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Libertas is a monero-only darknet market. It is distinctive with its green theme and very basic and simple design. There’s nothing flashy about this dark market except for the rudimentarily animated GIF logo. It looks like a website from the Geocities and old Blogspot era, but of course it would be wrong to judge it according to its looks. The site discourages the activating of javascript support in the Tor browser, which is certainly not a bad thing as javascript is considered to be a security risk for darknet market users who want to maintain their anonymity. Libertas Market focuses on the use of monero because, a stated on its website, monero provides the highest degree of anonymity.

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Libertas Market

How to Access Libertas Market

Obviously, since Libertas is a darknet site, you can’t just access it with ordinary web browsers. You need the Tor browser to open this site. Don’t worry about getting acquainted with this browser. It’s basically just like Firefox. You can even install Firefox add-ons or extensions to it. What makes it different is that it can let you browse the web anonymously and allows you to access websites that are blocked in your location.

The Tor browser is enough to let you open the Libertas website but to ensure anonymity and safe use of this darknet market, it’s important to use VPN for darknet alongside the Tor browser. The Tor Browser’s anonymity feature is not enough to cover all of your tracks especially as you transact with sellers.

Additionally, you need to make use of PGP encryption/decryption as you communicate with Libertas Market sellers or other users. If you are not familiar with this encryption technology yet, be sure to check out our PGP guide.

In case you can’t access the Libertas Market through the Onion URL provided above, use the following mirror links:



Account Registration

Signing up for an account on Libertas Market can take some time but it’s certainly not a difficult process. The registration form is rather long. You will be required to fill out a form that asks for your name, location, currency, PGP key, password, and member type. There’s a field for the invite code and it’s compulsory that you fill this out. At the time we signed up for an account, though, this field was automatically filled out. The PGP key is optional. You may add your PGP key later on, as you start doing transactions.

Libertas Market Register page

If you choose to sign up for a vendor account, you need to add your PGP key. Also, you need to use a special invite code (not the automatically given code mentioned earlier) if you want to register for a vendor account.

It is advisable to enter different codes for your password and withdrawal code. Obviously, this is to make it difficult for anyone who accesses your account to take out your funds. You will not be prevented from signing up with the same account password and withdrawal code, though.

You will be automatically logged in after completing the account registration process.

Libertas Market Interface and Functions

The Libertas Market interface is very simple, to the point that you will find it different if you are accustomed to modern websites. As you log in, you will be immediately directed to the search bar and the product listings and categories of the site.

Libertas Market account

One thing that is quite noticeable with the user interface is that the buttons or icons don’t seem to properly rendered. They are replaced by odd characters similar to those you see in websites that have not been properly polished. This does not impair the navigability of the site but this petty issue is conspicuous.

The Menu is near the upper right corner of the site. It presents the quick links to the forum, your profile page, your Favorites page, alerts, and the site’s chat function. Again, there’s no issue with the intuitiveness and navigability of the site. The links to all the important pages of Libertas are conveniently presented on the homepage.

If you want to make changes in the settings of your account or in your profile, click on the Settings link on the top portion of the site. The Settings page allows you to do the following:

  • Enable two-factor authentication
  • Update your profile
  • Update your password
  • Update your withdrawal code
  • Add a PGP public key
  • Update chat settings
  • Update your incognito settings
  • Go to the chat page

The Settings page also shows your referral or affiliate link. The Libertas referral program gives you a 50% share of the market fee of the customer you refer to this darknet market. You can monitor your referrals in the section right below the referral link under the Settings page.

Libertas has its own messaging system. Obviously, you have to click on the Messages link on top of the site to access this function. The messaging function comes with the ability to “star” messages and an inbox that readily shows the recipient address and the sending and receipt/read dates of the messages.

The Libertas Market user interface does not appear to have a session timeout (or has a very long timeout period). It seems to not automatically log you out after a period of inactivity. As such, always be sure to log out of your account if you are not using it. Otherwise, anybody can access your account without your permission.

Libertas Market Categories and Listings

Libertas features a variety of listings, from drugs to forgeries and jewelry. The most popular categories on this market, however, are related to recreational drugs. At the time we did this review, there were a little over 300 listings on the site. They are grouped in the following categories:

  • Drugs
    • Barbiturates
    • Benzos
    • Cannabis
    • Dissociatives
    • Ecstasy
    • Opioids
    • Prescription
    • Psychedelics
    • RCs
    • Steroids
    • Stimulants
    • Weight Loss
  • Money
  • Forgeries
  • Digital
    • Data
    • Services
  • Jewellery
  • Lab Supplies
  • Other
  • Alcohol


The way the categories are presented could use some improvement. In the current setup (at the time this review was conducted), you have to click on a category to see its subcategories. It’s tedious going back and forth. It would have been better if the subcategories were shown directly below the main categories. You can view a long list of the categories with their corresponding subcategories, though, by hovering your mouse pointer over the Menu button near the upper right corner of the site. Doing this displays the categories in a list along with the number of listings each contains.

