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Oasis is a relatively new player in the darknet community. However, it distinguishes itself from others with its unique business model. It is a dark web market created from the ground up, not affiliated with any previous market that has already been closed. It supports 2-of-3 multisig, standard, and one-time-payment orders. Likewise, it comes with two-factor authentication, withdrawal PIN, and forced PGP encryption for vendors.

Oasis Market URL Deep Web  Link Address:


Alternative .onion and not onion Links to Oasis Market channels and Oasis Market Forum:



How to Access Oasis

Don’t expect to be able to load the Onion url link http://oasisnvwltxvmqqz.onion/ in an ordinary web browser in the same way you open an ordinary site. This website not intended for typical Internet users. The Oasis dark web market resides in a hidden section of the deep web and can only be accessed through the Tor browser. Yes, you need to download and install the Tor browser so you can access this site.

It is not enough to simply use the Tor browser, though, as you access Oasis Market to buy or sell something. You also have to learn how to use a VPN service, PGP, and bitcoins. VPN allows you to eliminate your online tracks to make sure that you can remain anonymous and unidentifiable as you explore the deep webything incriminating as you buy or sell on the dark web. We have a post about using PGP for anonymous chat so be sure to check it out. Lastly, you need bitcoins to use as the currency in making or receiving payments, as bitcoins afford anonymity and speedy transactions.

Anyway, don’t be surprised that upon loading the Oasis Market .Onion link url address, you will be required to enter a CAPTCHA and you may have to this every time you get timed out for inactivity or every time you have to do an important action in your Oasis Market account.

Account Registration

You can get an Oasis Market account in maybe less than 10 seconds. The account registration process only asks for you to enter your username, password, and the CAPTCHA for the session. You will be automatically logged into your account once it has been created.


Once you are in your account, the first page you will see will ask you to set a pair of security question and answer. This is necessary to help  you recover your password, PIN, and public PGP key in case you forget or lose them. Important: You will not be able to go to other pages of the site if you have not set your security question and answer yet.

Upon registration, you will get a buyer account by default. You can convert it to a vendor account but you will have to pay 100 USD or 0.16439257 BTC to do so.

The Oasis Market Account Interface and Functions

We like how the Oasis Market account interface shows a welcome page when you log in. This welcome page presents the highlight features of this darknet market and also presents reminders on setting the PGP key and multisig address key (in case you haven’t set them yet).

Oasis Market has a familiar look and feel. If you have already tried other darknet markets, it shouldn’t be difficult figuring out where to find what you need. There’s also a Help Center section where you can find wallet and ordering guides.


There are quick links to your account Dashboard, Settings, Conversations, Notifications, and Orders page near the upper right corner of the site. If you want to go to your Wallet, just click on the BTC or XMR balance shown near the upper left corner of the site (there are separate wallets for BTC and XMR funds).

The Conversations link beside Notifications is basically your inbox. If you get messages from the Oasis Market admin or from other Oasis users, find them here. There is no button for drafting messages here, though. If you want to send messages to admin, go to the Help Center to find the Support section and click on Tickets. If you want to send messages to other users, vendors in particular, just go to the vendor profiles and find the Send Message button.

Worth noting is Oasis Market’s option under Settings to set your welcome page. As mentioned, by default, there’s a welcome page that presents the site’s highlights and reminders. You can actually change this to the following: Shop, Dashboard, Notifications. This is a great feature that allows you to immediately proceed to the page you prefer to see as soon as you log in.


You may want to set the Dashboard as your homepage because it allows you to see all of the controls or functions in your account but as you get used to the Oasis Market, you may eventually want to set the Shop as your homepage.

Oasis Market does not require javascript support. You can access all sections and functions of the site without having to activate javascript and Flash support and without having to add extensions to the Tor browser. Page loading time is around average but there are times when  it can be slow. We think it might have something to do with the Tor circuit you use. Just try a different Tor circuit in case you experience some slowing down in page loading or site responsiveness in general. There was an instance when the site became completely unresponsive as we did this review but we suspect it was just our Tor browser acting up, since the problem completely disappeared after we restarted the browser.

Categories and Listings

Oasis Market only has 6 major categories. These are Drugs, Fraud, Digital, Counterfeit, Services, and Other. The subcategories are shown below, along with the number of listings at the time this Oasis Market review was made.

  • Drugs (4,110)
    • Cannabis
    • Stimulants
    • Ecstasy
    • Opioids
    • Benzos
    • Psychedelics
    • Prescription
    • Steroids
    • Dissociatives
    • Tobacco
    • Weight Loss
    • Paraphernalia
    • Other.
  • Fraud (261)
    • Accounts / Bank Drops
    • CVV / Cards
    • Info / Scans
    • Dumps
    • Other
  • Digital (7,392)
    • Guides & Tutorials
    • Fraud
    • Software and Malware
    • Product Keys
    • Other
  • Counterfeit (130)
    • Money
    • IDs
    • Jewelry
    • Electronics
    • Clothing
    • Other
  • Services (38)
    • Social Engineering
    • Carding
  • Other (61)


The categories and listings on Oasis Market are excellently presented. The way the categories are presented is similar to how they are presented in most other major darknetmarkets. It’s easy going from one category to another because the categories are shown as a tree and the listings are displayed to the right.

