The Hidden Wiki 2016 Guide

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Hidden Wiki is mainly used in the Darknet as there are several wikis that are resistant to censorship and operate as Tor hidden services . With hidden wikis,one can edit the details after registering on the site without being known. The main page acts as a directory to other onion sites in the darkweb. The hidden wiki is mainly the Wikipedia of the Deep Web and is used by deep web users as a directory of the Tor network.

There are however several versions of the hidden wiki .They are known to be five in general. This is because the first versions was hacked and thus there have been formation of other versions as improvements of the first.

History of the hidden wiki

Hidden wiki was first in operation on the onion site and could only be accessed using the Tor browser. It had a page that acted as a link to other hidden services that was mainly illegal. These included links to making of bombs, cyber attacks etc. It had links to illegal sites because it was uncensored. It was iterated for the first time in 2011 for association with illegal content. It reached a certain point in mid 2013 that the site was hosted on freedom hosting. In March 2014, the site was hacked including its onion domain . This made the content to be monitored.

Unlike other wikis, for the hidden wiki there is no one official main wiki . The hidden wiki has several mirrors and forks that are hosted on the .onion websites. This is the case so as to increase accessibility reasons as the main wiki faces a lot of instability and downtime.

How to access the hidden wiki

tor pageBecause the hidden wiki is mainly used in the Darknet, it cannot be accessed by any regular browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox .It can however only be accessed by the Tor browser. Firefox can be used but under the Tor browser. From the Tor official page, which is  can get the link of downloading the Tor browser. On downloading the browser, one will first download the file then extract it to a destination folder. Upon extraction one can then start the Tor browser and Firefox will open using that as the homepage. From that, you can access the hidden wiki from the .onion site.

As much as Tor is an anonymous browser and offers a high level of security, it does not necessarily mean it’s 100% safe and thus one should employ some safety measures to ensure added security and privacy. This may include turning off java script and all cookies . Temporary data should be cleared and CCleaner should not be used. The Webcam should also be turned off .

An easy way of accessing the hidden wiki links is copy pasting the following URL onto the Tor browser:

Just in case the hidden wiki link is down, the following mirrors of the hidden wiki can be used:

Safety of the hidden wiki

Just because one uses Tor it does not mean that they are anonymous. Your annonymity is dependent on a number of factors and they may include:

  • The soft wares that are running on ones computer. This is due to the fact that some software’s can compromise ones privacy and may not be very safe.
  • How you use the internet. For example if you post details about yourself on the Internet you are definitely compromising your privacy. Clear web Http pages are also able to identify one thus should not be visited often. The use of cookies or JavaScript can also compromise ones privacy.
  • You should not be in the habit of doing the same things about yourself as hackers can predict your behaviour trends and use it against you.
  • It is said that using Windows also increases the chances of compromising privacy and thus it is advisable to use Tails or Linux for the deep web

In order to safely use the hidden wiki there are precautions that have to be taken . In the deep web the users are not like in the normal web and thus you may come across hackers trying to steal information or stealing your bitcoins . Some of the precautions that can be taken include:

  1. The hidden wiki should no be used for any site that is involved with cryptocurrencies . This is because most of the links listed there are phasing links or scams and they are mostly used by scammers to steal bitcoins or whatever cryptocurrencies used. A better list can be gotten from DDW DarkNetMarkets/wiki/superlist
  2. The Tor browser should always be updated .This can be done from the security and privacy settings . If you click on the let of the URL bar you will get security and privacy settings. You should select it and move the security level bar high. This will help to disable JavaScript and other programs that may pose a threat.
  3. Subscribe to a VPN service just to be sure you are safe. This will help to increase anonymity especially for the case where you are deannonymized in the network. This can be done through

Hidden wiki on Android

Using the hidden wiki on Android is not any different from the web. One main rule is that a Tor browser has to be used to ensure annonymity . There are also apps that can be used for browsing the deep web and with this the hidden wiki can be used. An example of such an app is anonymous web browser app. Just like the Web however, one is responsible for their own security and privacy and thus should take measures to ensure that. This may include being careful of the apps that are downloaded and installed on the Android device as well as being careful with Java scripts.

Hidden wiki on IOS

There are several IOS apps that can be used to access the deep web. They include:

  • Free Tor browser
  • iOnion
  • Onion VPN with Tor
  • Red Onion
  • Onion browser by Mike Taigas

They are all different but serve the same function and thus it is important for one to read the reviews so as to choose an app that will best suite their needs.

Upon installing the app then one can comfortably access the hidden wiki which will help one to access the .onion sites . For ones safety, it is however not advisable to download anything for the deep web sites as scammers can use that as a link to inadequate ones privacy. One should also be careful of the sites that they visit .

Challenges facing the hidden wiki

The hidden wiki has faced it’s fair share of challenges including being hacked. It was hacked and the private key was stolen by scammers. This led to hidden wiki Uncensored which is to provide more privacy and security of its users . There might be a possibility that the hidden key was returned to the owners of the hidden wiki or the key was used to create a mirror of the hidden wiki. This therefore means that the hidden wiki is not very safe after all and thus one is responsible for their own privacy and safety.

Another main challenge of the hidden wiki is that some of its sites are being seized and thus cannot be accessed. The US government has been very keen on tracking and seizing down of the sites.

Apart from being hacked and seized, there are sites on the hidden wiki that are fake and are used by scammers to get information of the users. Therefore, one should be careful as there are many fake sites too. The fact that anyone can edit what is in the hidden wiki has increased the chances of scammers and phasing sites which don’t have good intentions.

The fact that there are many hidden wikis may pose as a challenge to a beginner on which one to choose as they may all look similar. They are not.

The hidden wiki and the deep web are mainly used for illegal activities or associated with illegal activities. Due to this fact, the users get the attention of agencies that deal with security and thus if one is not very careful they may pose a threat of getting tracked.

The hidden wiki in a way has led to many problems such as drug trafficking , child pornography among many others and this had led to many societal problems that could otherwise be avoided. It is through the hidden wiki that one can get links to access the deep web.

Unlike the regular web, the deep web needs users who are more aware of what they are doing so that they don’t pose a risk to themselves. Some of the sites may be dangerous and thus one needs to have all the facts right. Due to this fact, some people find it complicated to access it. That’s why the hidden wiki does not have as many users as the other wiki.

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