Op-Ed: Why the Darknet Marketplace xDedic Data Threatens Businesses

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The Darknet Marketplace xDedic is a dangerous one. xDedic also poses a huge threat to businesses. xDedic is a Russian language forum related to drug smuggling crime and its also a marketplace. It was created in the middle of 2014. In June 2016 the company, Kaspersky Lab was reported to have the majority of compromised servers up for sale. In May of 2016, it was reported that over 70,000+ servers were up for sale. xDedic also features listing of compromised data and standardized backdoor to be used.

Why It’s Damaging?

The reason why this Dark Web website can be so severely damaging to businesses is if these servers had been compromised all their person data would be stolen. How are their servers are becoming compromised?

People use xDedic to buy comprised Remove Desktop Protocol (RDP) Servers. An RDP lets you connect to another computer over the internet and allows the admins being able to control the servers and pc. You can already see how when It gets in the wrong hands someone from another place in the world can have access to your computer.

These kinds of things are even more effective if the password is a weak password, compared to a longer strong password. The attacker can’t just do it on his own, he needs something to help get the password faster. This is bots that guess passwords come in.

Healthcare is usually frequently targeted because there is a ton of data involving its customers data and other data which they can cash out on. Other kinds of sectors being breached are aviation, government, and with education being the most vulnerable. But education and healthcare organizations tell communities about data breaches and attacks.

The Darknet website xDedic is expected to grow in the near future. Technology gets better and better every day and that way servers become more secure. But the same goes with exploits and tools which are able to break in these secure servers and which better day by day. Experts predict criminals will be able in the near future to get access to other networks.

Companies can prevent this by having secure servers, passwords, and encryption. But many young companies don’t have the money to pay for someone to look over the server and pay for extra security, That’s why its so easy for hackers to get these servers and then list it on xDedic.

Hacked servers on xDedic go for pretty cheap if you think about all the precious data on the server. The average price for a hacked server was $6. The reason these hacked servers are so cheap is that it takes some skill to get the data. You have to know what you’re doing when you extraditing data and probably need a lot of knowledge and tools. Getting the tools for extraditing data is not cheap, it cost hundreds of dollars.

Buying hacked servers on the xDedic is like the whole situation with stolen credits cards on a site like Alphabay. Stolen credit cards are usually from $8 to $50 on Darknet marketplaces. When people see how cheap the credits cards are they usually buy them hoping they can easily get the money. This selfish thinking also leaves many in jail or in some huge trouble with the feds. Like extraditing data from servers for stolen credit cards you would need special tools to not get caught which cost hundreds. You also need a ton of knowledge.

What Does Someone Get If They Buy A Server:

Let’s say you were buying a hacked server, what happens when you buy? When you buy a server the seller would send the buyer access to the server via remote desktop. xDedic tells you step by step if you don’t know how to do it (I don’t advise buying servers from xDedic its illegal.) The reason a lot of people like xDedic is that their identity is hidden and the sellers are verified so there is a less likely chance of getting scammed. You may be thinking how xDedic is getting paid! They get a 20% cut on every sale, and with 1,000’s of listings up they are making some bank.


Its not like xDedic has every single server in the world but they still have lots of servers and it might one day just be your business server on xDedic one day.

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