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Hansa Market is a dark web marketplace that claims to focus on the minimization of scams among vendors and market admins through its “trustless payment system.” It supports multisig escrow payments, does not require deposits, and prohibits FE or partial escrow transactions. It also touts an “easy-to-use payment system and a welcoming layout.” This darknet market is not affiliated with an earlier Hansa dark web market that had been hacked and shut down.

Hansa Market

Hansa Market HomePage Looks Like This

Hansa Market URL Address:

  • http://hansamkt2rr6nfg3.onion/dashboard/settings/

Alternative onion and not onion Links to Hansa Market chanels and Hansa  Forum

  • http://hansamkt2rr6nfg3.onion/forums/

** Please note: Those are .Onion Hansa Marketplace Link (url addresses). .Onion links will open in Tor browser.

Things You Need to Know about Hansa Market

Just like other darknet markets, there are things you need before you can access Hansa Market and to make sure that you will be able to buy or sell things securely, safely, and anonymously. If you plan on buying or selling on Hansa, be sure to get acquainted with the following: the Tor browser bundle, VPN service, PGP, and bitcoins.

You need the Tor browser to access http://hansamkt2rr6nfg3.onion/ or other .onion websites since the Hansa Market cannot be opened by just ordinary browsers. The VPN service is for hiding your online activity tracks. PGP, on the other hand, is for encrypting your messages and other data shared online. We have an exhaustive post about PGP so be sure to check it out. Lastly, you need bitcoins as the currency to use on the Hansa marketplace, to be able to do anonymous transactions.

You can actually proceed to buying things on Hansa with just the Tor browser and your bitcoins but you can’t be guaranteed of your safety and anonymity. Also, you may skip the PGP part, but again, there will be that possibility of having your information compromised. Bear in mind that Hansa Market is not your ordinary shopping site. It is a dark web marketplace and you will most likely only be going here as you look for items that are unlikely going to be sold out in the open.

Hansa Marketplace Account Registration

Getting a Hansa Market account wouldn’t take more than 10 seconds. The account registration form only asks for a username, password, and the security code. Just be sure to fill out the password confirmation field. Strangely, it’s easy to not notice it.

Hansa Marketplace Account Registration

You will not be automatically logged in. After your account gets created, you will just see a small note indicating that your account has already been created and that you can already log in.

By default, you are a given a buyer account when you register on Hansa Market. You can turn your account into a vendor account, though, by going to the Account Dashboard page. There’s a Become a Vendor link below the Vendor section on the left side of the account dashboard.

The Hansa Market Place Account Interface and Functions

The Hansa darknet marketplace appears to have a feature-rich account interface or dashboard. It has a messaging system, notifications, and a neat order monitoring and management system. There’s also a Settings page that allows you to set the currency, enable/disable images on the site, enable/disable group listings, and add a refund bitcoin address. There’s also an option to enable 2FA or two-factor authentication in the Settings page.

Hansa Market Place Account Interface

This Is How Hansa Market Place Account Interface Looks Like

Hansa Market’s interface has a familiar modern look. On the right topmost part, there are notifications for site announcements, new messages, and shopping cart. There are quick access links to the forums and support resources to the left. Everything is well laid out. It’s easy to find the things you might be looking for.

By the way, the account homepage presents the categories and listings. As soon as you log in, you will be directed to the categories and listings available on the site. There’s no clutter to find in the way the site is presented. Everything displayed appears useful and there are no ads or annoyances flashing on the screen. Also, there’s the handy Hansa search bar on top, just below the menu bar, to allow you to quickly search for a listing you want on the Hansa marketplace without having to go back to the main page.

You don’t have to activate javascript support on the Tor browser to be able to properly navigate around the Hansa Market website. All pages and functions are accessible without javascript support.

