KeepKey Bitcoin Wallet – Hardware Wallet Review and Guide

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If you are looking to buy a bitcoin wallet, and literally keep it on you at all times, look no further. KeepKey bitcoin wallet is considered to be a secure bitcoin hardware wallet capable of providing access to the main cryptocurrencies in the world. The launch of KeepKey in 2015 marked the introduction of advanced technology in the provision of a secure environment for users to store their cryptocurrencies. You can find KeepKey Support on this page:

Keepkey the simple hardware bitcoin wallet

KeepKey is a Hierarchical Deterministic wallet, which acts like a mini-computer designed to specifically store private keys. Keepkey bitcoin cash wallet is not a function at this time, though, there are multiple currency functions allowed.

The hardware high-security bitcoin wallet can be purchased directly from Amazon or the company website, which are the only recommended official vendors.

Purchase keepkey Amazon


The good news is that this is now a very affordable piece of hardware. When it was launched a few years ago the KeepKey price was $239. But now you can buy Keepkey wallets for $129 but with shipping will get you up to $180 about.
Keepkey shipping details
Although it is expensive compared to competitor high privacy Bitcoin wallets, the value of this anonymous hardware bitcoin wallet is astounding. The latest price decrease makes KeepKey affordable to users who are looking for both value and safety in the management of cryptocurrency wallets.

KeepKey’s Hierarchical Deterministic Features

keepkey features

KeepKey’s Hierarchical Deterministic Properties enable users to create and store an infinite number of private keys. A sophisticated and cryptographic “private key” allows users to access their cryptocurrency anywhere and anytime.

KeepKey interface connects with the wallet software and takes over the generation of a private key, its storage and the signing of transactions.

KeepKey the MultiCoin wallet

Apart from bitcoin, KeepKey hardware wallet supports transaction and storage of various cryptocurrencies such as Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, ERC-20 tokens and Namecoin. The wallet is ideal when a user has several cryptocurrencies or wants to create a digital assets portfolio.

KeepKey Superb Security

KeepKey is the most secure bitcoin storage wallet and its reputation among the elite hardware wallets due to its security measures put in place.

  • Private Key. The KeepKey retains the private key of the user and never shares it.
  • PIN Code. The Personal Identification Number inhibits any unauthorized individual from conducting any transactions or seeing your balances.
    Keepkey pin code
  • Recovery Sentence. A 12-word sentence generated when setting up the hardware is used to back up the wallet. The sentence helps recover private keys when the wallet is stolen or lost.
  • Passphrase: A user has the alternative of choosing an extra word to be attached to their recovery sentence. However, KeepKey never recommends the use of passphrase unless you know the consequences.

KeepKey Provides Enhanced Privacy and Anonymity

Bitcoin users like other cryptocurrency users seek to remain anonymous online and even protect their bitcoin wallet for privacy. Therefore, KeepKey does not require documentation from the user when setting up the wallet or when using the wallet. This way, the user is sure no IP association or identity connection between the wallet and the user will occur.

  • KeepKey has an Exchange access built inside it
  • KeepKey integrates Shapeshift to allow seamless exchanges of supported cryptocurrency assets.
    shapeshift and keepkey

KeepKep One-time Backup Feature

To create the private key for your bitcoin, KeepKey makes use of its hardware random number generator together with the randomness your computer provides. After generating the private key, you have one chance of recording the backup for your KeepKey wallet that comes as a recovery sentence made up of 12 words.

Secure Storage and Confirmation Payments

KeepKey securely stores your bitcoins on a USB device. After you trust KeepKey to store your bitcoins, every transaction you initiate must be evaluated and approved through KeepKey’s OLED screen and the confirmation button. This makes it almost impossible for viruses or malware to steal your bitcoins. The KeepKey is protected by PIN, which renders the device useless for an unauthorized user.

KeepKey supports various platforms

It is compatible with PC, Linux, Mac, and Android. Also, KeepKey supports Mycelium and Electrum wallets. This means that if you already have wallet addresses then you can store them directly onto the hardware device.

