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A market created for the buying and selling of hacked websites, PekarMarket is a specialized Russian darknet marketplace that can be viewed in English and Russian texts. It is a secure platform for the sale or purchase of hacked sites or web shells with a wide range of parameters. If you are not savvy when it comes to promoting and operating a website, you may find the site confusing. There are loads technical details displayed on the site you may not appreciate and the site is not something you can call attractive. If you are specifically looking for or trying to sell hacked sites, though, you will likely consider PekarMarket an excellent specialized darknet market.

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How to Access PekarMarket

PekarMarket, with its Onion URL http://pekarmarkfovqvlm.onion/, is not your ordinary website so it’s not something you can open by using just any of the usual web browsers you have been accustomed to. To be able to access it, you need the Tor browser. This browser is not that different from the usual browsers, though. It’s actually just Firefox with the ability to make you browse the web anonymously and access sites most internet users are unable to access. If you want some help on downloading and using this browser, don’t hesitate to refer to our Tor browser guide.

The Tor browser is not the only thing you need to access PekarMarket. You also have to use a VPN service as well as PGP encryption/decryption. VPN allows you to browse the web (including the deep web and darknet) without leaving tracks of your online activities. PGP, on the other hand, guarantees that the messages you send or information you share are only accessible to the intended recipients.

In short, you need the Tor browser, VPN, and PGP to be able to access PekarMarket securely, without the risk of revealing your identity as you undertake various transactions on this darknet market.

Account Registration

Registering for a PekarMarket account is a very short and simple process. As you load the site, you will immediately see the account registration form (to the right), side by side with the login form. There are no graphics on the page. It’s just some white page with the login and account registration forms juxtaposed. PekarMarket is mainly Russian but the login and account registration forms are in English by default.

The account registration form only ask for a username, password, and the CAPTCHA code. Once you’re done entering the required details and clicking on the Register button, your account gets created almost instantly and you will be automatically logged in.

LIke in most other darknet markets, you don’t automatically get seller privileges upon registration. To become a seller on PekarMarket, you need to contact the support team (refer to the Support section of this review for instructions on how to contact the support team).

PekarMarket Interface and Functions

If you have used several other darknet markets, you may find that PekarMarket’s interface slightly looks unfamiliar. It’s unlike the layout of most other darknet markets. Upon logging in, you will be greeted with a page that shows the usual menu bar on top but with sections below that are not similar to what you will usually find in other darknet markets. The site is mostly made of texts and tables so you may also find the amount of information shown on the homepage overwhelming.

The homepage (after logging in) is the same as the Market page so the Market link on the menu bar portion of the site is basically just a link to the homepage. Right below the Menu bar, there’s a News section but it is only available in Russian. The texts of the news don’t change to English even after you click on the language toggle button located on the upper right corner of the site. The language changing toggle, by the way, only supports two languages: Russian and English. Unfortunately, it does not translate all the texts of the site into English. The Rules & FAQ page, for example, is not completely translated into English.

There’s a Check link on the menu bar, which points to a page where you can do a checking of any address/URL to find out if it is available on PekarMarket. You can do a simultaneous checking for up to 100 URLs with it. The Messages section is just an inbox for messages from the PekarMarket and from other users of the site. It does not have message sending functions. If you want to send a message to a PekarMarket user, you have to go to the user’s profile page and find the Send a Message section. If you want to send a message to the PekarMarket admin, go to the Support page and use the message sending form therein.

The Profile section on PekarMarket does not come with a lot of options. It only allows you to change your password, add funds, and manage your blacklist. There is no option to enable two-factor authentication.

On the other hand, just like other darknet markets, there are also sections for monitoring orders (My Orders) and adding funds (Add Funds).

The site works with or without javascript activated on the Tor browser. There’s actually a note on the login form that suggests disabling javascript for security.

At the time we did this review, we also noticed that it has no automatic session timeout or the session timeout period is very long. We were still logged in after a couple of times our computer went into sleep mode for some hours

PekarMarket Categories and Listings

There are no categories and listings on PekarMarket like what can be seen in other darknet markets. The market page only shows a long list of the domains or sites available along with their respective details.  There are no thumbnails in the listings. What you will just see is the ID, URL, seller name and link to profile page, domain name (some parts of which have been concealed), language, content management software (CMS), PageRank, number of pages indexed, Yahoo and Dmoz directory listing, domain registration dates, and various other details of interest to those who are looking for websites to operate or sell.

The content management column, by the way, only shows logos. If you are unfamiliar with the logos, there’s a reference at the bottom part of the site, presented along with the meanings of the different abbreviations used in the listings.

