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Italian Darknet Community or IDC, as the name itself implies, is a darknet community particularly created for Italian users. It is a forum that allows participants to have a secure platform for discussing various topics without the restrictions of moralism and censorship, while enabling full anonymity. It is mainly a forum but it also allows members to post product and service offers.

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How to Access Italian DarkNet Community

Accessing IDC is similar to how it is done with other darknet markets. Obviously, since it has an Onion URL, http://2qrdpvonwwqnic7j.onion/,  it cannot be opened by just any web browser. You need the Tor browser to be able to access this darknet market. If you do a Google search, you may find some websites, those with the suffix in particular, that are accessible using ordinary web browsers. Be aware that these are not the official IDC websites. IDC just claim to be a conduit for you to access the site through regular browsers.

We recommend not using these sites, though. While the completely mirror the contents of the official site, IDC are not the actual site and they don’t provide guarantees of It’s still better to stick to using the official site to avoid phishing or having your login stolen.

In addition to using the Tor browser, you also need a VPN service, PGP encryption/decryption, and bitcoins. You can actually proceed to making purchases at IDC with just the Tor browser and your bitcoins but that would be unsafe. Bear in mind that if you are buying something from a darknet market, you are doing so because it is normally prohibited. That’s why you need to make sure that you prevent the possibility of monitoring by using a VPN service. You also have to make sure that only you and your intended recipient get to access the messages or information you share by using PGP encryption. We have a PGP guide so don’t worry if you are unfamiliar with it.

Account Registration

Signing up for an account with IDC takes around 20 seconds. The account registration form asks for the usual username and password. However, it also asks for an email address. It also has a section for account preferences through which you can check or uncheck if you want to receive email from the site’s administrators, hide your email from other members, receive private messages from other members of the site, receive alerts when receiving a private messages, and hide from the Who’s Online list. By default, the tick boxes for receiving emails from administrators, receiving private messages from other users, and receiving alerts when receiving a private message are already checked. We recommend not unchecking these.


On the account registration form, you can also indicate your time zone, set if you want to automatically detect Daylight Savings Time settings, and choose the language you want to use on the site. Bear in mind, though, that the language selection is only for the interface. It does not mean that if you choose English, for example, you will be led to a forum where the participants use English. Italian will still be the commonly used language. There is, however, an International Forums section that provides threads for English and French speaking members.

Italian DarkNet Community has a membership system aimed at preventing the use of multiple accounts for deceit. The base account (the account you get after completing the registration) is provided for free. If you want a pro account (comes with “read and write” permissions in the entire forum), you will be asked to pay €20. For a seller account, the fee is €150. Moreover, if you want to have an Elite account, you will have to pay €100.

Subscription payments are to be sent to bitcoin wallet.

You need to send a PM to the site’s admin (Nessuno) after making the payment so your account can be upgraded accordingly.

Italian DarkNet Community Interface and Functions

As mentioned, Italian DarkNet Community is a darknet forum but it also allows users to post ads of IDC products or services. It’s similar to The Majestic Garden. The interface is what you would expect in a forum. On the top part, right below the IDC logo, there’s the menu that provides links to important pages such as the member list, Profile page, and Help section.


The Profile page provides access to the message inbox and of course enables the editing of your profile. You can change your password, email address, and avatar here. You can also see your forum subscriptions and subscribed threads in this page.

Additionally, there’s an Edit Options section under the Profile page. This allows you to configure some things in your account. You can hide from the Who’s Online list of the site, change messaging and notification settings, set the number of threads and posts displayed per page, set the default thread view, configure the date and time formats, and choose a board style.

There’s also a Personal Notepad feature in the Profile page. It’s just a simple virtual notepad that allows you to jot down some things. We don’t find it that useful, though.

Overall, the IDC interface is just like what you would expect in other darknet forums that also function as a marketplace. The noticeable difference, though, is that the site does not clearly segregate posts for ads and posts that are just plain forum questions. If you are visiting the site to see posts for items for sale, you will likely find it cumbersome having to go through various posts that don’t advertise anything but are simply asking questions or are just trying to initiate a discussion.

Product Categories and Listings

The Market section of Italian DarkNet Community is separated into 17 different groups of threads, including the threads not presented under “Market” section, but are basically part of the entire IDC marketplace. There’s a catch, though. These sorting of threads is only presented to paying users. Base or free users only see aggregated market posts similar to what is being described in the International Section part of this review.