The listings are shown in list view (in rows, not in a grid). Each listing has a thumbnail or image, listing title, abridged description, price, vendor name (that also serves as the deep web link to the vendor page), an indicator if the vendor is a Trusted Vendor, and numbers indicating the vendor’s positive, neutral, and negative feedbacks. There are also icon indicators on the upper right corner of the listing if the item is digital (or physical), multisig (payment), finalize early (FE), available for worldwide shipping, and has unlimited stocks. Just hover your mouse point over the small icon indicators on the upper right corner of the listing to know what these indicators mean.

When it comes to prohibited listings, Oasis Market only forbids the following: child pornography and weapons.

Oasis Market Search Filters

Instead of post-search filtering, what Oasis Market has is an advanced search facility. Before you can do a search, you have the option to specify the search results you want. You can set the search tool to look for listings based on the following parameters: nature of item (physical, digital, or both), popularity, shipping origin (item location), shipping destination (countries served by the vendor), and price (BTC, XMR, or both). You can also specify if you want to exclude FE listings, only include multisig listings, or show only items that are in stock.


As stated earlier, the advanced search feature is just an option. You can still do a typical search without having to set parameters for the results. Just enter the keyword you want and click on the Search button or press the Enter or Return key. By default, the search would search for all types of products, display items from the most popular to the least popular, include products that are shipped from and to any part of the world, include items priced in either or both BTC and XMR, and not set exclusions based on the payment method and stock availability.

How to Choose a Vendor

Oasis Market, like almost every other dark web marketplace, presents vendor profiles to help buyers in assessing the vendors. Every vendor profile presents the following information:

  • Date when the vendor registered on Oasis Market
  • Time when the vendor was last active on the site
  • Indicator or tag if a vendor is a Trusted Vendor
  • Total number of orders served
  • Average order volume (in BTC)
  • Feedback numbers (separate numbers for positive, neutral, and negative feedbacks)
  • Vendor description, including the terms offered (written by the vendor)
  • Public PGP key
  • Vendor policy (mostly about shipping and refunds)


It is recommended giving preference to vendors that have been on the site for a long time, those that are relatively active, and those with high volumes or number of orders. These details somehow infer credibility. Also, it makes sense going for vendors with the highest positive feedbacks and lowest (0 as much as possible) negative and neutral feedbacks. Moreover, the Trusted Vendor tag is a good start in identifying good vendors but you should not depend entirely on it as you look for reliable vendors. It is still important to carefully examine the vendor’s policies and to look for information from other sources, the forum in particular.

How to Add Funds on Oasis

There are two wallets on Oasis: one for the BTC balance and another for XMR. They are on the same page, though. To make a deposit, you just have to send bitcoins or moneros to the deposit address shown on the wallet page.


For the bitcoin wallet, you can add a refund address. This is used in case something goes wrong with a transaction and you merit a refund, like when a one-time-payment order runs out of time or when you send excessive payment for a one-time-payment order. It is not compulsory adding your refund address but in case you deserve to get a refund, the refund will be sent to your local balance (in your Oasis Market wallet).

For the Address Public Key field, just go to the Wallets section – this is the url link: http://oasisnvwltxvmqqz.onion/support/wallets of the Help Center page for the details on how you can get a public key if you are using Electrum.

If you are using monero, multisig payment is not supported.

Oasis Market Ordering Guide

To order an item on Oasis Market, you have to go to the listing page to specify the quantity of items you want to buy, the currency to use for the payment, and the payment method ( Local Balance, One-Time-Payment, and Multisig — discussed below). Be sure to review the terms of the listing before you click on the Proceed button.


After clicking the Proceed button, you will be asked to add your refund address (optional) and Address Public Key. After adding these details, you will then proceed to the next page where you will be asked for your shipping address and complete the order. Be sure to enable encryption.

The Payment Methods:

  • Local Balance – This is the basic payment method. You can use this payment method if you have a balance in your wallet. Payments are held in escrow and are only sent to the buyer once the transaction is finalized or if the listing is FE.
  • One-Time-Payment – With this payment method, you don’t have to have a balance in your Oasis wallet. If you choose this method, during the ordering process, you will be shown a bitcoin wallet address to which you will be sending the payment for the item you want to buy. The escrow policy also applies.
  • Multisig – Oasis Market uses a 2-of-3 multisig system. That means there are three keys involved and 2 of them are needed to release the funds. This is the payment method Oasis recommends. If you are unfamiliar with this kind of payment method, just go to the Order section of Oasis Market’s Help Center for the details.

Once you receive your order, be sure to finalize the order so the payment can be released to the vendor. If you want to cancel the order or initiate a dispute, just go to the Help Center and use the ticket system. Important: Never a gree to finalize an order early unless it is stated on the listing and the vendor is trustworthy enough.

Oasis Marketplace Help and Support

Oasis Market has a Help Center page but unfortunately it does not offer informational resources. There are no guides provided. There are no answers to frequently asked questions. On this page, you can open a support ticket for your inquiries or requests for assistance. If you need more information, you can also go to the Oasis Market forum. You need to separately register for an account. Your Oasis login details will not work in the forum.

Pros and Cons


  • Clean and intuitive interface
  • Supports BTC and XMR
  • Ability to set a welcome page
  • Offers 2-of-3 multisig transactions and two-factor authentication


  • Help Center does not provide ample guides even though there’s a tab that indicates there should be guides available
  • 100 USD fee required to get a vendor account

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