Hansa Categories and Listings

Hansa Market is not as big as the other leading marketplaces on the dark web. However, it still features thousands of listings in a number of categories. The major categories available are as follows (with their respective number of listings at the time this Hansa Market review was written):

  • Drugs (8017)
  • Lab Supplies (19)
  • Digital Goods (6298)
  • Erotica (910)
  • Jewellery (17)
  • Services (750)
  • Guides & Tutorials (2386)
  • Fraud Related (1410)
  • Electronics (27)
  • Counterfeits (573)
  • Security & Hosting (43)
  • Miscellaneous (218)

Hansa Categories

  • The Drugs category includes the common categories you will find in other darknet marketplaces. There’s cannabis, ecstasy, stimulants, prescription, psychedelics, steroids, tobacco, opioids, benzos, weight loss pills, dissociatives, paraphernalia, and the “others” subcategory.
  • For the Lab Supplies category, you might expect paraphernalia or DIY products here but most of the listings under this category are actually hacked or stolen premium online accounts and guides.
  • Digital Goods features thousands of software, e-books, digital entertainment products, and other related listings.
  • The Erotica category of Hansa Market is of course about erotic accounts and materials. The listings here are not sorted by category so you really have to do some digging for a good find or you need to use the filter function of the site.
  • The Jewellery category on the site lists just a few jewelry-related items. Many of the items we found here while doing this review were not related to jewelry.
  • The Services section features ID & Passports, Hacking, Malware & Botnets, and Other subcategories.
  • For the Guides & Tutorials category, there are listings for fraud, drugs, security, hacking, and other topics of interest such as having an unlimited Netflix account and online money-making methods.
  • The Fraud Related category has the following subcategories: Accounts & Drops, Dumps, Cards & CW, and Documents & Data.
  • If you are looking for black market devices and equipment, cloned SIM cards, stolen phones or gadgets, and other electronic fraud products and services, go over the Hansa Market Electronics category.
  • The Counterfeits category presents the following subcategories: Accessories, Apparel, Money, and Other.
  • Security & Hosting features listings on web hosting, Socks, and VPN services.
  • Lastly, the Miscellaneous category features a multitude of listings including hardware bitcoin wallets, money-making e-books, “FBI software investigating tools,” online accounts, guides, hacking tutorials, and more.

Although vendors can post different kinds of inappropriate or unacceptable listings on the Hansa dark web marketplace, there are still prohibitions instituted. These restricted listings are animal and child pornography, snuff films, the sale of human organs, human trafficking, murder or assassination services, and the sale of living animals.

Although Hansa’s categories and listings look great, the organization or sorting of listings leave something to be desired. There are a number of misplaced listings in different categories. That’s why we think it would be better to just use the search function and filters instead of doing a search category by category.

The listings are neatly presented on the site. There’s a thumbnail for every listing, title, vendor information (including Level and number of positive and negative feedbacks), price, and the number of times the listing has been viewed. The prices, by the way, are presented in both bitcoins and the currency you specified for your account.

Hansa Market Search Filters

Hansa has a good search filtering solution. After doing a search, just click on the Filter button to display the different options available. You can limit your search results according to the following factors:

  • Listing Class (Physical, Digital, or Instant Delivery)
  • Vendor Level (a range of 2-15)
  • Shipping Origin (country)
  • Shipping Destination (country)
  • Minimum Number of Positive Feedbacks (2-2,000)
  • Minimum Price
  • Maximum Price
  • Show Trusted Vendors Only
  • Show Active Vendors Only (Active vendors are those who have been online on Hansa Market in the last three days)

Hansa Market Search Filters

These are of course already self-explanatory. Perhaps the only thing that needs some explanation is the vendor level. The Vendor Level states more than just the relative trustworthiness of a vendor. It also implies the details shown in the table below:i Hansa fees

The higher vendor level is obviously better. Also, be mindful of the duration of the Auto-Finalize (the order is automatically deemed to have been successfully delivered sans the notification from the buyer).

How to Choose a Vendor on Deep Web Hansa Marketplace

Like most other darknet and deep web (or deepdotweb like some call it those days) markets, Hansa has profile pages for all of its vendors. Most of what you need to evaluate a vendor are presented in these profiles. They present an indicator as to whether or not the vendor is a trusted vendor, the vendor level, number of orders served, and feedback ratings (positive, neutral, negative). The feedback ratings are actually not ratings (grade/ranking) but just a count of how many positive, neutral, or negative ratings a vendor has. Moreover, the vendor profile pages present overviews of the vendors along with details on their terms and feedback from customers.

