Hiding Behind the Darknet are Weapons, Drugs, and Killers

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Many reports concerning false identity cards and other documentations sold on the Darknet have been in circulation for some time now. A user spoke to reporters on the false documents. He made a statement that aside from the fact that people shop on the Darknet markets, they can also make for themselves passports. Ens, the board of administrator for RASH, told reporters that the unusual goods sold on the Darknet include Colombian diamond. This is sold by “Colombian Santos”. Moreover, there are other dangerous substances sold on the Darknet which is capable of turning a person into Zombie.

According to Ens, most of the drugs sold on the Darknet market are taken by teenagers. He added that the inscription “smoking mixture, salt, and spice” and the phone numbers written on them shows that the vendors live near most of the schools. However, one of the active users of an undisclosed darknet market, by the name Torumchanyna, told reporters that some Darknet platforms have banned “salt” and spice” since they have a large possibility of harming people and even causing their death.

Behind the Internet Makes it Dark

Typing behind the dark web
Behind the internet is a darker side where all kinds of services are run. Experts say that the deep web is 100 or 200 times larger than the internet most users access. Ian Walden, a Professor of Information and Communications Law said to reporters that “The deep web allows people to communicate without detection.” The software which, mask users identity, encrypting their data and bouncing them through a worldwide IP address has attracted more users to take advantage of it. This has made the Darknet wider than expected. “There is no way of eradicating it completely from the internet, it is simply too big,” he added.

Most of the forums are full of illegal weapons, drugs, counterfeit documents, hacking services and much more. It is estimated that a small shop earns an average of 5,000 USD per month. Behind the open internet are several Bookmarks used for selling drugs and weapons without meeting the dealer in person.

It was recently revealed that an armor plated Land Rover was priced 4,245.44 pounds on a Darknet market. The advertising label for this Land Rover reads “The former Ministry of Defence 4×4 offers high protection at very close range – ideal for use in high-risk situations.” The frequent transactions that occur on the various Darknet market websites are huge. The administrators in most Darknet markets such as the Detox ensure smooth transactions between the seller and the buyer, henceforth, people have no problem in dealing over there.

This is not all; information reaching us is that some of the Darknet websites offer hitmen services. The price for these hitmen service ranges from 12,000 pounds to 129,000 pounds. This is to kill anyone, including police officers.

Ens again confirmed the services of hitmen to reporters, even though he believes that there is nothing like genuine services on the Darknet: “No, there is no such, (referring to genuine services) all such services are fraud, or “Comrade Major” star earns. There are real services – bullying: beat someone, destroying property and so on.” These hitmen found on the Darknet are not cartoons drawn to represent something, but they actually exist.

Washington post came out with an interesting report. According to them, two-thirds of addicts have at least heard of the word “Milky Way”. However, 18% confirmed that they have purchased drug through it. This shows how popular the Darknet is becoming among interested parties.

It all started after the administrator, Ross Ulbricht of the infamous Silk Road market opened a Tor line shop space. This was quite similar to eBay and amazon but very different from them in many aspects. Aside from all the illegalities associated with Darknet market websites, some of them like French Connection prohibits child pornographic materials and the sale of weapons. This is no different from a broadcast message that appeared on the old Sild Road community. Ross said the website was not created to serve the purpose of selling drugs. “We see the potential of fundamentally different distribution of power. People can now control the flow of information, money and their distribution. Sector by sector, the role of the state loses monopoly distributor benefits. Authorities returned to the individual person,” said the old Silk Road owner.

Prosecutors revealed that the commission received on each transaction, by the Silk Road market owner on the two years of the website existence had a turnover of 200 million dollars. Also, the website owner became at least 18M USD richer.

Silk Road collapsed, and the owner was jailed, but the real adventure began right after. People began to engage in that venture and to try their luck. However, several Darknet websites have been set up, and the motive behind them is profit. Ens, in his interview with reporters, said: “The popularization of Tor blame the media – told that everything is easy to buy…”

FBIs in collaboration with other security personnel are deploying all strategies to track dealers down.

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