Many of the categories don’t have listings in them. At the time we did this review, these categories contained no listings: Forgeries, Jewellery, Lab Supplies, and Others.

The site does not mention anything about prohibited listings. Apparently, you will just get a note from the admins if you happened to post something that is not supposed to be listed on Libertas.

The listings on Libertas are shown in grid view with four columns. Each listing in a box shows the name of the vendor of the listing, rating, number of sales made by the vendor, product image, descriptive product name, details on where the product ships from, price, transaction type (escrow or pay first), link to the item page, and star rating. The prices are stated in the currency you selected for your account but these are all converted to the monero or XMR equivalent as you check out the products you want to buy.

Search and Search Filters

You can search for product listings or vendors through the Libertas Market search tool. Results can be filtered according to region or country of origin (choose from the dropdown list), item unit and item unit value (weight, dimensions, package, etc), and product type. The product type search filter lets you sort the search results based on popularity, based on recentness, and based on price (from the highest to the lowest priced or from the lowest priced to the highest priced).


Unfortunately, you cannot do an en masse or bulk search filtering. You can only implement one filter at a time. It would have been better if you can set multiple filters and apply all filters in one go. This would save a lot of unnecessary clicks.

How to Choose a Vendor on Libertas Market

Certainly, you have to examine the vendors on Libertas before transacting with them. You have to go to the page of the vendor to scrutinize their transaction history and the feedback they have been getting from other customers. Evaluate their ratings and the number of transactions they have completed so far. Take note of their rank as indicated on their respective vendor profile pages.


Logically, it’s preferable to transact with a vendor that has already undertaken several transactions with different buyers. It’s also better to transact with vendors that do escrow transactions and those that are active on the site. You can view details on vendor activity on their vendor profile pages.

Libertas has “Trusted Vendor” indicators. Obviously, those that bear this indicator can be considered more preferable than those that don’t have it.

Moreover, Libertas presents some useful information about the reputation of a vendor in other darknet markets. On the vendor profile page, there’s a list of darknet markets where the vendor maintains an account along with information on the number of sales they have made in such markets at their corresponding ratings. Be sure to take note of these. These are particularly useful details especially since Libertas is a relatively new darknet market. You can’t find a lot of vendor transaction history on this site yet.

How to Place an Order

There are no “Buy Now” or “Order” buttons on the product listings that appear under the categories or in search results. To buy an item, you really have to go to the page of the product or listing.


On the product page, be sure to examine all details of the product as well as the terms and conditions of the vendor. Before you can place an order, you will be asked to indicate that you agree to the vendor’s terms and conditions. Also, you need to indicate the quantity you want to buy and check the shipping option you prefer. If you are ready to proceed with the transaction, you can click on the large “Add to Shopping Cart” button on the bottom part of the listing or product page.

After you click on the “Add to Shopping Cart” button, you will be taken to a page where you will be asked to enter your shipping address and proceed to making the payment.

How to Pay for Orders on the Libertas Market Market

Libertas only accepts moneros or XMR for all transactions and before you can pay for transactions, you need to deposit XMRs in your account first. Do this by going to your “Balance” page and sending XMRs to the permanent monero deposit address shown on the page. Take note that Libertas does not accept monero deposits directly sent from an exchange.

Monero account

On the Balance page of your Libertas account, you will see two balances: one for monero and another for “fiat” currency. To clarify, these are the same amounts of money you entered into the system after you made a deposit. The fiat balance is only shown to make it easier for customers to evaluate the prices shown on the product listings.

Just follow the process for paying for a transaction after you make a deposit. The payment

Libertas Market Market Support

Support on Libertas Market is provided through chat  or the Libertas messaging system. If you click on the Support link at the bottom portion of the site, you will be led to a page through which you can chat with or send a message to the support staff of Libertas. You can also send a report by filling out the Report form under the Support page. Additionally, you can go to the Libertas Forum page to discuss various concerns about the market with other users.


Pros and Cons


  • Simple and intuitive design
  • Option for enabling two-factor authentication
  • Presents vendors’ reputation/history in other darknet markets to help buyers in making a choice


  • Few listings, mostly on drugs
  • Limited to monero
  • Requires invitation to sign up for a vendor account

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