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Minerva is a 100% anonymous dark web market with an ephemeral communication system and support for multisig payments. It accepts a wide range of items including weapons and fraud. The only type of item specifically prohibited by the site is child pornography. Minerva is a relatively new darknet market so don’t expect a multitude of listings and vendors here that will rival those of major darknetmarkets. However, it’s one of the promising ones with its intuitive interface and useful features.

Minerva Market URL Address:

  • http://kp6yw42wb5wpsd6n.onion/

Alternative onion and not onion Minerva Market Links chanels and Minerva Forum:

  • Minerva Darknet market registration Link Url address: http://kp6yw42wb5wpsd6n.onion/register
  • Minerva welcom page link: http://kp6yw42wb5wpsd6n.onion/welcome


Minerva welcomes you to their site, they are very pleased you are becoming a part of Minerva growing community. In time they hope to make changes as needed to accommodate your buying experience. Feel free to contact them anytime with suggestions of improvement.

All data on the servers (acording to Minerva) are fully encrypted. Information passed to the sellers at time of order confirmation can only be seen by the buyer and seller. PMs are not allowed for security reasons, you may however contact a seller using a secure thread that gets automatically deleted. As an added protection, PGP is available for those who wish.


  • There is never any fee to the buyer. Sellers we will have 0% escrow commissions for a limited time.
    Ordering Process:
  • All orders are to be paid when confirming order. There is no account balance in Minerva so that we never hold your funds. On each order you are given a multisig wallet to make payment.
  • Funds are not released to the seller until the buyer signs off on it. If the buyer is unsatisfied or didn’t receive product, buyer can open a support request to be refunded. Sellers who encounter buyers who don’t sign off on transactions can likewise open a support request for release of funds, once verified and no answer from buyer we can proceed to release the funds.
  • Upon finished/completed order, transaction will be…deleted from account automatically 30 days upon completion.
  • Messages between Buyer and Seller are encrypted, not even Admins, Moderators or anyone else besides Buyer and Seller can see them.

Minerva Feedback:

  • They do not show usernames of buyer/seller when leaving a feedback. This is to give the user a chance to leave honest feedback without fear.
  • All users, buyer and seller, are encouraged to leave feedback so the community can differentiate great vendors and time wasters.

This is what you will see on the welcome to Minerva page:

  • Never give out personal information through any communication system but our ordering system.

  • All information is ephimeral. Your orders (and messages within) will be deleted when an order is completed. Notifications will be kept for a week and deleted automatically.

  • You can and should add your PGP key in your profile for extra security. (While not mandatory for buyers, to achieve the highest level of security it is strongly advised to enable your PGP key. Numerious tutorials can be found online).

  • We provide an escrow to protect both parties through an Order. As a buyer you’ll be able to request a payment release anytime, and as a seller you may demand the release.

  • All funds are protected using multisig accounts.

  • Accounts are deleted after 90 days of inactivity.

  • There’s is no way to recover accounts/passwords.

  • Only share shipping information through your Order, as it’ll be encrypted in a way only the Seller will be able to read (our system will not be able to go through your messages)

  • When opening disputes, you and the other party will be given 48 hours to delete all sensitive messages from the conversation. After that period, the Order will be locked and reviewed by a moderator.

  • Your notification center will inform you of all activity related to your account.

  • We do not provide any private messaging system between users in our platform. You will be never be contacted by a Moderator. Only administrators may send you messages through your Notification Center

  • Listings are moderated and are required to upload at least one image with the Account username to prove ownership of product. Mandatory.

  • Site downtime may ensue when security updates and maintenance is required.

After reading this brief guideline, we’d like to welcome you to Minerva and look forward to provide you quality & trustless service!

How to Access the Minerva Market

The http://kp6yw42wb5wpsd6n.onion/ Onion Minerva link of the Minerva dark market is not just your ordinary website link. It cannot be opened by the usual web browsers you are using. You need the Tor browser to access it. If you are not familiar with this browser, we have a Tor browser download guide so be sure to check it out.

In addition to the Tor browser, you also have to be acquainted with the use of a VPN service, PGP, and bitcoins. Understand that if you are using a dark web market like Minerva, you will be dealing with items and vendors that are not typically offered out in the open. That’s why you need a VPN service to prevent anyone from monitoring your online activities. You also have to use PGP to encrypt the messages or information you share with anyone on the dark web. This way, you can keep your anonymity and prevent anyone from having information that will incriminate you. You can have anonymous chats with vendors or buyers through PGP. Lastly, you need to get acquainted with bitcoins to pay for or accept payments for the transactions you undertake in the Minerva darknet market. Bitcoins ensure anonymity as you purchase or sell goods and services on the dark web. You may need bitcoin tumbling and mixing, though, to make your bitcoin transactions more secure.


