London In Turmoil Amid Fears of ISIS Attack Over Christmas Holiday

ISIS Killing Santa
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Fear looms on the streets of London as an ISIS message was found on the darknet discussing an attack over the Christmas holiday. When a terrorist instant message was intercepted it revealed a very shocking image that suggested that ISIS was planning an attack on the London soil.

ISIS Message to Destroy London on Christmas

According to The Epoch Times, the disturbing image showed the background of a Regent Street Shopping area and a black hooded figure standing over a kneeling Santa Claus. On the picture, there was “Soon on your holiday,” which was written in English, French and German. What this translates to is that the people of the great city of England should be on the lookout as there is an impending threat by the terrorist group over the Christmas holiday.

“On 21st November, BlackOps Cyber, a darknet intelligence company, intercepted the image, which they gave exclusively to us,” stated Epoch. Epoch reported that this was the first time the intelligence company was seeing that particular image. A time stamp on a screengrab showing the chart feed revealed that the image was posted at exactly 12:27 p.m., UK time.

Upon further investigations, it was revealed that the screen grab was from a darknet marketplace chat group called Army of Mujahideen. A user going by the name Dr Almani was responsible for designing the image, according to the screengrab. “Explosive warehouse official” was written on the Bio of Dr Almani Twitter page, which apparently was not banned.

This whole revelation came about when the BlackOps where under surveillance which led to the arrest of six alleged ISIS plotters in Germany. The six were believed to be planning an attack on a Christmas market. On the same day that the image was intercepted, the six men from Syria were arrested.

“The suspects were arrested on an early morning raid conducted by 500 police officers in the German cities of Essen, Kassel, Hanover and Leipzig. The men aged 20 to 28 were posing as refugees,” said Christian Hartwig, a spokesman for the Frankfurt prosecutor’s office, as reported by The New York Times.  Hartwig continued by stating that the men were suspected of acting on behalf of the Islamic State also referred to as ISIS or ISIL. This is not the first time ISIS and the darknet have connections as Islamic clerics actively recruit on the darknet.

Ever since the incident occurred German police have been on high alert. Currently, several central squares where the Christmas markets will be held have concrete blocks.

According to the New York Times, police say that the six were planning an attack which could have involved the use of explosives and weapons. It is believed that the arrest linked the alleged terror suspects to a terror attack that occurred same time last year.

In yet another incident, ISIS threatens of Black Friday terror attack.  According to the daily star, ISIS may launch an attack on shoppers. Currently, almost every person in the UK is on high alert amid terror threats. It is, however, a concern that the Islamist group could see Black Friday as a potential target along with other Christmas markets.

“Be on the lookout for any suspicious characters and reports on any suspicious activities,” police told shopkeepers.

“When travelling to Europe during the holiday keep in mind the heightened risk of terrorist attacks,” the US State Department travel alert site warning system for American tourists on November 16.

This year the alone UK has faced four terror attacks resulting in the death of 36 people. But these were successful attacks, as many other darknet terror attacks have been avoided. Such is the case of an arrest made for illegal darknet weapon purchases this year.

According to Jonathan Evans, MI5 former head, UK has been a target for Islamist terror for a decade now. But it also seems to have the making of domestic terrorism as well, andnd the threat is not going anywhere soon since it is apparently a “generational problem,” reported the Independent news agency.

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