Jaxx Wallet Review: Complete Review, Fees, Coins and More

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Jaxx Getting Started

Jaxx Bitcoin Wallet has been a top choice for cryptocurrency traders and Bitcoin users worldwide because of its privacy, simple yet amazing features set, and security level. It is a simple tool to hold, control, and trade your Bitcoin, Civic, and other blockchain-based assets. The wallet is completely breaking down the barriers to digital money for traders. This Jaxx bitcoin wallet review will help you understand it in better ways.

Jaxx Mobile Options

Jaxx is a new cryptocurrency wallet with a goal to simplify the blockchain process and attract new consumer base towards its new value proposition. The wallet is developed by Ethereum co-founder Anthony Diiorio and company named as Decentral. The main aim after the development of Jaxx wallet for bitcoin is to simplify blockchain solutions. It is accomplished by the minimalistic wallet design of Jaxx wallet, which simplifies the user experience. No worries, the Jaxx wallet security and features are not compromised. The platform provides access to leading crypto-currencies in the world. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily understand and manage the working of Jaxx wallet.

Jaxx Bitcoin Wallet Supported Platforms

Jaxx Windows Setup

One thing that makes Jaxx so unique is its ability of cross-platform pairing, which is designed to work and sync with all the platforms such as mobile, web browsers and desktop. Following is the list of Jaxx wallet supported platforms:

  • PC desktop
  • Android mobile devices
  • Linux desktop
  • iOS mobile devices
  • Mac desktop
  • iOS tablets
  • Android tablets

You can run the Jaxx wallet as a browser extension in the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox

Jaxx bitcoin Wallet offers support to camera integration, which you can use for scanning QR codes and also support more coins in comparison to other wallets. With ShapeShift integration technology, you can easily exchange or transfer bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Unlike other third-party wallets, having Jaxx installed will give you complete control over your private keys. Always start with the Jaxx bitcoin wallet download page.
Jaxx Wallet Address Keys

Jaxx Bitcoin Wallet Price

You can download Jaxx wallet for free. There’ss no Jaxx bitcoin wallet price, but when you have to exchange or transact currencies, then you have to pay small transaction fees for it. The fees straight go to the cryptocurrency network for rewarding its miners. Also, the transaction fee is dynamic, which can change or vary from coin to coin depending upon the blockchain network state.

Now the question is, how Jaxx service support works when the software is free? Well, the software makes money by the method of ShapeShift transactions, inbuilt with the wallet.

Jaxx Supported Cryptocurrency, Crypto Tokens and Altcoins

Jaxx Wallet Options

Jaxx supports most popular digital currencies and altcoins. If the new currency emerges, then the development team is always ready to make Jaxx compatible with it also. Following is the list of few Jaxx supported tokens and coins, that are used mostly as compared to other currencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Dash
  • REP
  • DAO
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum Classic, etc.

Setup Jaxx Bitcoin Wallet

Before understanding this, you must know that Jaxx and other bitcoin wallets are not meant to store funds. They are just a way to access your funds, while your coin remains on the blockchain itself. For accessing tokens or coins, you’ll be given two things:

Jaxx Wallet Public key: The address that holds-up your coins

Jaxx Wallet Private key: A secret key for accessing the public key

If you understand all this, then you can efficiently manage your bitcoin wallet without any difficulty. Now, let’s see how to setup Jaxx bitcoin wallet:

  • Go to official Jaxx Wallet Setup download page and select your platform for which you want to download the software.
  • Jaxx wallet is available for multiple platforms, so let’s cover the Windows option only. If you understand how to operate Windows version, then you can easily operate on other devices also.
  • Now, after downloading the software, open Jaxx-setup.exe file. You don’t have to do anything, just read the screen information, the user agreement, and accept its terms.
  • After that, you’ll be given two choices:
    • Pair/restore Wallet
    • Create New Wallet
      Jaxx create a new wallet
  • Now, click on create new wallet option and select options between custom or express.
  • Proceed with the custom setup option because it will display easily understandable on-screen Jaxx bitcoin wallet manual.
  • Select the coin, let’s say BTC, and select your Fiat Currency for conversion rates. Now make a copy of wallet backup phrase and set a four-digit security PIN to add protection layer.
  • This is it; your wallet is ready to use. Now, the wallet will create a Bitcoin address, Zcash address, Ethereum address, and all the other currencies that you choose while setting up the wallet.

