Ledger Bitcoin Wallet: Nano S, Blue Hardware Wallets Review and Guide

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Ledger has established itself as a pioneer in providing infrastructure and security solutions for blockchain and cryptocurrency applications. The company manufactures wallets for digital currency. If you are looking for the best cryptocurrency wallet, Ledger is among the providers of the best cryptocurrency wallets for digital currencies. Ledger is a universal cryptocurrency wallet, which allows safe storage of multiple cryptocurrency assets. In 2016, Ledger launched two of the top cryptocurrency hardware wallets i.e. Ledger Nano S wallet and Ledger Blue wallet all of which are multi-currency digital wallets. A digital currency wallet comparison places these wallets among the top digital currency wallets.

Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet
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If you are looking for the best crypto hardware wallet and the best multi currency digital wallet, you should consider Ledger Nano S. This hardware wallet for multiple cryptocurrencies allows you to securely store Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash among other cryptocurrencies. Ledger Nano S hardware wallet provides strong security features; however, it is famous for being the cheapest cryptocurrency hardware wallet with an inbuilt display. The display on this cryptocurrency storage device helps in double checking and confirming each transfer. This multi cryptocurrency hardware wallet connects to the computer via a USB cable.

  • Ledger Nano S the Multicurrency wallet

This offline digital currency wallet supports different types cryptocurrencies including the popular assets such as Bitcoin, Litecoin Etherum, and Ripple among others. Ledger is continuously expanding its coverage of cryptocurrency assets through the apps it develops and community apps after rigorously testing them.

  • Ledger Nano S advanced Security

Unlike most hardware wallets that use simple chips, Ledger hardware wallets come with smartcard chips that are secure. The chips are commonly used in secure applications like in the protection of credit card details or passport biometric data. The secure Nano S wallet chips are very difficult to hack, unlike simple chips that require less effort even when protected by software. The integrated security elements in this cryptocurrency offline wallet provide a safe way of sending and receiving payments. This wallet provides the safest digital currency wallet transfers which increases a greater likelihood of anonymity.

  • Offline storage: Among the different types of cryptocurrency wallets, Nano S provides an offline storage safe from any hackers.
  • PIN code: The wallet requires a secure 4-digit PIN code to make transactions
  • Backup and Restore: You are able to restore account access after losing the hardware wallet by using the 24-word recovery phrase
  • Passphrase: Nano S gives its users the option of having an advanced passphrase as part of the 24 words that form the recovery phrase.
  • Easy to use

This hardware multi crypto wallet has only two buttons and transactions can be confirmed on the display. Also, Ledger Live app for your Nano S wallet includes simple steps designed to ease your interactions with the wallet.

  • Nano S supports various platforms.

This cryptocurrency hardware wallet is compatible with Windows 7 and above, Mac 10.8 and above, Linux or Chrome OS. Google Chrome or Chromium is needed. Also, Nano S supports several software wallets like Ledger Wallet Bitcoin, Bitgo, Ledger Wallet Ethereum and Ledger Wallet Ripple.

  • Purchasing and using Ledger Nano S wallet
    • This hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies is available for sale online. The price of ledger Nano S on the website is € 99.99 inclusive of VAT. This makes it the most affordable bitcoin wallet. Also, you can purchase the cheap bitcoin hardware wallet on Amazon at a slightly higher price.
    • Step 1: Purchase ledger Nano S wallet on the official website
      • If you decide to buy crypto hardware wallet from the official ledger wallet website, click the “Buy now” button.
      • To proceed, click “Add to cart”
      • This will result in a popup payment window shown below. Click on the “Checkout” button to pay.
      • In the next page, fill out your contact details and shipping address, then click “Continue to shipping method” button.
      • In the next page, verify your name and shipping address. Then proceed by clicking the “Continue” button.
      • In the payment page, you will have 3 payment options
        • Credit Card
        • Bitpay
        • PayPal
      • Your Ledger Nano S purchase will be shipped after confirmation of payment.
    • Step 2: Configuring and using Nano S wallet
      • To know how to use Nano s ledger, the guide below will help you initialize the device and use it.

Ledger Nano S PC, Mac or Linux Setup

To get started, initialize your wallet. The hardware wallet will create new private keys that will safely manage your valuable cryptocurrencies.

To initialize the wallet:

  • Use this cryptocurrency wallet USB cable to connect the wallet to your computer
  • Instructions on the device display will request you to simultaneously press both buttons on the wallet to continue
  • When the “Configure as new device” message is displayed on the device, press the button above the validation icon

Choose your PIN

You will be required to choose a PIN between 4 & 8 digits if the device firmware version is 1.3 or higher. For devices with version 1.2 of firmware will require 4 digits for your PIN.

  • Once the “Choose PIN” message appears on the display, press both buttons
  • Press either left or right button to select the first PIN digit
  • Press again both buttons to choose the digit
  • Continue with the process of selecting digits until you select your PIN
  • Choose the tick icon, then press the two buttons to confirm your PIN
  • Saving the recovery phrase

The 24 words that form the recovery phrase will be shown one word at a time on the Nano S display. Be keen, your unique recovery phrase will only appear once. Use the Recovery sheet supplied with the wallet to write down your recovery phrase.

