Hansa Market Temporarily Closes Registration

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Following AlphaBay Market’s closing, its former users turned to other popular sites such as Hansa Market and Dream Market to purchase their favorite products. Unfortunately for some users, Hansa was forced to temporarily close registrations due to the inundation of new customers.
On their official subreddit, Hansa posted an announcement communicating this issue: “Due to the influx of AlphaBay refugees we are dealing with technical issues. We have set a temporary stop on new registrations until further notice.”

Of course, Hansa and Dream Market are not the only darknet markets open for business at this time, though the alternatives vary in their selections of products, as well as the types of transactions they allow. For those unfamiliar with rest of the darknet markets on Tor, here is a quick summary of several of them. (Note: the titles link to our reviews, which have the market links on them.)

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T•chka Free Market

T•chka is a market of Russian origin (but whose text is in English); it is a traditional escrow market. Like many of the other markets, they primarily sell drugs of various kinds, but they also have a decent amount of digital goods, guides and tutorials (hacking, etc.), and hacking services. Among their drugs categories are such items as cannabis (hash, buds); stimulants (cocaine, amphetamine); psychedelics (LSD, DMT); and dissociatives (ketamine).


The Trade Route


The Trade Route is a market that several experienced darknet users created together, on the premise that they were tired of the scams associated with several other markets. Part of their scam prevention features include: security escrow and multisig payments, the option for two-factor authentication (2FA), and around-the-clock support. As for goods, they offer a wide variety of drugs, including empathogens (MDMA, MDA); cannabis; stimulants (meth, cocaine); psychedelics (mescaline, mushrooms); dissociatives (GHB, ketamine); and opiates (codeine, fentanyl). In addition, they sell a number of digital goods and forgeries. Though our review describes them as having less than 2000 listings, this has definitely improved since that time.

Wall Street Market

Wall Street Market is a multisig market that sells both physical and digital goods. Though they specialize in the latter, they have an excellent selection of drugs as well, including cannabis, MDMA, benzos, ecstasy, opiates, steroids, stimulants, and pharmaceuticals. Beyond this, they sell counterfeit items, carding ware, software and malware, and fraud related items like accounts and credit cards. The market is easy to use, and because of their multisig system, you are less likely to get scammed.

House of Lions

House of Lions is an escrow market, formerly known as Leo Market. It not only sells drugs, but also weapons and some digital goods. Its drug categories include: cannabis and hash; dissociatives; ecstasy; opioids; stimulants; psychedelics; and benzos, as well as a category called “Other,” which features miscellaneous drugs. Beyond drugs, its “Weapons” category features such items as military guns and pistols, though the selection is much smaller. While it has fewer items, registration is much less likely to get bogged down here.

Zion Market


Zion Market is a multisig market which accepts payments in both bitcoin and Monero, as well as automatic PGP and 2FA. It features a variety of drugs, including: cannabis (weed, hash); ecstasy (MDMA, MDA); stimulants (cocaine, methamphetamine); opioids (heroin, opium); and psychedelics (2C, DMT). Besides drugs, it also features a fair amount of digital goods. Its selection was limited at the start, but is always growing.

Apple Market


Apple Market features three types of transactions: FE, escrow, and 2-of-3 multisig – in other words, they do have some scam prevention measures in place. They, too, feature a diverse selection of drugs, including: benzos; cannabis (buds, concentrates); dissociatives (ketamine, GHB); ecstasy (methylone, MDMA); prescription drugs (stimulants, sidenafil); opioids (fentanyl, heroin); and psychedelics (DMT, mescaline), among other categories. In addition to the drugs, they also have quite a few digital goods (hence the “Apple” name).

All in all, there are plenty of decent alternatives to the top markets, and though some of them have smaller selections at present, this is likely to grow – especially if the markets increase in popularity. Also, it’s to be expected that new markets will be created in the near future, though they will face a lot of competition.

While it may be a challenge for the former users of AlphaBay to find anything comparable, the above markets do have a reasonable selection of goods, and are prepared for a convergence of new customers. In time, one of them may even be the “next AlphaBay.”

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