In case you are wondering that where all the core files of Jaxx wallet are stored, then here’s the path:


Also, it doesn’t download the entire blockchain. Instead, it works by connecting you directly to the chain, which is the same as electrum.

Jaxx Wallet Usage

Jaxx QR code Request

The Jaxx Bitcoin wallet interface is minimalistic, the layout is amazing, and overall functionality is easy to get started with. You can easily grasp and even if any step failed during installation, you can start over without losing your current setting.

At the home screen, you can navigate between your coins, check balance, check transaction history, and view wallet address.

There’s also an option to send coins to another address, exchange from one crypto to another by using ShapeShift integration feature, which is in-built.

Don’t think that Jaxx wallet doesn’t have any advanced features. It does. Following are some of the advanced features of jaxx wallet:

  • Setting Bitcoin mining Fee
  • Adding new wallet address
  • Importing funds or Transferring paper wallet using private keys
  • Setting Two-Factor Security PIN for Wallet
  • Taking wallet backup, pairing devices, display private keys
  • Option for selecting Fiat Currency depending upon exchange rates

Create Jaxx Bitcoin Address

Jaxx Bitcoin Wallet Address

  • In case you failed to add your Bitcoin during setup, then go to the menu button and navigate to wallets.
  • You will see the list of all supported currencies.
  • Now click on Bitcoin to add and the Jaxx wallet bitcoin address will be created instantly.
  • Be careful of the wallets highlighted in yellow. They are testnet wallets, so be on guard when you are sending funds.

Security Features: Setting Security PIN, backup Jaxx, and private keys

If you want the backup of your wallet, then:

  • Go to the Menu
  • Click on Tools
  • Then click “Backup Wallet.”
  • To view wallet backup, click on “View Backup Wallet.”
  • Now enter your PIN, and your QR code will be displayed
  • A string of random words of 12-word backup phrase will appear. Copy this phrase. You will need it during wallet restoration, pairing devices, and to use Jaxx on other platforms.

Jaxx Zcash Deposit

For exporting wallet address private keys:

  • Go to Menu
  • Click on Tools, then display private keys
  • Now enter your PIN and proceed to select the coin for which, you want to export private keys
  • For any crypto-currency wallet, it is necessary to enable two-factor security. Although Jaxx does not support two-factor authentication, it has a four-digit PIN and to set up:
    • Go to Tools, then click on setup security PIN
    • Make sure you remember this PIN, and please never share it with anyone else.

Jaxx Bitcoin Deposit

Receiving & Sending Coins in Jaxx

You can find both receive and send option on the Jaxx Wallet home screen. If you are wondering how to send bitcoin from Jaxx wallet, then don’t be. For sending coins from Jaxx:

  • Select the currency which you want to send
  • Go to “send” tab
  • Enter bitcoin wallet address
  • Select the amount you wish to send
  • Click on “send” button
  • A confirmation screen will appear, asking for your security PIN. Now enter your PIN and confirm send.

Here’s the answer for how to receive bitcoin to Jaxx wallet. For receiving the coins, follow the given steps:

  • Select the currency from the top navigation bar.
  • Go to the Receive tab
  • Enter the coin amount that you want to receive, and click generate button.
  • Your wallet address and QR code along with specified amount will be generated.
  • Now share this info with the person from whom you want to receive coins.

Jaxx Deposit Address

Final Thoughts on Jaxx Wallet Review

Jaxx is an open source bitcoin wallet, which is ideal for everyone. You can even access your wallet day to day with Jaxx bitcoin wallet mobile application. It doesn’t even collect your private information, thus offering complete privacy. Following are the pros and cons of using Jaxx wallet:


  • It is an open source software
  • Jaxx bitcoin wallet offer wide selection of crypto-currencies
  • It is an ideal app or software for beginners
  • Jaxx is accessible from desktop and mobile, and from other platforms also


  • Jaxx Wallet lacks two factor authentication

Jaxx Bitcoin Wallet Customer Support

Jaxx help center
You can submit your queries or contact Jaxx Wallet customer support service by visiting their website also. All you need to do is follow the given steps:
Jaxx customer support submit a form

  • Go to the support page
  • Click on Sign in option
  • You can sign in with google account, or you can make a new account also.
  • If you have any query, then click on submit a query menu
  • Enter all the mandatory information, and click on the submit button.

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