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Megapack (the site) is not a darknet market but simply acts as a darknet shop that offers just two items. These are as follows:

  1. The Megapack Project – an extensive collection of organized resources relevant to the darknet, serving as a collective knowledge of the darknets prepared to be easy to navigate. This includes a vast collection of darknet methods, tools, guides, tutorials, ebooks, and software. It also features a library of banned and legally prohibited books, malware, sniffer, bomber, crpyter, and spoofer programs.
  2. The Megapack Project Update – As the name implies, this is a collection of updates from around darknet markets and vendors associated with the Megapack Project.

Megapack Market link URL :

  • http://megadnmnuogrn4ik.onion/

Alternative onion and not onion Links to Megapack chanels:

  • http://megadnmnuogrn4ik.onion/about.php




  • Megapack is not a darknet market. The site only acts as a vendor that offers an aggregated package of digital products from several vendors.
  • Megapack offers only two products that provide a multitude of darknet-related resources.
  • Megapack is a collaborative venture of vendors from various darknet marketplaces.
  • This project aims to help darknet vendors and investors in achieving great return on investment.

How to Access the Megapack Market

Megapack has an Onion URL, http://megadnmnuogrn4ik.onion/, so it is not accessible using ordinary web browsers. To be able to open the site, you need the Tor browser. If you have not been acquainted with this browser yet, we have a Tor download guide you can use as reference. The Tor browser can be used in different platforms.

For added security, it is also advisable to use a VPN service, PGP, and bitcoins. Availing of the offerings of Megapack may not be as risky as buying recreational drugs from darknet markets, for example, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Even though there are those who say that what Megapack offers is already available for free online, it’s still better to be cautious. Besides, you will be needing VPN, PGP, and bitcoins as you go to other darknet markets or as you transact with other darknet vendor shops.

VPN allows you to hide your online activity tracks while PGP is for the encryption of the data or messages you send on the darknet. PGP allows you to have anonymous chat with other darknet users or vendors. Bitcoins, on the other hand, are your currency of choice since they enable anonymous payments.

The first page you will see when you load the Megapack Onion link is one large image. Just click anywhere on it so you can proceed to Megapack’s About Us page, and the rest of the pages of the site.

Account Registration

You don’t have to sign up for an account to avail of what Megapack offers. There is no account registration form here. If you are interested in Megapack, you just have to go to the About page and find the Order Now button. It’s near the bottom part of the page.

Megapack also has a Join Us link on the left side. The page to which this link points, however, also does not have an account registration form. It only shows an explanation of the benefits of joining the Megapack group and presents the different member vendors of the Megapack project.


If you are a vendor interested in joining the Megapack Project, you will have to contact Darkmarket (apparently the entity/person spearheading the project) by clicking on the “To join us please contact Darkmarket” button near the bottom part of the page.

Megapack Interface and Functions

The Megapack website is just like that of a standard website. It is intuitive. You shouldn’t have difficulties navigating around it. Since you don’t have to sign up for an account, there is no account dashboard and no settings to configure. You don’t need javascript support to access the different sections of the site except when you already want to do downloads (more on this below). The site looks and mostly behaves in the same way with or without javascript support activated.

As mentioned, Megapack is not a darknet market. It’s just a darknet shop. Don’t think of the different category links on top as something similar to the categories and listings sections of other darknet markets. If you click on any of them, you will be brought to a page that offers lists with some details. These lists don’t come with links to various listing or item pages, though. They are basically just a list that can be displayed in list or grid view (the toggle is located near the upper left corner of the site, just below the Megapack logo).


Again, Megapack is not a darknet vendor so you will not be placing orders here in the same way you will be buying from other darknet markets. There is also no message sending function and no wallet page. You will only have to worry about PGP encryption and the use of bitcoins as you transact with the different vendors that offer Megapack (you will have to go to different darknet markets, as explained in the Ordering section of this Megapack review).

Megapack Summary of Contents

Since Megapack is not a darknet market, we can’t present the usual categories and listings section we have in our other reviews. However, Megapack somewhat has its equivalent for the usual darknet categories and listings. They are as follows (a summary of the contents of Megapack):

  • Fraud
  • Hacking
  • Hacktools
  • Software
  • Cannabis
  • Drugs
  • XXX
  • Books
  • Accounts
  • Kindle
  • Weapons
  • More
  • Packs

If you go to the respective pages of these categories, you will find a comprehensive presentation of the contents corresponding to the categories. You can view them in list or grid view but basically, they are just a listing of contents. They are not clickable. We initially thought we had our javascript support on the Tor browser deactivated because nothing comes out when we click an item on the list but they are really not clickable.