Purchasing and using KeepKey wallet

Start by simply visiting KeepKey online and placing your order. Within days, you will receive your hardware wallet. The wallet includes a recovery card and a USB cable. After receiving it, switch your computer on, install Google Chrome and grab any writing tool to take note of your recovery sentence.

  1. Step 1: Purchase KeepKey through Amazon or the company website

    If you choose to purchase from the company website, click add to cart to proceed.

    This will take you to the payment page shown below. Click the check out button to pay if PayPal is not preferred payment method.

    In the next page, fill out your contact details and shipping address, then click continue to shipping method.
    keepkey personal details page

    In the next page, verify your name and shipping address. Then proceed by clicking the “continue to payment method” button.

    In the payment page, you will have the option of selecting one of the possible 3 methods of payment

    • Credit Card
    • Paypal or
    • bitpay

    Your order of KeepKey will be shipped in two business days following the confirmation of payment.

  2. Step 2: Configuring and using KeepKey wallet for Computer

    Setting up KeepKey for PC and Mac

    Before you can use your KeepKey wallet, you are required to initialize the device.

    Start by Installing KeepKey Client from Google Chrome Webstore
    Keepkey Client Chrome Extension

    Plugin your KeepKey device and launch the KeepKey Client

    The KeepKey Client will present you with the “Initialize KeepKey” button after realizing your KeepKey is empty. Click the button to proceed.
    keepkey plugin

    Choose your label for the device and click Set Label

    Next, choose your PIN for the KeepKey. Notice your PIN is randomized on the device and click the corresponding button on the screen. Then click Choose PIN.

    Now, Confirm the PIN. Notice the number shift randomly. Then click Confirm PIN

    Finally, your recovery sentence will be displayed on the device. Take time to carefully record the 12 words that form the Recovery Sentence. After confirming the sentence, press and hold the confirmation button on the device. You have finished setting up your KeepKey for your PC and Mac.

  3. Step 3: Configuring and using KeepKey wallet for Mobile Device

    Setting up KeepKey for Android and iOS

    KeepKey supports Mycelium software wallets that allow users to use android and iOS platforms. You will require the following:

    • A smartphone
    • Pen
    • Paper
    • Phone with internet access
  4. Step 4: Configuring and using KeepKey wallet for Other Wallets
    Setting up actual keepkey device

    Setting up Mycelium for iOS

    • First, download Mycelium from Apple App Store and install it
    • Open the app and choose “New Wallet”
    • Next, shake your phone to create a master key
    • Choose “Back up now”
    • In the next screen, a notification that you will be backing up your wallet master seed will pop up. The seed will allow anyone who knows it to spend the funds in your wallet.
    • Press “Start” to proceed. You will see words appear one after the other. Write them and store them in a safe place.
    • Next, provide the previously generated 12 words and use space to separate them. Correct entries will be in green while incorrect words will be in black.
    • Select “Next” after entering all the words correctly. You will be reminded to keep the master seed safe for future use when restoring your Mycelium wallet.
    • Press “Finish” to access your Mycelium wallet.

    Setting up Mycelium for Android

    After your KeepKey is initialized, you will be able to use with Mycelium app on Android. Below are the set up steps:

    • Connect the KeepKey through OTG cable to your android phone and then open MyCelium app available in Google Play store.
    • Choose the 3 dots on the top right and select cold storage.
    • KeepKey will appear as one of the options.
    • You will be prompted to enter your KeepKey PIN.
    • Now you can use KeepKey with the MyCelium app.

Conclusion: the PROs and CONs


  • KeepKey superior security standards hinder viruses or hackers from stealing your secret private key
  • Provides similar security features to established products like TREZOR
  • The attractive OLED display increases the ease of using this device compared to similar products.
  • Gives access to leading cryptocurrencies in the world
  • New affordable price


  • The lack of an online wallet leaves users to use software like Electrum or MyCelium
  • Its slightly bigger size leaves it less portable compared to Ledger or TREZOR that fit in the pocket comfortably
  • Although the setup is straightforward, users are not allowed to save the progress

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