Man in Bra Charged After Darknet Related Drugs Were Found In Room

Travelodge in UK with darknet drug bust
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A man identified as James Johnson has been arrested and charged by authorities after a staff at a hotel became exposed to an illegal drug smell from his room. According to reports, authorities searched his room right away and found Darknet related drugs. He was charged with illegal possession of drugs with the intent to distribute. James Johnson pleaded guilty to all counts and has been sentenced to community service and in-house supervision.

Johnson and two other friends booked a room at Travelodge in Eastleigh, for a night experience which was meant to last a day. With many drugs consumed by the trio, their plan did not end on a successful note as a hotel staff noticed the smell of weed from his room. The staff also reported on seeing Johnson wearing feminine clothing, specifically a bra and also carrying a bag suspected to contain drugs. Upon this hint, the police were contacted, and they found him filling the bathtub with potatoes.

Prosecutor James Kellam narrated the story: “They saw Johnson with the bag of potatoes and in women’s clothing. It may be this that led officers to believe that he was intoxicated.” When he was asked by the judge why he engaged in this illegal act, he replied that he thought that was the right thing to do at that particular time. Johnson was also reported to have stopped taking a necessary antipsychotic prescription medication. Drug offenses that involve class A drugs including fentanyl in the UK are severely punishable. This explains why a fentanyl vendor was sentenced to eight years in prison in the UK.

With a search warrant, authorities conducted a separate search in his residence in Ely and Cambs and found a bunch of drugs flagged as illegal. The police discovered and seized 5-MAPB which has been said to be similar to MDMA. They also seized ecstasy pills and hallucinogenic 2CB. He opened up to the police that he obtained those drugs from the Darknet marketplace having made payments using bitcoin. Upon further interrogation, he said that he purchased those drugs for £750. Even though this may not be able to stop others from getting involved in illegal drug purchasing on the Darknet, it has given a fair idea of how easy it is to conduct a trade there.

Davies said that Johnson was remorseful of what happened as he was labeled as an “intelligent young man”.

According to the Judge, the case was odd and bizarre and could have led into something dangerous. To avoid any drama, authorities contacted experts to access the credibility of the information given by Johnson. Experts exposed Johnson to have lied about the true value of the drugs as they revealed that the drugs were actually street valued around $300. Another report says that he actually paid the £750 even though the true value was lower, perhaps due to naivete. It continues to say that the charge of possessing drugs with the intent to distribute was dropped after a test revealed the true value of the drugs.

How long Johnson had engaged in this kind of operation was not revealed by the police, but it is obvious that the 30-year-old man is much more familiar with the technicalities of how the drug trade is conducted than his defense stated in court.

It has been reported that the drug users in the UK have massively turned to the Darknet for most of their drug purchases. Considering the fact that James Johnson was one of these, it is evident that he was one of the many people who turned to the Darknet for their drug purchases. A survey released by the Global Drug Survey (GDS) revealed that 25 percent of drug users in the UK use the Darknet to purchase their drugs. The same survey also revealed that in 2016, 18.3 percent of the drug users in the UK used the anonymous platform to order their drugs. This value has risen significantly across Europe. This can give a hint of why the authorities do not take such cases lightly.

James Johnson has been sentenced to 18 months community service. He has also been told to attend a nine-month drug rehabilitation program. This is not the first time a UK drug dealer or user has avoided serious jail time. The same happened less than a year ago when an IT Wizard avoided jail time dealing darknet drugs.

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