The list simply presents some information on what Megapack contains. The Fraud category, for instance, includes PDF documents and files on various subjects related to fraud. The Hacking category presents torrents, compressed (ZIP) files, text documents, PDFs, and other types of files related to hacking. Hacktools includes data, RAR files, ZIP archives, PHP codes, and other types of files. For the Software category, included are torrents, PDF documents, and other files. Likewise, there are no physical items or real products included even in the Cannabis and Drugs categories, as these categories only contain PDF documents.  It’s the same with the Books, XXX (pornography and voyeurism), Kindle, Weapons, and Packs categories.


There are no thumbnails in the listings. The items only come with generic icons, reference numbers, item names (abridged in the grid view but shown in full in the list view), name of the vendor/contributor, price, and document type (PDF, ZIP, RAR, TXT, etc).

Everything in Megapack is digital. Obviously, there are no physical items involved here. These are mostly guides, tools, methods tutorials, illegal and prohibited books, and documents revealing “secrets” or pointers. The software installers, malware, bombers, crypters, sniffers, and spoofers are perhaps the only items in Megapack that come close to having something that can be considered as “real products,” or something that matches the category name. Cannabis and Drugs don’t offer real cannabis and drugs but Software does have real software in it.

Sorting What You Need or Want from Megapack

In our darknet market reviews, we usually include a section on filtering search results. In Megapack’s case, though, we couldn’t do something similar. The site does not have a search function. To help you search through the different categories presented on the Megapack website, we prepared a short guide below.


The Megapack website does not come with a search bar. To see if Megapack has the things you need or want, you will have to manually browse through the site’s respective pages for the different categories. For a more efficient browsing, we suggest not going to the Summary page (which presents everything in table form in multiple pages). The Summary page provides a comprehensive listing of all items in Megapack. It would be better to just go the different categories (the links are on top) and press “Ctrl+F” to activate the Tor browser’s “find text” function and search for the item you are looking for on the page (the listings have texts in them that can be searched and highlighted by the “find text” function in the Tor browser). If you do this on the Summary page, you are unlikely going to quickly find something relevant to what you are looking for.

Ordering and Paying for Megapack

Although Megapack is not a darknet market, it is a vendor so obviously you can place an order with this site. The process is just a bit different. To place an order, you have to go to the About page (link is on top) and click on the Order Now button.


Clicking on the Order Now button will not take you to an ordering form. Instead, you will be shown a list of participating vendors of the Megapack project. You will be placing your order with any of these vendors.

The vendors present links to their stores in different darknet markets. You will have to go to these markets to be able to buy the Megapack Project or Megapack Project Update package. This means you will have to log in to these different darknet markets. Most vendors list multiple markets including AlphaBay, Valhalla, Oasis, Dream Market, and Python. We have reviews (that incorporate ordering guides) for these different darknet markets so be sure to visit them if you are not familiar with these markets.


As mentioned, you need to activate javascript support on the Tor browser to be able to download the Megapack file package. The Megapack website also mentions that Megapack can be downloaded through’s cloud storage solution. By using cloud storage, you can download Megapack using other browsers without cormpomising anonymity and safety. It is not necessary to open an account with and the download links are subjected to encryption.

By the way, Megapack costs 0.1 BTC or 130 USD.

Does It Make Sense Buying Megapack?

If you are new to darknet markets, especially if you only intend to be a buyer, the idea of buying Megapack remotely makes sense. For sellers, the product may make some sense but it’s still not that compelling. Megapack is like a scheme of one or a few darknet vendors who want to see if aggregating digital products in one comprehensive package can be attractive to buyers and can be a feasible reselling scheme for individual darknet vendors.

Megapack only offers a compilation of a wide range of digital items from multiple vendors. We’re not sure if the collection is really worth 0.1 BTC or 130 USD. It is safe to say that retail darknet buyers will not be interested this topic. It may even be a chore for them having to read through the website to understand what Megapack is really trying to offer.

Perhaps Megapack should consider changing the texts it puts on its website, in the homepage in particular. The site should clearly and straightforwardly state what is being offered and what value it has for darknet buyers and vendors.

Pros and Cons


  • Fixed price for a collection of digital items from multiple darknet vendors. This could mean savings for buying items in bulk


  • Only offers two items. The items offered are unlikely to appeal to many darknet buyers.
  • You can’t place an order on the site
  • You need to go to a darknet market (register and sign in) to order Megapack.

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