IMPORTANT: If you are a newly registered user on PekarMarket, you will not be able to see the full domain names. The sellers have to add you to their whitelist first so you can view the full domain names. The ways for you to be added to the white list are detailed in the FAQ section of the site so be sure to check it out.

If you are not someone interested in buying hacked websites, you will most likely find the site confusing. At first glance, you will think it’s not a darknet market. Things will only make sense once you examine the site in its entirety and once you realize that PekarMarket is intended for those who are looking to buy or sell hacked websites or web shells. If you are not interested in these, it’s better to just avoid PekarMarket. Based on how the site has been designed, there seems to be no intention to expand the marketplace into other products or services in the near future.

Search and Search Filters

PekarMarket has a Search button but it’s actually more of something meant to do some sorting or filtering. It’s not a search tool in the sense that you will not be entering a keyword to proceed to doing a search. You will only be clicking on the Search button after you have configured the different filters or sorting options.

There’s a multitude of filtering or sorting options available, and as mentioned earlier most of them would only make sense to those who really have an interested in running websites. These filters limit the search results or the listings shown based on their Yandex thematic citation index (Tic), PageRank, number of backlinks, domain authority, page authority, Majestic citation flow, Majestic trust flow, number of Google-indexed pages, number of Yandex-indexed pages, domain age, domain level, language, zone, content management software, and themes. You can also sort search results based on the seller name and whether or not they are already in the Yandex catalog and Dmoz directory, exclude CIS, and limit the results to shell granted websites. Additionally, you can sort search results in ascending or descending order based on listing age/newness, price, Tic, PageRank, backlinks, MozRank, Alexa rank, and number of indexed pages on Google and Yandex.

This search tool allows you to save the options you set so you can use the same filters or sorting in your next searches. If you want to bring back the filters to their default values, there’s also a convenient Reset Options button to get it done in one click.

How to Choose a Vendor on PekarMarket

PekarMarket has vendor profile pages although they don’t offer a lot of details. What you will see in the profile page are on the date the vendor signed up for an account, the date of last visit, rating, and language used. There’s a Send a Message section so you can quickly send questions or requests for more information to the vendor.

Naturally, the vendor to choose is the one that has a higher rating and on that has been on the site for a long time. We couldn’t ascertain what the highest or lowest vendor ratings are but we’re sure that a higher number is better when it comes to the ratings on PekarMarket. Also, it is advisable to choose a vendor that is quite active on the site, as indicated by the last login date in the profile page. Unfortunately, there are no terms of the sale shown on the profile pages so you have to clarify everything with the seller by sending a message.

How to Buy Sites on PekarMarket

To initiate an order, you have to click on the Buy button on the listing. The site has a quite wide page resolution so you may have to scroll sideways a bit to be able to see the Buy button. Clicking on the Buy button adds a listing to your My Orders page, where you can then proceed to checkout.

Right beside the Buy button is another button with an X on it. This is a button for blacklisting a seller or vendor. Be careful with your clicks as you may end up unwittingly blacklisting someone.

You will not be able to click the Buy button if you don’t have funds in your account. You have to make a deposit first before doing any purchase. Once you are able to click on the Buy button, the ordering process should be quick and easy. You should be able to quickly figure out how to proceed with the process.

How to Pay for Orders on PekarMarket

To be able to pay for purchases on PekarMarket, you need to have funds in your account. The site only accepts bitcoins but these bitcoins are converted to dollar or ruble once you deposit them into your account.

To add funds, click on the Add Funds link on the top part of the site or on the dollar balance indicator also on the top portion of the site. The conversion from bitcoin to dollar is not based on the prevailing exchange rate at the time the deposit is made. PekarMarket has its own conversion rate table. They are as shown in the screenshot below.

You need to click on the Get Replenishment Address button to get the bitcoin wallet address to which you will be sending your bitcoin deposit. There’s nothing mentioned on the site as to whether this deposit address can be reused for the next deposits but to be safe, always click on the Get Replenishment button every time you want to make a deposit.

PekarMarket Market Support

Be sure to go over the Rules/FAQ section of the site. Your questions may have already been answered there. The FAQ is not translated in English but you can just copy the texts into Google Translate. We tried it and the resulting translations and comprehendible enough.

Still, if you have questions you want to ask or if you want to request for assistance regarding your account or other matters involving PekarMarket, click on the Support link on the menu bar.  This will take you to a message sending form through which you can contact PekarMarket’s admin or support team.

Pros and Cons


  • Simple, intuitive site design
  • Specialized site for those who want to buy hacked websites
  • Shows a comprehensive range of details regarding the sites available


  • No two-factor authentication
  • Does not automatically do a session timeout after several idle hours
  • Not all texts are translated in English
  • No compulsory escrow payment transactions or multisig bitcoin payments

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