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Outlaw Market is one of the oldest darknet markets around. It was developed with emphasis on security, less vulnerability to exploits, and an intention to veer away from the use of open source platforms. Some of this darknet market’s most notable features are its PGP secure login, the automatic encryption of messages, and prepaid trading time.

Outlaw Market

Outlaw Market URL Address:


Alternative onion and not onion Links to Outlaw Market Chanels and Outlaw Deepweb Market Forums:

  • http://outforumbpapnpqr.onion/

Things You Must Know about Outlaw Market

For those who are new to buying things on the dark web, be aware that Outlaw Market is not accessible and should not be accessed through the usual ways you access traditional shopping or marketplace sites. You have to be mindful in keeping your identity, safety, and security.

You will be needing four things to safely and anonymously buy or sell on the Outlaw darknet market. These are the Tor browser bundle, a VPN service, PGP, and bitcoins. You need the Tor browser to be able to access http://outfor6jwcztwbpd.onion/, as ordinary browsers cannot access it. You have to have a VPN service to erase your online activity tracks. PGP, on the other hand, is for the encryption of your messages or the data you share online. Lastly, you need bitcoins to pay for the things you buy on Outlaw Market or to receive payments. The Outlaw darknetmarket only uses bitcoins for all transactions, although the prices of the items are shown in US dollars or other traditional currencies.

Account Registration

Before you can access the Outlaw Market site, you will have to go through a DDOS & phishing protection page. It’s a CAPTCHA system that could be quite challenging for some. There are times when the texts are very difficult to figure out.

The Outlaw Market account registration setup is a little atypical. As shown in the screenshot below, there’s a Register button but it will not take you a different page. Clicking on it only makes the fields (Username, Password, and Anti-Spam Code) act as a registration form instead of serving as login fields. Just fill out the required fields and click the Register button to sign up for an account.

It shouldn’t take more than 10 seconds to get an account. Once your account is created, you will then be asked to set a new password and automatically logged into your account. You don’t have to set a new password if you think the password you entered earlier is already good enough.

Account Registration

NOTE: Like what we experienced when we did this Outlaw Market review, you may encounter difficulties logging in because you forget to enter the Anti-Spam Code. Unfortunately, Outlaw Market will not tell you that you are unable to log in because you did not enter the Anti-Spam Code. You will just get stuck on the page. It only notifies you that you failed to enter the Anti-Spam code if you are doing a registration. This login-cum-registration interface can really be confusing.

OutlawMarket Account Interface and Functions

Perhaps the first thing you would notice upon entering the Outlaw Market interface is its dated design. It looks like a website from the 90’s. From the font to the layout and colors used, the Outlaw interface appears dated. It could definitely use some improvement. Somehow, the site’s appearance amplifies trivial mistakes on the site like the extra “h” in the “alphabeth” sorting option.

The following are perhaps the most important sections worth discussing in this review: Messages, DM, Listings, Profile, Account, Orders, Vendor Profiles, Games, FAQ, and Chat.

