given the fact that it is a new darknet marketplace. The category tree is as follows (with the number of listings in the category shown):

  • Drugs (7)
    • Benzos (0)
    • Cannabis (4)
    • Dissociatives (0)
    • Ecstasy (0)
    • Opioids (0)
    • Prescription (1)
    • Psychedelics (0)
    • Steroids (0)
    • Stimulants (2)
    • Weight loss (0)
    • Tobacco (0)
    • Other (0)
  • Fraud (0)
    • Account (0)
    • CVV & Card (0)
    • Dump (0)
    • Information (0)
    • Security (0)
    • Other (0)
  • Services (0)
    • ID & Password (0)
    • Premium Account (0)
    • Other (0)
  • Guides (0)
    • Drugs (0)
    • Fraud (0)
    • Hacking (0)
    • Security (0)
    • Other (0)
  • Software (0)
    • Botnet (0)
    • Exploits (0)
    • Other (0)
  • Electronics (0)
  • Counterfeits (0)
    • Clothing (0)
    • Jewelry & Gold (0)
    • Money (0)
    • Other (0)
  • Weapon (11)
    • Ammo (0)
    • Explosive (0)
    • Shout gun (0)
    • L-G Guns (0)
    • Self Defence (11)
    • Other (0)
  • E-Book (0)
  • Other (0)

Pyramid Market categories and listings

There are only 10 major categories on this darknet marketplace, but there are many subcategories below them. Many of the subcategories also had zero (0) listings at all.Some of the listings on Pyramid Market are shown in a grid form of view.

Some of the listings on Pyramid Market are shown in a grid form of view. They are accompanied by the images of the item, mostly descriptive titles, prices, in the currency of your preferred choice, and its equivalent amount in BTC places/countries which shipments are from and to, and vendors and a link to their page. These are only basic details of the items.

New features although will be added gradually as indicated on the website.

Search and Listing Filters

Pyramid Market like most other darknet marketplaces has a search toolbar located just below the account dashboard. It comes with a sorting feature beside it. This sorting feature allows you to filter your search according to its category, place/country from which shipment is made and the destination place/country.

Pyramid Market search and listing filter

Also available are the minimum and maximum price and a green search button. It doesn’t display much of information about the search word. After clicking on the green search button, it just reloads and reset itself.

How to Choose a Vendor

There are vendor profiles on Pyramid Market. Their links to their vendor profile pages can be found below their items in the listings. It is advisable to take note of the information shown on the vendor profile page before you start to engage.

Pyramid Market vendor profile

Vendor profile pages on Pyramid Market displays the last seen of the vendor, total orders, date of joining, ratings (good and bad), PGP, return policy, a link to visit their store, feedback, and contact.

Most of the vendor profile pages did not have a lot of important details at the time of this review. There was no feedback from customers, no ratings and also most of the vendors had zero (0) deals.

Nothing much can really be obtained from the vendor profiles. Most of them were synonymous. We can attribute this to how new the marketplace is and hope with time there will be active engagements which will bring about change.

How to Place an Order

To purchase an item on Pyramid Market, you will firstly have to click on the item. This will take you to the product page. There is a description of the item below it as well as the feedback and its return policy. Beside it is the weight of the item, the name of the vendor, the class of the item and also an indication showing if the item is in stock or out of stock.

how to place an order on Pyramid Market

There is also the price and its equivalent amount in BTC, amount you want to order, a box for you to select your postage, a cart symbol, and a green buy it button. After clicking on the buy button will take you to another page where there is a display of security tips for you. After reading them, you proceed to fill out a box below with your address and an optional message and you four-digit pin and then place your order.

How to Pay for Orders

Bitcoin is the preferred choice of currency used in paying for orders and without enough balance in your account, payment cannot be done. All purchases are handled through the Escrow system of the Pyramid marketplace. Firstly, you will have to fill in the required fields, later you will be redirected to the payment page.

how to pay for orders on Pyramid Market

It is a direct deposit market thus there is no wallet. You will have to provide your BTC wallet address and activate your BTC deposit address in the case to use the CC shop.

Pyramid Market Support

Pyramid Market has a support system in place to help out when you seek any assistance or support or any form of help from its admin. You will just have to click on the support icon located deep down on the website.

Pyramid Market support

A message box appears with a little box on top for you to provide technical details about the question you are going to ask. Example BTC address, Order id etc.  Real time responses are assured because of its ticket system. You may also go over the FAQ/Guide as advised before contacting them.

Pros and Cons


  • Well designed marketplace
  • 2FA
  • Beta version will only improve with time


  • Limited number of listings and vendors
  • No vendor feedbacks and ratings
  • No forum for users (although there is an icon for it, it happens to be a hoax)

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  1. Hi I keep reading that I am encouraged to ‘get to know’ my vendors, so does that mean I am able to have someone from Pyramid guide me through the entire process of purchasing safely from them? At least for the first time? I need help.

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