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Guerilla Mail is an email service provider that can be used with TOR browser so that you are able to hide your IP over the internet and so your communication will be private and secure. Guerrilla mail was created in 2006 and it offers the possibility to receive and send emails. Guerilla mail has a very interesting system of emailing, you receive a disposable email address and you don’t have to register like you usually do when you get a commercial email address. A random address will be given to you and you can give that address to whoever you don’t trust. Besides the fact that you can use a random email address each time you visit Guerilla, you can also set your own email address that you can use it every time.

Guerrillamail Pricing

Guerilla mail is a free service and you don’t need to pay anything, at least for now. You can use this email service provider with a normal browser such as Chrome or Firefox, but you can also use it with Tor anonymous browser that will help you to keep your identity protected when you communicate through the internet with other users.

Guerrillamail Features

  • Guerilla mail is a free email service usable with Tor browser
  • All the incoming emails are kept for just one hour
  • You can use a scrambled address for further protection of privacy
  • With GuerillaMail you will have the opportunity to use your own domain

Guerrilla mail is not like any other email providers you can use from the commercial niche or even from the darknet market sites. It is special because you can use your address one time and that email address is disposable. It is a free email service and another important feature is that the emails are kept inbox for just one hour and then removed and if you want you can use a scrambled address for higher privacy.

Guerilla mail Advantages

Guerillamail Pros

  • Guerilla mail is free
  • It is anonymous
  • Can be used with Tor
  • Email address is disposable
  • Emails are kept one hour on server
  • Choose a permanent email address
  • User your own domain with Guerilla

Guerrilla mail is anonymous as long as you use it with Tor and your IP is hidden. Another big advantage is that is free and the address is disposable and the emails are kept on the server just one hour and if you want you can choose a permanent email address.

Guerilla mail Disadvantages

Guerillamail Cons

  • No spam folder
  • Anyone can access the inbox ID if he knows it
  • Google Adsense inside
  • Google Analytics

There are a lot of advantages with being a disposable email address, but at the same time, it has some disadvantages because you can’t have an SMTP, IMAP or POP3 service. There are Google Adsense inside your mailbox and also Google analytics. Another big disadvantage is that anyone that knows your ID can access your email.

Guerilla Mail With Your Own Domain

Guerillamail own domain

With Guerilla mail, you will be able to bring your own domain to send and receive emails. You will get a superior spam protection and you will have your own disposable email site for your business. Why should you do that? Because using a regular Guerilla mail domain you may be blocked by certain services, but using your own domain, this problem will be solved. The setup for hosting your own domain email is very easy, you just have to point your name servers to Guerilla mail or just modify the MX records if you are an advanced user.

You will have the ability to set your site for private or public use, you can create limitless sites and add many domains, each site will have its homepage link, you get a custom logo, you can even edit CSS and also there is available a language editor. You can set up a favicon for your website, you can paste your javascript code or your own banner, you get SSL certificate and you can easily add social buttons.

Guerilla Mail Own Domain Host Pricing

Guerilla Mail own domain pricing
There are two upgrades available with Guerilla Mail, and these are using an alternative domain or upgrading an alternative domain to a hosted domain. Adding an alternative domain will cost you $9.99 per domain per year and you will get your own site like you can customise your website, you will have your domain as your email and you get email and web support. The second plan, the Get hosted one will cost your $69.99 per year and you get your site hosted on your domain, a free SSL certificate, email sending, you can customise your site, you will have your domain for email and you get email and web support.

Guerilla Mail Own Domain Email Registration

Guerilla Mail Own Domain Registration

Registration for having your own domain hosted with Guerilla Mail is easy and it takes just a few moments. First, you have to go to Guerilla Mail Homepage and then go to the bottom of the page and where you see Learn More click there and you will be taken to another page. There you have to click the Sign-Up button and start the registration process as you can see in the animated picture above.

Guerilla Mail Overview

Guerilla Mail is a great email provider that gives your lots of options to send anonymous emails through them or even host your domain there. If you choose the free version you will have to the possibility to use an email address that has no spam folder, no SMTP, IMAP or POP3 services but it’s free, can be used with TOR, the email address is disposable, or you can even choose a permanent email address. You will see ads in your free email and also you are tracked with Google Analytics like in Gmail.

Another great option is that you can host your domain with Guerilla Mail and you can send and receive emails. This option is not free, in fact, there are two plans, one will cost $9.99 per year and the other one $69.99 per year. Using your own domain with Guerilla Mail is a better option because your emails will not be blocked by different filters on the web.

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