OutlawMarket Account Interface

  • Messages. One of the things you will quickly notice on your Outlaw Market interface is the Messages link on the top part of the site, because it indicates that you have one message in it. Upon clicking, you will see that you get some sort of welcome or signup bonus (5 USD at the time we did this review). Anyway, without necessarily saying that it’s bad, the messaging system of Outlaw Market looks “primitive.” It’s like an even cruder version of the HTML-only version of Gmail. The good thing, though, is that it already comes with all the messaging functions you need. Your messages are readily presented on the page (you don’t have to open them) and you can find the message drafting interface at the bottom part. There are no separate pages for your inbox and outbox but you should be able to quickly figure out how to use this messaging system. Also, the messaging system supports the attachment of files.
  • DM. The DM section is not for direct messages. DM stands for DeadDrop Management. A DeadDrop or DD is a place where an item is hidden or discreetly kept to be picked up. This is a unique product distribution system for the Outlaw dark web marketplace. It enables anonymous delivery. This will be discussed more in the How to Order section of this review below.
  • Listings. This is actually just the homepage of your account.
  • Profile. Your profile page shows your anonymous ID, something you can use to identify yourself on subreddits or forums. The use of this anonymous ID is actually intended for Outlaw Market, as it allows the admin/staff to identify you as you promote or share information about the site. You will be rewarded for promoting Outlaw Market in forums so you need to include your anonymous ID in your posts to let Outlaw Market know of your efforts. Also, you have to send Outlaw Market the link to the posts where you promoted the site so you can claim your reward. Anyway, the Profile page also allows you to change your password and add your PGP key. Outlaw Market recommends that you add a PGP key for login.
  • Orders. Obviously, this is the page where you can monitor your orders. Learn more about ordering on Outlaw Market in the How to Order section below.
  • Account. The Account page is for your financial functions. This is the page where you can add your bitcoin wallet address and keep track of your bonuses and bonuses.
  • Vendor Profiles. As the name implies, this section presents a comprehensive collection of profiles. We actually find this unnecessary since it does not really provide any added functionality. It just shows a list of vendors without any ability to sort them. It’s just an alphabetical list of vendors with links to their respective profiles.
  • Games. This section on the Outlaw darknet market is like a bitcoin casino. You can play lottery, blackjack, and poker here. However, you might find the controls frustrating since every click you do in the games requires a page reload (“thanks” to the script-less nature of the site).
  • We encountered occasional slowing down in page loading while browsing through the different sections of Outlaw Market, which is rather unusual for a site that is devoid of scripts. We don’t find issues in navigating the site, though. It shouldn’t be difficult to figure out the different parts of the site. There’s also an FAQ page in case you need some assistance in using the site.
  • FAQ. Obviously, answers to frequently asked questions are presented here. It also includes a list of scammers identified in the Outlaw darknet marketplace.
  • Chat. There’s also a chat section on the site. We’re not sure, though, if you will like using this chat feature if you are accustomed to modern chat systems. This chat system appears really primitive as it even uses iframes to display messages. You also need to fill out the anti-spam code every time you want to send a message.

Categories and Listings

There were 44 categories on Outlaw Market at the time we did this review. They are as follows (with their respective number of listings):

  1. Weed (502)
  2. Medication (440)
  3. Hash (274)
  4. XTC-pills (205)
  5. Cocaine (174)
  6. MDMA (152)
  7. Amphetamines (110)
  8. eMoney (85)
  9. LSD (66)
  10. Seeds (55)
  11. PremiumAccountz (49)
  12. Ebooks (45)
  13. Oils (42)
  14. Injections (38)
  16. Money (34)
  17. Methamphetamine (24)
  18. Apps (24)
  19. Pills (24)
  20. 2C-* (23)
  21. Mushrooms (22)
  22. Edibles (21)
  23. Ketamine (20)
  24. Trim/Shake (19)
  25. PC-Game (19)
  26. Benzodiazepine (17)
  27. Mephedrone (16)
  28. Heroine (13)
  29. Crack (12)
  30. substitutes (12)
  31. GHB (10)
  32. 4F-A (8)
  33. Opium (7)
  34. DMT (6)
  35. 25i (5)
  36. Clones (3)
  37. Precursors (3)
  38. counterfeits (2)
  39. Dropbox (2)
  40. Pre-rolled (2)
  41. Cigarettes (2)
  42. Testosterone (2)
  43. Morphium (1)
  44. Fake IDs (1)

Outlaw categories

It’s easy going over the different categories since all of them are persistently presented to the left. There are no subcategories so all categories are just one click away. The listings are shown in boxes with their respective item thumbnails, names, descriptions, and prices. The site employs color coding as to whether a listing is a Regular Offer (thin green box), Regular Offer with Special Discount (green), Ordered (blue), Auction Falling Price (maroon/darker shade of red), Auction eBay-like (orange), Auction: You Gave (sic) the Highest Bid (yellow), and Can’t Be Shipped to Germany (red).

Overall, the presentation of the categories and listings make it easy to find the items you want. Some users, however, may complain about the size (too small) of the texts used for the listing descriptions.

Outlaw Market place Search Filters

Outlaw Market place allows you to sort search results in many ways. On the top part, you can check or uncheck the following: Regular Offers, DD (DeadDrop), Auctions, and FE (Finalize Early) to filter search results according to payment method. You can check just one, some, or all of them. All of these payment method are checked by default. You can also choose to show listings based on location (Domestic Only or All/International) by clicking on the “All offers shown ==click for domestic only==” toggle. Additionally, you can set the number of listing search results per page. Moreover, you can sort search results according to alphabetical order, from cheapest to those with higher prices, popularity (bestseller/not), discount amount, delivery time, vendor reliability, and featured/not.

Outlaw Marketplace filters

Except for the payment methods filter, you really have to reload pages over and over again as you filter search results through the other filter options available. The Search field by the way, is in the gray box to the left. You have to do a search before applying filters/sorting or click on a category before sorting the results.

