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Infinite Market is a secure darknet marketplace where you can purchase drugs and digital items but its focus is mainly on drugs and its regalia. It is a more of a bewildering marketplace regarding its homepage. There are categories and listings but also a display of subcategories services and this makes it a little confusing for the average Joe visitor.

  • Infinite Market URL:
  • Infinite Market Account Registration and Login Links:
  • http://dxvfoblemlcpay2e.onion/main/login
    Infinite Market Forum Link:

How to Access Infinite Market

Accessing Infinite Market will be impossible without the Tor browser. This is basically because it is an onion website. The Tor browser might not be common or familiar for many people. The use of the Tor browser is normally accompanied by a VPN service as well as PGP encryption and decryption software. Bitcoin surely cannot be left out of the equation when it comes to accessing Infinite Market.

Account Registration

Registering for an account on Infinite Market is more of a walk in a park. It is basically hustle-free. All you have to do is click on register and begin the process. You will then have to enter your preferred username and password, confirm your password again just to make sure you got it right. Then next one is your profile pin which you will also have to confirm.

The last step is entering a CAPTCHA and click on the register button which will take you to your account. All of this wouldn’t take more than 2 minutes of your time.

Infinite Market Account Registration

Infinite Market Interface and Functions

After you successfully log into your account, you will be guided to the account dashboard.

It is very nice and simple. The buttons are visibly attractive and are located on top. They are also large which helps easy identification.

All you need is to click on the desired and right button to deposit funds, go back to the home page, withdraw funds, contact support, access the forum, log out and choose among many options from your username menu when you hover the mouse pointer on it.

It includes general options such as your orders, messages, settings, BIP32 configuration, vendor profile and an option of becoming a vendor.

Infinite Market Interface and Functions

Infinite Market Features

Infinite market messaging page is very simple but not ideal. It only consists of your inbox and unread messages. The option of drafting and sending messages are missing here. You will have to go profile pages of vendors in other to send messages.

The Infinite Market account dashboard gives you an option to sort by name, price, and date when searching for a particular service. It also displays your balance in your Bitcoin and Escrow wallets respectively.

It also has a forum section which allows you to engage in general discussions, report scams, a newbie section for new members on the website, Adverts and offers for products, Product and Vendor Reviews, Announcements, Updates and News, Post, and find referral links, as well as Security tips and tricks.

There is a small box located on the lower left of the forum page which allows you to choose from the above options or services.

Support is also available here. It has its own button which leads you to a page when clicked on or selected. It gives help on the PGP key, vendor upgrade, and knowledge about Infinite Market.

It also displays frequently asked questions by members.

All the pages of Infinite Market are accessible and work perfectly without having to activate JavaScript support on your Tor browser. We also do not recommend that you ever activate your JavaScript on your Tor browser. It will only cause you problems.

Categories and Listing

Infinite Market has just four categories at the moment and with only 10 listings for digital items and mostly drugs and drug paraphernalia. These figures are although relatively smaller as compared to other darknet markets and by far the lowest I have come a crossed.

There are also displays of services in a grid view which fall under the various categories. They’re listed together with their price and vendor, payment method as well as where the shipment is coming from which is mostly the United States.

They include Multisig Test, Wi-Fi Hacking Guide, Fraud package, Meth cooking Guide, How to grow Marijuana, Carding guide, How to make fake ID’s, Free Uber rides, and X-art HQ porn Accounts.

Infinite Market Categories and Listing

The category is as follows:

  • Digital Goods & Services (10)
  • Drugs(1)
  • Drug Paraphernalia(0)
  • Other(0)

There are however sub-categories and listings under some of the major or main categories. This includes the Digital Goods & Services and Drugs categories.

It is shown below as follows:

  • Digital Goods & Services
    • Guides & Tutorials (9)
    • Software (0)
    • Account Dumps (0)
    • E-books (0)
    • Fraud (1)
    • Cards & Fulls (0)

Four of the sub-categories had 0 listings.

  • Drugs
    • Benzos (0)
    • Cannabis & Hashish(0)
    • Dissociatives (0)
    • Ecstasy (0)
  • Opioids (0)
  • Prescription (0)
  • Steroids (0)
  • Stimulants (0)
  • Tobacco (0)
  • Weight Loss (1)
  • RCs (0)

There were 0 listings in all but one sub-category, weight loss products.

These figures are very unusual on various darknet markets. According to this, Infinite Market cannot be placed at the top with most of the big darknet marketplaces. It instead has plenty of room to grow. There was, however, no list of prohibited listings.

Search and Listing Filters

Like most darknet marketplaces, Infinite Market has a search bar located in the middle under the Infinite Market logo. It is working perfectly as it brings out and displays results as to anything you search. It, however, displays nothing when you search out of the content of the available categories and listings found on the website. It has a sort bar located vertically beside it. It allows you to sort out date, name and time to when searching.

Infinite Market Search and Listing Filters

How to Deposit Funds

Funds are not deposited into a wallet page. There isn’t any way you can make deposits to the website for your transactions. Infinite Market although uses Bitcoin. Payment of vendors will come straight from your Bitcoin wallet.

How to Choose a Vendor

Infinite Market has vendor profiles but they do not provide much information according to other vendor profiles in other darknet marketplaces. You will only be shown the vendors name, the image of the item being sold, the number of deals, average rating and also a feedback.

How to choose a vendor on Infinite Market

A contact vendor button is available if you wish you contact him or her. After clicking on it, it will take you to a message box for you to type what you want in it and send it afterwards.

How to Place an Order

Making an order of Infinite Market involves a number of steps. You firstly have to click or select the image of the product or item on the listing or product page.

How to place an order on Infinite Market

You then select the quantity you want and click on the green Order button. But the problem here is that, after this step, nothing seems to be working. You see a message saying access denied instead of taking you to another interface to make the final order by Bitcoin or escrow and after that to the real processing order.

You are then left stranded as to what to do next. All of the listings after ordering had denied access. Placing an order on this darknet marketplace seems to be a hoax. I tried as many times as possible but still wasn’t able to place an order. I initially linked it the problem to  JavaScript but it still wasn’t working after activating it.

How to place order on Infinite Market

Infinite Market Support

Nothing really good can be said about Infinite Market’s Support either. Although there is a support button on the topside of the dashboard, but it will only lead you to a page or interface where only descriptions on how to go about on Infinite Market exist.

Infinite Market support

When you are in need of support, there is basically no way or any link of contacting the admin directly or sending messages for assistance.There is virtually no link leading to any support member there. Assistance on this market just comes through the general discussions on the market forum.

You get help or answers if your problem luckily happens to be in the discussion. Users or members give out their opinions and views on and possible solutions on the same or similar problems they encountered or are facing on the website.

This helps a bit in providing assistance on this darknet marketplace.

Pros and Cons


  • Availability of two-factor authentication
  • Has a very good and lovable web design
  • Availability of a market forum
  • Easy entering and reading of CAPTCHAs
  • Promotes multisig payments


  • Limited number of listings and vendors
  • No feedback’s and ratings on vendors
  • No link or means of contacting admin or any support member
  • Orders cannot be placed

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