  1. Drugs and Forerunners
  2. Documents and Fake Money
  3. Carding
  4. Hacking & Coding
  5. Electronics and Other Stuff

“Bad Stuff”

  1. Vicious Ideas (illegal or barely legal posts such as fraud and revenge)
  2. Bookmarker’s Corner (for enthusiasts of betting and gambling)
  3. Carding
  4. Printing House (counterfeits)
  5. Defamatory
  6. Jobs & Achievements (not really “bad stuff” but awards and jobs being offered by IDC to improve the forum)


  1. Hacking
  2. Security & Anonymity
  3. Telephony
  4. Cardsharing
  5. Addresses (section for reporting or sharing addresses, preferably .onion addresses, that can be useful to other members of IDC)

Although IDC supports almost all kinds of posts, it has some prohibitions. The site prohibits the following: pedophilia, child abuse, and acts of terrorism.

International Section

At the time this review was written, there were 2 threads in the International Forums section of IDC: English and French.

The number of threads under these sections are not as many as those in the regular Italian forum but these are a welcome addition to IDC. At the very least, the site appears to have some inclination to serve not only Italian users, unlike RAMP or the Russian Silk Road, which are only available in Russian.


The threads here are grouped according to the following: Forum Announcements, Important Threads, and Normal Threads. Of course, there aren’t as many threads here as there are in the main forum but these should provide a good introduction to the community.

Unfortunately, the International section of IDC does not group market (Normal) posts into categories that make them easier to browse. The English and French (or International section) does not have categories or separate threads for specific categories of posts.

We skimmed through the different posts to provide a glimpse of the different items you can expect to find in this darknet forum-marketplace. The following are some of the most common items you can find posted on the site:

  • Western Union transfer hack
  • Bitcoin portfolio
  • Passport scans
  • Cloned credit cards
  • Bank cards
  • Counterfeit items
  • Cloned credit cards
  • Data dumps
  • VAT-registered companies to help in
  • Anonymous SIM cards
  • Duplicate BTCs
  • IDs
  • Credit profiles
  • Euro hologram stickers
  • Leaked corporate Gmail accounts
  • Hacked online accounts
  • Counterfeit currencies from various countries
  • Carding
  • Drugs
  • Hacking
  • IP tracker
  • Partnerships
  • Translation services
  • Various “looking for” posts like those asking for an easy way to win slots and those who ask for people willing to stalk someone

Not everything posted on IDC is an offer to sell. There are also those that post for things Italian DarkNet Community want to buy. Curiously, these are not separated. In fact, Italian DarkNet Community are presented together with other posts that only intend to make an inquiry or initiate a discussion.

Search and Listing Filters

Italian DarkNet Community has a standard forum search feature. It’s similar to the search tool you will find in other forum-based darknet marketplaces. It’s disappointing, though, that this search function is not available to base or free users. It’s notably disappointing that you need to be a paying user of IDC to be able to access this feature.


How to Choose a Vendor

You can find information about sellers on IDC but only if you are a paying member. Just go to the Members’ List page. You will find various useful information information here but as usual, we recommend getting more information about the sellers you are considering through the forums. While IDC has a good system of preventing multiple accounts from inflating the reputation of one user, it is still better to obtain more information about vendors/sellers instead of completely relying on the readily presented vendor information on the site.

How to Pay for Purchases

Bitcoin is the preferred currency on Italian DarkNet Community. However, unlike The Majestic Garden, which allows users to transact directly with each other at IDC own risk, IDC has an escrow system—a manual escrow system. The process of using this manual escrow system is described in the How to Order section of this review.

How to Order

To place an order, a buyer needs to send a private message to a seller to clarify the price and terms of the sale. Once everything is agreed upon, the buyer must send a private message to the official escrow of IDC, iMarchese. The buyer then has to send the payment to ilMarchese (the official escrow), instead of sending it to the seller. The buyer then has to wait for the product to be delivered. Once the buyer receives the product, the buyer needs to inform the official escrow that the product has already been delivered or transaction has already been completed so the escrow can release the escrowed payment to the seller.

Italian DarkNet Community Support

There’s a Help page (link is on the menu bar) in the Italian DarkNet Community forum that provides answers to various questions about using the site. The good news for English users is that there’s an English Help section here.

Forum Topics

Of course, since Italian DarkNet Community is a forum, we can’t end this review without mentioning anything about its forum part.  The main discussions on the site are grouped as follows:

  • IDC Café (free chat section)
  • Droghe (Drugs, no sale allowed here)
  • Politics
  • Cryptocurrency and Economy
  • Sex
  • Diary
  • Religions and Esoterics
  • Misinformation, Leaks, Accounts, Database (section for spreading information that are typically not easily available or accessible. Includes guides, e-books, tips and tricks)

Pros and Cons


  • Post anything except for the few prohibitions mentioned in the review
  • Includes a section for non-Italian users (English and French)
  • Escrow payments are required if demanded by the buyer


  • For free/non-paying users, posts that offer products or those are looking for products are not segregated from posts that merely ask questions or initiate discussions
  • Forum not an intuitive interface for a marketplace

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