  • Write the first word and verify you wrote it correctly in the 1st position
  • Press right button to proceed to the next word and verify you wrote it correctly in the 2nd position
  • Continue this process all the way to the last (24th) word. The message “Confirm your recovery phrase” is going to appear on the display after the 24th
  • Navigate using the right or left button to choose the requested word. Press both buttons to validate. Repeat this process for every requested word.
  • You will get a message stating that “Your device is now ready” after successfully completing the initialization.

To interact with your hardware wallet, download for free the Ledger Wallet Bitcoin chrome app. The app will offer you a simple and safe management of your cryptocurrency transactions.

bitcoin ledger wallet in use

Final Comments Ledger Nano S


  • Multicurrency wallet
  • This hardware wallet for crypto integrates wallet software
  • The wallet is affordable considering competitive markets
  • Has an OLED display


  • The reputation of the brand is still growing
  • Pricing may be a deterrent for newbies

Ledger Blue Hardware Wallet
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If you are looking for the most secure crypto hardware wallet, Ledger Blue is worthy your attention. Among the various digital currency wallets, Ledger Blue has established itself as a premium wallet that provides cutting-edge user experience owing to its large touchscreen display. Ledger blue bitcoin hardware wallet incorporates a Secure Element as well as the security features in any Ledger device. Blue is a unique wallet for digital currency and features in the top crypto hardware wallets. This digital currency wallet hardware comes with a 3.5-inch touchscreen.

  • Advanced Security

Ledger Blue crypto wallet never exposes the private key used to access your coins. It uses a very secure chip that is locked using a PIN. The chip is secure than the ones integrated into credit cards or passports. If you are looking for the most secure digital currency wallet, consider Ledger Blue. This digital currency offline wallet is among the secure cryptocurrency wallets.

  • Multicurrency support

Ledger blue – digital currency hardware wallet, supports 24 different cryptocurrencies among them Bitcoin. Ledger Blue hardware wallet is the best digital currency hardware wallet since it allows users to manage a maximum of 11 crypto assets simultaneously.

  • Gorgeous touchscreen

Bitcoin wallet Ledger Blue incorporates a large color display and capacitive anti scratch touchscreen surrounded by a strong cover. Blue is one of the best hardware wallets for crypto.

  • Back up & restore

Ledger blue bitcoin hardware wallet ensures that your digital currencies are safe even when your Ledger Blue wallet is lost. A private recovery phrase is used to back up the device and restore your accounts to another Ledger device. With Ledger Blue, your digital currency is secure.

  • Supports multiple platforms

Ledger blue compatibility allows it to support Windows 7 & above, Mac 10.9 & above and Linux.

  • Purchasing and using Ledger Blue wallet
    • You have options of where to buy ledger blue wallet. You can buy it in the official website or Amazon or other authorized retailers. The current ledger blue wallet price is €279.99 inclusive of tax.
    • Step 1: To purchase Ledger Blue wallet, visit the crypto hardware wallet store and click the Blue tab
      • To proceed, click “Add to cart”.
      • In the pop-up window that appears, click “Checkout”
      • In the next page, fill out your contact details and shipping address, then click the “Continue to shipping method” button.
      • Next, verify your name and shipping address. Then proceed by clicking the “Continue” button.
      • In the payment page, you will have the option of selecting one of the possible three methods of payment
        • Credit Card
        • Bitpay
        • PayPal
      • Your Ledger Blue purchase will be shipped after confirmation of payment.
    • Step 2: Configuring your Ledger Blue Wallet (Intructions below)

Ledger Blue Mac, PC or Linux Setup

To get started, you must initialize the ledger hardware wallet.

To initialize:

  • Use the supplied USB cable to connect your Ledger Blue wallet
  • Turn on the device by pressing the power button
  • Tap on the “Configure as new device” message

Select your PIN
ledger blue pin code

  • Select a PIN between 4 digits and 8 digits long
  • Press Continue
  • Re-enter your PIN
  • To confirm, press Continue

Saving the recovery phrase

  • Use the supplied empty Recovery sheet
  • Take note of the important notice displayed on your device, then press Continue
  • Write the first 4 words on the sheet. Confirm you have recorded each properly on the sheet and at the exact position as displayed on your device
  • To proceed with other words, press Next or go back by pressing Repeat the procedure of writing and verifying words until a confirmation message appears on the screen
  • Type the requested word in the right position and tap it when it is displayed on your device screen
  • Repeat this process for every requested word until you get a message that indicates that “Your device is ready”
  • Tap on start to access the dashboard

Ledger Blue Android Setup

Mycelium supports the latest versions of Ledger Blue or Nano S. Down the app from Google Play and launch it.

  • To create a new account, press the “Accounts” tab then select “+ key” button
  • Choose the “Advanced” alternative
  • Choose Ledger
  • Use your OTG cable to connect your ledger wallet, provide your PIN then choose the Bitcoin app
  • Next, Mycelium will explore and sync your accounts
  • Your accounts will appear allowing you to select the one you need to import
  • Follow the process to import all the accounts you want. After your account is selected and added, you can choose it to be your default account when using Mycelium
  • The Ledger hardware wallet will be needed when signing payment. Validate the transaction on the display.

ledger blue in use

Final Comments Ledger Blue


  • This multi crypto hardware wallet provides advanced security
  • It is compatible with many devices
  • The interface is user-friendly
  • It is a multi digital currency wallet


  • It is expensive compared to other hardware wallets for cryptocurrencies
  • A crypto hardware wallet comparison reveals that this device is not very portable

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