Infamous Fentanyl Vendors Arrested During Operation Darkness Falls

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 The most prolific dark web fentanyl traders have been arrested and charged by the efforts of “Operation Darkness Falls”. This major operation was led by the activity of all U.S. Law Enforcement agencies working in collaboration. Specifically targeted from start to finish were some of the most popular vendors on the darknet selling fentanly. Additionally there were several indictments and other arrests announced.


Per court documents, Mathew Roberts aka MH4Life together with Holly Roberts, both aged 35 and residents of San Antonio, were both arrested earlier this year. They were immediately indicted and charged with conspiracy to the distribution of illegal drugs.

They both established and operated various vendor accounts on the dark web. Their account names were, MH4Life, Mrhigh4Life, Trappedintime, and Fastforward. They made the use of these monikers on various darknet marketplaces including Alphabay, Silk-road, Nucleus, Dream Market, Darknet Heroes League, Hansa, Rapture Market, and Bloomsfield Market.

These accounts were listed from 2011 until the arrests in 2018. According to investigators most of the prohibited drugs trafficked were fentanyl analogs, cannabis, ketamine, amphetamine, ecstasy, Xanax and MethoxyAcetylFentanyl (MAF).

As of May 2018, the defendant’s vendor account with a moniker MH4LIFE on Dream Market had over 2,000 verified transactions and a 4.89/5 rating. On Agora Marketplace they had over 450 verified transactions and on Nucleus Market at least 700 trades. On their vendor accounts, illegal narcotics were the only items listed for sales.

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According to one Dream Market review, the Roberts couple were the highest ranked for verified transactions throughout the world of any fentanyl seller.

Their customers also used cryptocurrencies to buy the drugs. The MH4LIFE criminal case, filed in the United States Court in Cleveland is still pending. Furthermore, the sentencing of the Roberts duo is not yet scheduled.

Other Operation Darkness Falls Arrests and Indictments:

DF44: At the beginning of this year, a vendor named Robert Kiessling according to the number of sales was regarded as the third utmost fentanyl distributor in North America. He was apprehended by the police in Canada. The Canadian police with an approved search warrant invaded his apartment and found fentanyl and other controlled substances linked to the darknet marketplaces. He was thereafter released in Canada but later committed suicide the following week.

The Source, BonnieNClyde: an infamous Dream Market Vendor named Nick Powell was also arrested and indicted in a federal court in Cleveland. He was charged with conspiracy to the distribution of illegal drugs and dark web money laundering. His residence was invaded, and special agents uncovered large quantities of Buprenorphine, fentanyl, and Xanax. The federal authorities confiscated $438,000 in Bitcoin. His case is still pending.

Dark King 22: a 28-year-old man named Antoin Austin of Euclid was arrested and also indicted in a federal court in Cleveland.  He was charged with the conspiracy to the distribution of illegal darknet drugs. He also pleaded guilty to running a dark web fentanyl transaction from his resident cohabited with children and close to elementary school.  His sentencing is scheduled for November 5, 2018.

MotleyFool: an infamous dark web drug dealer in the United States was arrested this year by the U.S. police. He was also arraigned in a federal court where he pleaded guilty.

Panachecak: A prolific darknet vendor named Ryan Kluth this year pleaded guilty to darknet crimes involving the distribution of controlled substances and uploading child pornography. According to his plea agreement, he was sentenced to 120 months in jail.

The arrest and indictment of this infamous darknet vendors is now a warning to every darknet drug traffickers. Every crooked medical practitioner, drug company or top law enforcement officials that put greed in place of human life and health is not also left out in the operation. The U.S. Federal authorities promise to use these operations to find those hiding under the anonymity on the dark web and make them pay for their crime by imprisoning them.

The Assistant United States Attorney Mathew J. Cronin together with Daniel J. Reidl prosecuted these cases.

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