Account Registration

Getting a Minerva Dark Market account takes less than 10 seconds. The site’s account registration form only asks for a username and password. Enter the CAPTCHA and you can have your account. Well—maybe not.

Because Minerva’s account registration form does not provide a tooltip or notification that passwords should have at least one character with a different case (upper or lower case), you will likely encounter at least one account registration failure because you will likely be entering a password with a uniform case. It’s not a big issue but something that could use a little improvement.


By default, you will get a buyer account when you register. You may become a seller by going to your account dashboard and clicking on the Become a Seller button. You will be required to use PGP and have a multisig wallet if you decide to become a vendor.

Minerva Account Interface and Functions

The first thing you will see upon logging into your Minerva account is your account dashboard. This dashboard shows the links to the pages of your public profile, orders, support requests, settings, and notifications. There’s also the Become a Seller button, which allows you to apply for vendor functions on your account.


If you want to change your password, configure your PGP settings, or enable two-factor authentication for your account, go to the Settings page. You can choose to have automatic PGP encryption for your account so you don’t have to repeatedly click on the Private Chat feature every time you try to contact a vendor on Minerva. The Settings page also comes with a Delete Your Account button. Use this button if you want to remove your Minerva account and all the information therein. Be reminded, though, that the deletion is irreversible.


To go to the page that presents the categories (only categories and subcategories, no listings) on Minerva, click on the Categories link right below the site’s logo. If you want to see the categories and some featured listings on the side (like the format used in most darknet markets), click on the Minerva logo.

We also found a Report a Bug button on the site but it appears there is no corresponding reward for reporting bugs on Minerva. If you want to help the site correct mistakes or technical problems, go ahead and report the anomaly you encountered but don’t expect a prize for doing so.

Overall, the Minerva account interface is very easy to use. The combination big buttons, conspicuous links, and elegant color scheme make for an interface that feels familiar and easy to figure out. Javascript support is not required. The site looks and behaves the same whether or not javascript support on the Tor browser is activated.

Categories and Listings

Minerva Dark Market features 10 categories and some hundreds of listings. It’s not as big as other major darknet markets but is certainly decent enough in terms of quantity and quality. The categories and subcategories on Minerva are as follows:

  • Drugs & Chemicals
    • Benzos
    • Cannabis & Hashish
    • Dissociatives
    • Ecstasy
    • Opioids
    • Prescription
    • Steroids
    • Stimulants
    • Tobacco
    • Weight Loss
    • Other
    • Paraphernalia
  • Fake IDs & Documents
    • Fake IDs
    • Plastics (Credit Cards)
    • Counterfeit Money
    • Documents & Others
    • Supplies
  • Fraud
    • Accounts & Bank Drops
    • CVV & Cards
    • Dumps
    • Personal information & Scans
    • Other
  • Guides & Tutorials
    • Drugs
    • Hacking
    • Security & Anonymity
    • Fraud
    • E-Books
  • Merchandise for Sale
    • Electronics
    • Non-Electronics
    • Virtual Items
  • Other Listings
  • Security & Hosting
    • Hosting
    • VPN & Socks
    • Other
  • Services
    • Carding
    • Social Engineering
    • Hacking/DDoS
  • Software & Malware
    • Botnets & Malware
    • Exploits
    • Exploit Kit
    • Security Software
    • Other
  • Weapons
    • Ammunition
    • Guns
    • Explosives
    • Other


Minerva accepts most items although it imposes some restrictions. Child pornography, for instance, is not absolutely allowed on the site. At the time we did this review, weapons were accepted but there’s a note that the category may be scrapped later on. Some items may also be removed if the admin feels they should not be included.

The listings on the Minerva dark web market come with relatively big thumbnails and present “shipping from” and “shipping to” information, seller names (and link to vendor profile), seller levels (New, 1-5), and price indicated on the Buy Now button.

The categories and listings are nicely presented. Most of the listings come with descriptive titles so they don’t appear to be in need of brief descriptions for buyers to quickly get the grasp of what the item in the listing is all about. The prices are stated in USD/$ amounts.

Minerva Search and Search Filters

Minerva’s search bar is a persistent feature on the top portion of the site so you can conveniently do a search from any page. Unfortunately, Minerva does not have search filters or an advanced search function. The site offers nothing but the usual keyword-based search function. We tried using this search facility and it appears it only examines listing titles and descriptions as it looks for matching listings.

