Bitcoin Tumbling Mixing and Cleaning with Helix

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When people need a service to mix their Bitcoins the name that emerges as a Bitcoin tumbling service of trust is Helix by Grams. In this review we will talk about Helix and what Helix is all about. We will then guide you how to use this simple bicoin cleaner (or mixer or Tumbler….same thing).

Helix onion link addresses and URL:

  • http://grams7enufi7jmdl.onion/helix

Helix web link:


So what exactly is Helix by Grams? Well it is a service that acts as a middle man between the sender of Bitcoins and the receiver

Helix light and user is clean

Helix by Grams sits as a wall between the sender of Bitcoins and the receiver. For ease of understanding it is a wall that protects the privacy of the user in the Bitcoin world. We can also refer to this wall as a porous wall that lets Bitcoins flow through it in a regulated and controlled manner.

Let us take a scenario in which a user needs to maintain a clean identity but he or she has to send out Bitcoins to an individual, group or an agency that are not so clean in terms of the business that they conduct or the image that they have.

btc changing hands

So if this user that has a clean image and depicted as the white glove on the right decided to send some Bitcoins to let’s say Mr. Shady on the left (image above) then anyone in the Bitcoin world would be able to trace this transaction as the Blockchain Analysis would show that some Bitcoin money was sent by Mr. Clean to Mr. Shady.

Now take the scenario when Mr. clean uses the tumbling services of Helix by Grams

btc mixing with helix

So what happens in this scenario is depicted in the image above. Here what Mr. Clean very smartly does is that he sends his Bitcoin money to Helix by Grams. So what does a person doing Blockchain analysis see? Well he would see that Mr. clean has sent some money to some address. In the meantime the helix by Grams tumbling service gets the instruction to send out the Bitcoins to one Mr. Shady who is the guy on the left. So chances of linking this transaction to Mr. Clean are greatly reduced as the person tracking is more likely to track the trail of the Bitcoin money from Mr Clean to some address which is a random address. Now what the intermediary or Middleman called Helix by Grams does is that it sends out the required money to Mr. Shady through some other disposable address that it would be using for a one time transaction. Of course the Helix service would be doing all this to protect the privacy and identity of the users transaction in return for a fee.

Now let us take another scenario where Mr. clean is supposed to get some Bitcoin money from My Shady. In the normal course of transaction where Mr. Clean directly gives out his Bitcoin address to Mr. Shady the transaction happens as shown in the following image.

Here again it is very easy and a trivial job for anyone trying to track transactions to see from where is the dirty trail of Bitcoin Money received by Mr. Clean coming from.

So Mr. Clean takes the service of a Bitcoin Mixing service provider called Helix by Grams.

paying btc anonymously

Here Mr. Clean does not give his Bitcoin address to Mr. Shady instead he gives him an address provided by Helix by Grams. Mr. Shady sends the Bitcoin money which to a person doing analysis would appear as tainted money. This money is sent to a Bitcoin address that has no correlation or connection with Mr. Clean. Once the money reaches this address. The corresponding amount of clean Bitcoins are sent out to Mr. Clean from another address by the Helix service.

From the point of track ability and traceability. Mr. Clean has received some Bitcoin money from a clean source and for all practical purposes it is clean Bitcoin money. For doing this work the Helix service would deduct some fee.

Now let’s take another case. Here Mr. Clean is a regular Guy. He could be a hair dresser, a baker, a Pizza maker or a Doctor. Now when a person approaches him, takes his services and in return wishes to pay using Bitcoin Money.

pay using Bitcoin Money for Service with Helix


Now Mr. Clean does not know if his client is Mr. Shady or Mr. White. Is the Bitcoin he is receiving clean or tainted? So what does he feel? He feels a degree of concern about his privacy.

As always he can use the mixing or btc mixing services of Helix by Grams and the scenario would play out like this.

mixing or tumbling services of Helix

Here Mr. Clean does not have to bother if his client is Mr. Shady or Mr. White. He would always route his payment through Helix by Grams. As a default procedure he could engage the service who would provide him with an address to deposit Bitcoins. He would give this address to his clients who would in turn pay him his dues as Bitcoin deposits to this address. Once the money is deposited in the respective provided addresses the corresponding amount of clean Bitcoin money is transferred to the clean addresses of Mr. Clean. Yes he does pay a fee to Helix by Grams but it in turn ensures that his Bitcoin money is always clean irrespective of the source from where it has originated.