How to Choose a Vendor from Outlaw Market on the Darknet

Outlaw Market has a Vendor Profiles page but it does not appear to be a very useful starting point if you are looking for a good vendor. It would be better to just search for an item you like and evaluate the vendor from the item listing. All item listings have vendor profile links in them so you should be able to quickly go to the vendor profile from the listing.

Vendor from Outlaw Market on the Darknet

Vendor profiles look—to put it bluntly—unattractive. Most of what you see are texts. Almost all vendor profiles don’t come with overviews or descriptions. If you want more message about the vendor, you have to send the vendor a message, something you can quickly do by clicking on the vendor name.

Vendor profiles present the following useful information:

  • Average Votes on Packaging (0-5 range)
  • Customer’s Satisfaction rating (0-5 range)
  • Number of Sales
  • Total Number of Offers
  • Last Time Online
  • Comprehensive list of items offered
  • Customers’ comments

Again, almost all of what you see on the vendor profile page are texts. You will particularly be slightly annoyed when you go to the customer comments section as the comments are displayed in three-liner iframes (tables/cells) that require you to scroll (within the diminutive iframe) to view longer comments.

Even though you might find it tedious to examine the vendor profiles, be sure to carefully examine the vendors you are considering buying from. Obviously, you should choose that have already had several transactions, high votes on packaging, and high customer satisfaction rating. It also makes sense giving preference to vendors that have been online recently

Outlaw Marketplace: How to Add Funds

Bitcoin is the currency used on Outlaw Market but you can set your account to show amounts in USD. To make a deposit or add funds, you have to go to the Account section (link is on the top part of the site), and scroll down to see the field where you can enter your bitcoin wallet address. Once you enter your bitcoin wallet address, you can proceed to generating your deposit address by clicking on the Create Bitcoin Account button.

Outlaw Marketplace Add Funds

Your deposit address will then be shown on the same page along with a QR code. Interestingly, there’s a checkbox for “Income-tax” on your bitcoin deposit address page. We’re not sure what this is for (ponder: do darknet vendors really who sell items like drugs bother paying income taxes?) but since it’s not compulsory checking it, it would make sense to just skip it.

Outlaw Marke place tHas Its Own Bitcoin Blender

Outflaw Market comes with an integrated bitcoin laundering solution called Mixer. For the uninitiated, this is a service that obscures bitcoin transactions to make it more difficult to trace your bitcoin usage. On the homepage of Outlaw Market, before you log in, there’s a section that says “ To obsure bitcoin-transactions, you can use our: MIXER”.

Outlaw Marke place Bitcoin Blender

Just click on the MIXER link and follow the instructions on the page where you get taken to. Blending your bitcoins is not a requirement to do transactions in the Outlaw dark web. However, it’s a good safety precaution for anyone transacting on darknet markets. MIXER charges a 1% fee for its service. It may take up to 4 hour for the laundered/mixed/blended bitcoins to be transferred.

Deep Web Guide: Ordering  From Outlaw Marke place

To place an order, you just have to click on the listing you want, and select the number of items you want to buy and click on the Order button. You will then be taken to a page where you will be asked for your shipping address. Do not use special characters and line breaks when entering your shipping details.

You also have the option on Outlaw Market not to use your address for the shipping. Through the DeadDrop system, you can have your purchase delivered to a particular location for pickup. This is a good way to shorten delivery time and ensure full anonymity. Not all vendors support DeadDrop shipping, though.

If you want to use DeadDrop, you have to complete your Dropman profile, DD Market (Dropmen), and DD Set-Up pages. You can find the links to these pages/tabs under the DM page (link is on the top portion of the site, preceding Listings and Messages).

DM page

Important: Know that there are some listings that require you to become a fan of the vendor (by clicking on the Become Fan button the vendor profile page) before you can place an order. You may encounter these listings and find out that they don’t have Order buttons. Realize that this does not mean that the Outlaw Market system is broken.

After placing your order, wait for your package according to the terms indicated on the listing. You have to finalize an order once you receive your item. Outlaw Market has an auto finalize system but it is only invoked after a ticket is issued to a buyer (to inquire whether or not the buyer has already received the item), and the buyer fails to respond to it after a number of days have passed (as indicated on the ticket).

Pros and Cons


  • Convenient DeadDrop product distribution or delivery system (anonymous product delivery or distribution)
  • Double Tor security
  • Integrated bitcoin blender/laundering solution


  • Page loading is slower than other Deep Web markets and can be painfully slow at times
  • Dated site design
  • Some CAPTCHAs are a difficult to read

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