Vendor on Deep Web Hansa Marketplace

Hansa Market provides the advantage of having the familiar look and feel of a traditional shopping site or marketplace. The feedbacks even include details on the actual delivery times and dates.

Moreover, the profile pages provide quick links to the vendors’ store pages. These store pages are like a mini version of what you see on the Hansa homepage. There are categories to the left and the listings occupying the middle-right portion of the page. It provides a familiar way of browsing for products. You can also instantly see how many products are listed for a particular category.

Logically, you must choose a vendor that has already had numerous transactions and the highest number of positive feedbacks. It would also be preferable to choose a trusted vendor and someone with a higher vendor level. However, you can’t base all of your decisions to only what you see on the vendor profile pages. As much as possible, also consider doing some inquiries or research at the Hansa forums (link is on top, beside Support).

How to Add Funds on Hansa DarkWeb Market

When it comes to the handling of bitcoins, Hansa is a little different from other darknet markets. It does not make use of a deposit system. You will not be asked to send deposits. However, you will still have to add a bitcoin address for your account. You cannot do transactions on the Hansa Market without adding your bitcoin wallet address.

Since there are no deposits involved, your fund source when buying is your own bitcoin wallet. That means the protection of your funds is your sole responsibility.

Add Bitcoin on Hansa DarkWeb Market

Ordering Guide – Start with Hansa Onion URL

To place an order through Hansa darknet market, you just have to to the URL (Hansa link URL address from above) go to the listing you want and click on the Buy Now button or click on the listing title to go to the listing page. You then have to enter the quantity you want and click on the Buy Now button. After this, you will be brought to a page where you can enter your shipping address as a message to the vendor. Don’t forget to check the option to have your message encrypted with the vendor’s PGP key. You may also enter a gift code for your order, if you have any.

Hansa order

Once you proceed to the payment process (after clicking the Continue to Payment button), a unique bitcoin wallet address will then be generated. You will be sending your payment to this address. This address will only accept bitcoin transfers within 15 minutes. If you fail to pay the price for the item you ordered, the bitcoin address will be reset and the price of the item you intend to buy will be recalculated. The vendor has 2 days or 48 hours to act on your order (accept or decline).

As mentioned, Hansa supports multisig payments. By default, when the vendor accepts the order, the payment is transferred to a 2-2 multisignature wallet. This wallet requires the signature of both Hansa and the vendor to access the amount. You also have the option to use 2-of-3 multisignature payment, which provides the advantage of enabling you to access the fund in case the vendor gets banned or refuses to settle a dispute. To enable 2-of-3 multisig, you have to go to your account dashboard, click on the Multi-Signature link, and follow the step-by-step instructions given.

To emphasize, there are two multisig options here: 2-2 and 2-of-3. In the former (the default used on Hansa Market), two signatures (Hansa’s and the vendor’s) are needed to release the fund. In the latter, there are three signatures involved (Hansa’s, the vendor’s, and yours) but only two are required. This 2-of-3 setup is a good safeguard against scamming site admins.

All orders are to be finalized only after the items are received by the buyers. Hansa Market has the policy of prohibiting early finalization.

If the order did not arrive as indicated on the listing, if the item sent was wrong, or if the item is incomplete or damaged, a dispute can then be initiated. These are the only instances Hansa accommodates a dispute. Disputes cannot be undertaken for the following reasons: a below par product quality, inability of the handle or use a digital product, and obsolescence.

HansaMarket Support

Hansa Market has a Support page that conveniently presents all of the support resources and options available to buyers and vendors. There are details on how to obtain bitcoins, how place and finalize orders, how does the Hansa Level System work, and what should be done regarding disputes. The Support page also comes with a Contact button for sending messages to Hansa’s admin within the website.

Pros and Cons


  • Good site design and fast page loading
  • Unique bitcoin address for every order (no need to deposit bitcoins)
  • Excellent vendor profiles and store pages
  • 2-of-3 multisig payment option


  • Number of listings and vendors is not as many as those of the bigger darknet marketplaces
  • Some listings are not in their proper categories
  • No finalize early (FE) option, something that may not be favorable to some users

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