Here are a few salient features to be noted about Helix mixer.

  • – The Helix service advises its users to do 1 transaction at a time
  • – An order between 0.2 BTC to 21 BTC can be executed at a time
  • – From the point the transaction is initiated an 8 hour window is created for the user to make a deposit.
  • – The process of sending out the clean coins is usually completed in about 30 minutes.
  • – There is no need to register or create any account. So identity of user is safe.
  • – There is a randomized feature present that makes the process both simple and with added features of

random delay and randomized transactions.

There is no entry fee.

Now Let us see how this service works I would list all the steps required for a starter who wants to make use of the Helix by Grams tumbling service. Before you use the step by step guide please read it in its entirety as I have listed some optional steps in the end for enhanced security. For the purpose of this guide I assume you have a clean Bitcoin address in which you want to save and store your finally received clean Bitcoins. If not then you can download and install one of numerous wallets on a computer/device that is preferably different from the one on which you want to do your Bitcoin Tumbling transaction. One such wallet provider service is Electrum

How to Use Helix – Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1. Connect your Laptop/ Desktop or the device on which you want to do the Bitcoin tumbling transaction to the internet. You have the option to use an open public internet so that the connection cannot be tracked to you. Use of a good VPN is advisable

Step 2. Install and Launch the Tor Browser

It all starts with a secure browser. If you are going to indulge in Bitcoin tumbling or mixing then the first thing that you need is a secure browser. Tor is the browser of choice. One can download and install the Tor browser from here.

In case you need some help in installing the browser or have questions about its usage then you can find a detailed article over here.

Step 2.3: (Optional for Greater security) Create some wallet addresses on wallet providers that work over TOR such as Bitaddress

Step 3: Open the Helix Light by Grams .onion link website http://grams7enufi7jmdl.onion/helix/light in the TOR browser

Step 4

This is the point you have to decide and input the clean addresses onto which you would like to receive your clean bit coins.

Helix gives us the options of entering up to 5 Bitcoin addresses into which one wants to receive the cleaned up Bitcoins.

Enter the Bitcoin addresses in the space provided. Please refer to the image below and the space has been encircled in red.

These can be the addresses generated from an online wallet over the TOR browser that is Enter btc address to clean the coins

These can be the addresses you have generated in Step 2. Optionally it could be the addresses of the people whom you want to pay using clean Bitcoins. Entering your own addresses gives you greater control over your Bitcoins. Once you have entered the addresses and hit the Lets go button. Helix generates and provides you with

Step 5: In response Helix provides you with a temporary address to send your dirty Bitcoins to be cleaned

Here you have two options either directly share this address with the provider of tainted Bitcoin money so that Bitcoin money can be sent to this Bitcoin address or first you can receive the money in a Bitcoin address that you generated over TOR in step 2.

Whichever route you choose you have a time window of 8 hours for making this deposit. Beyond this window this address would be deleted and the process would have to be started all over again.

It is advised that you do not send more than 1 transaction.

One is supposed to send a minimum of 0.02 BTC and a maximum of 21 BTC

min deposit for helix

Corresponding to the transaction that a user has initiated a Helix Id would be generated that would be unique for every transaction and should be noted and quoted in case of need of any communication pertaining to this particular transaction.

This interface provides the user with the option of adding a random delay. A button also gives him the option of selecting multiple transactions.

Grams checks for money sent into the address provided every 5 minutes.

Step 6: Once it receives the Bitcoins to be cleaned it assigns the clean Bitcoins to be sent out to the user. The sending out of Bitcoins to the user is as per user choices which are…

Random delay: Here the clean Bitcoins are sent to the user after a random delay or

Multiple transactions: In this case the user receives the sum of money as individual and distinct transactions from different addresses.

For its services the Helix tumbling service deducts a fee of 2.5%

In 95% of cases the Bitcoins are sent out in a time span of approximately 30 minutes. If the user has selected a random time delay then this delay would be calculated and the transactions would be executed accordingly.

Optional Step to enhance security: In case the user is familiar and comfortable with Linux then he can use a bootable linux or a live CD/DVD to boot into a Linux system called Tails. It helps the user to stay anonymous while carrying out the transactions. One can find detailed instructions on how to use tails over here .


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    Excuse me, yesterday I sent money to Helix, but I was not registered.
    I cannot find a valid email address to contact them.
    This address don’t run.
    And with the address .onion, to contact them I must be registered, but this is impossible…
    Please, could you indicate to me another way to contact them?
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