Doing a search using the keyword “drugs,” for example, yielded only 21 results at the time we did this review. There are hundreds of listings under the Drugs category so it does not make sense that only 21 would appear in the search results for “drugs.” The search algorithm should also consider the category where the listings are located.

How to Choose a Vendor

Just like most other darknet markets, Minerva has vendor profiles to help buyers in deciding whether or not the sellers of the item they want to get are reliable. Each vendor profile presents a vendor score, vendor level, PGP key, reputation ratings, customer satisfaction rating (in %), and a tag or indicator if the vendor is an “Approved Seller.” If you click the View All button under the Reputation section, you will go to a page that comprehensively presents all buyer feedback for the vendor, although the buyer names are withheld. Only the buyer’s comment, date when the feedback was written, and link to the product listing page are presented.


Curiously, there is no Send Message button on the vendor page. If you have questions, you have to go to one of the item or listing pages of the vendor and use the form near the bottom part to send the vendor a question.

Definitely, you should choose a vendor that is an approved seller, and one that has high customer satisfaction rating, vendor score, and vendor level. Also, be sure to examine the sale terms. Be sure that they are clear and favorable. If you are confused with some details of the sale terms, you need to clarify them with the vendor and don’t proceed to placing an order until you get a response from the vendor. Moreover, give preference to vendors that have been registered on the site for a long time.

Minerva provide the option to “ignore a user.” There’s an Ignore This User button in all vendor profile pages. It’s similar to blocking them so they can’t contact you. If you decide to un-ignore a user, you have to go to the Settings page.

Adding Funds on Minerva

Minerva does not have a Wallet page. This means that you don’t have to make a deposit first before you can buy things on this dark web market. You will be sending payments directly from your own wallet. Minerva’s system will just display a multisig payment address every time an order is made.


For the uninitiated, this multisig payment system guarantees that the vendor will not get the payment unless the buyer signs the bitcoin transaction after receiving the item. If the item is not delivered or if there are issues encountered (example: wrong or defective item sent), the buyer can refuse to sign the transaction and prevent the release of the payment to the vendor. On the other hand, if the buyer refuses or fails to sign off the transaction (to release the payment to the seller) after a reasonable period of time, the vendor can contact Minerva to ask for the release of the payment. Minerva, by the way, uses the 2-of-3 multisig payment system. Only 2 signatures are required to release the payment (the buyer’s and vendor’s or the vendor’s and Minerva’s).

Minerva’s website does not mention anything about FE transactions so we presume that all transactions have to follow the standard 2-of-3 multisig payment transaction. Vendors may not be allowed to ask the buyer to sign the bitcoin payment transaction before delivery is made or before the terms of the sale are met.

Ordering Guide

To place an order on Minerva dark market, you have to go to the listing page to click on the Buy This Item button. You will then be taken to a page where you have to specify the quantity you want, the shipping option, shipping address, and your refund address. All of these details are compulsory. You can’t proceed to completing the order if you don’t provide all of these required details.

After filling out the required details, you have to click the Review Order button, which will then reload the page and present a CAPTCHA code for you to enter before you click on the Confirm Order button. Once you click the Confirm Order button, you will be taken to a page that will show you the payment address. There’s an expiration period for this payment address (as indicated on the page) so be sure to take note of it.  The order will be automatically cancelled if you fail to send the payment within the expiration period.


You may initiate a chat with the vendor on the page where the payment address is shown. Notice that the chat section here does not provide you an option to use PGP encryption. To make sure that your chat here is encrypted, go back to your Settings page and enable automatic PGP encryption.

Be reminded that once your order has been confirmed, you are no longer allowed to cancel it. You can still cancel an order if you have not sent your payment yet but once you have sent the exact amount of payment and the order has been confirmed, you can no longer contact the Minerva support team or ask the vendor to stop the transaction and return your payment. Refunds are only allowed in cases of valid disputes or when the vendor agrees to it.

Minerva Market Support

Minerva has a Help & Support page but it does not include answers to frequently asked questions or guides on how to do certain things on the site. What it has is called a New Request form that allows you to send questions or requests for assistance to Minerva’s admin or support team.


Unfortunately, Minerva does not have an official forum for its users. If you have questions about the vendors, you can use “Ask the Seller” section of the listing page of the vendor. As mentioned earlier, there is no Send Message button on the vendor profile page.

Pros and Cons


  • Well-designed intuitive website
  • Good uptime, very rare instances of site connection issues encountered
  • Multisig payments


  • No advanced search function or search filters
  • Relatively few listings and vendors
  • No official forum for users


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