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Google the word “Grams” and you’ll probably be surprised why there are top search results that are not related to the weight unit but to a search engine. That’s because Grams is the name of a search engine particularly created for the darknet community.

What is Grams Search Engine?

Grams is an online search service that focuses on Tor-based marketplaces on the dark web such as AlphaBay and Valhalla. It can scour multiple darknet markets to find a variety of items.

The service is undeniably based on the Google web search engine. From the logo to the search engine’s layout and other related services, Grams is without a doubt created to be the unaffiliated Google counterpart on the dark web. In fact, in 2014, Grams introduced Gramwords, a service comparable to the Adwords program of Google.

grams home

This is how Grams Search Engine Looks like. This is the .Onion URL Grams link: http://grams7enufi7jmdl.onion

What is GramsDeepweb Search Engine URL?

Grams marketplaces search engine Darkweb .onion Link is: http://grams7enufi7jmdl.onion.

  • You need to use Tor browser in order to visit Grams search engine

How to Access Grams Marketplaces Search Engine

Grams has the following URL: http://grams7enufi7jmdl.onion/. Obviously, this is an Onion link, it’s an Onion network website so you can’t access it by just using ordinary web browsers. You need the Tor browser bundle to use this dark web search engine.

Simply searching for information about or in the dark web marketplace is unlikely going to be considered a crime so you may not use a VPN service as you use Grams marketplaces search engine. However, if you are using Grams with the intention of really buying something, it would be better to use VPN to get rid of your online activity tracks. You will have to do it as you buy from a darknet market anyway. The Tor browser is not enough to give you full anonymity as you buy things from markets on the dark web.

While you’re at it, it would also be advisable to just have your PGP public key ready. PGP allows you to have an anonymous chat with a vendo through PGP. There might also be instances when you want to contact Grams, especially when you want to inquire about its related services such as Helix.

Account Registration – Is It Needed?

You may notice that there’s a Login link on the upper right corner of the Grams website. Yes, you have the option to sign up for an account and log in as you use Grams but this is not necessary unless you are planning to use Grams’ other services and functions. If you want to use Grams’ darknet bitcoin cleaner called Helix or if you want to use Grams’ advertising service, you may want to sign up for an account.

Signing up for a Grams account is similar to how you do it with Google. The page almost looks exactly the same. It’s also a relatively quick process. You just have to enter your username, password, and public PGP key. You will be asked to pay a 0.01 BTC consumable entry fee. This amount will be added to your account balance and can be used with the Helix service.

Grams Interface and Functions (Basic)

As mentioned, Grams pretty much resembles Google so it shouldn’t be difficult figuring out how to use it. To search, you just have to enter the keyword you want and Grams will look for all the existing matches. There’s also an “I’m Feeling Lucky” button that directly takes you to a specific site.

The search results, as Grams marketplaces search is aimed at finding vendors or products on the darknet, are comparable to the search results for product listings on Google. There’s a product thumbnail, URL, title, description, and information on the vendor, price, and location. The search results also indicate under which darknet market a listing or vendor is listed in. Right beside the URL for the search result, you will see the name of the market where you can buy the product.


The prices for the products shown in the search results are in BTC by default but you can instruct Grams to present the prices in other currencies. Just go to the Set Currency section on the right side of the search results page to choose the currency you prefer. At the time we did this review, the other currencies supported were USD, EUR, GBP, and AUD.

Advanced Search. Again, just like Google, Grams features advanced search. On top of the search results, there’s an Advanced Search link that allows you to do a search with more definite parameters. Advanced Search allows you to limit your search in specific markets or countries. You can also sort search results based on vendor rating, relevance, or price.


Grams has a number of other features and functions but we will be discussing them more in the Other Features section of this review.

How Does Grams Marketplaces Search Engine Work

Grams performs a search by matching a keyword to listing titles, description, and vendor information. It’s just a basic search algorithm but Grams says that they are planning to introduce improvements in the system soon, including a scoring system based on keywords, reviews, and the number of impressions originating from Grams. This darknet search engine can also use the PGP keys of big markets to find relevant information that have been encrypted and present this information to users.

Although Grams is intended to be like the Google of the dark web, you can’t expect it to scour results from each and every darknet marketplace. At the time we did this review, Grams only returns results from the following markets: AlphaBay, Dream, Hansa Market, Valhalla, Oasis, Real Deal Market, and Tochka Free Market.

Indexing is done every 3 days. If there are new listings on the markets covered, the results are updated every after 3 days. However, if a market uses the Grams API, indexing frequency is improved to 24 hours.

New players in the dark web market are encouraged to have their pages indexed by using Grams API system. Installing and implementing it, according to Grams, only takes around an hour. You have to contact Grams for the details on how to do this. See the Grams contact details below. If you are planning to start your own darknet market, be sure to have it indexed by grams using its API system.

Some Notes on How Grams Search engine Works

There were a number of times when we kept getting an error page after doing some searches. Initially, we thought it had something to do with the keywords we used. We thought there might have been no listings that correspond to the keywords we used but we tried using more popular keywords and still got the same error page.


It was only after we refreshed Grams grams search homepage link that we finally found search results. Apparently, if there’s nothing that matches your keywords, you should not be getting an error page. Instead, the search results page should just tell you this: “No results for (keyword).” It appears that Grams becomes inactive or ends a session if you don’t use it after a while.

Also, you may encounter instances when you get an “Unable to Connect” error page after doing a search. Based on our experience, this is usually only temporary. Just refresh the site and you should be able to access the Grams service again and proceed to doing a new search.

When it comes to page loading time, we can say that Grams is a little inconsistent. Sometimes, you can get search results almost instantly, especially when you have just loaded the homepage, but there are times when it can be painfully slow and you would sometimes end up with an “Unable to connect” page. We have tried using several other onion sites so we are quite sure that the slow page loading we experienced with Grams is not the norm for onion sites.

Other Features and Functions

As mentioned, Grams has a number of other functions and features. Aside from serving as a reliable search engine, it also offers the following: Market Chart, Market Status, Market Alerts, Flow, and InfoDesk.


Market Chart. At the time this review was written, market chart was still a work in progress but its function was already quite clear. It serves as market guide by providing different market ratings. The ratings shown by by Grams engine are from The information shown include an overall rating, support rating, number of votes, and a button for rating a particular market. You can contribute to the market ratings presented on the Grams Market Chart by clicking on this button. This is one of the instances we mentioned earlier wherein you may want to register for a Grams account and log in, since you can only use this rating button if you have logged into your Grams account.

Market Status. Unfortunately, we couldn’t ascertain what the Market Status section is for. It appears to be a list of different markets with color indicators but we couldn’t find information on the site regarding the color scheme employed.

Market Alerts. This one appears to be aimed at delivering the latest market announcements and news. At the time we did this review, though, the Market Alerts section on Grams was empty.

Flow. Grams’ Flow feature supposedly allows you to quickly go to hidden sites without having to memorize its specific .onion address. With it, all you have to do is to input*FLOW-WORD* in the Tor browser’s address bar. A flow word is like a keyword for a specific dark web market or page. For example, you can simply enter to instantly go to the AlphaBay website. The different flow words are presented in the Grams>Flow page. Unfortunately, at the time we did this review, Flow was not functioning as expected. Instead of redirecting to the intended page, it showed the page that appears in the screenshot below.


This page is the same page shown when you load the Flow URL on regular web browsers. It’s like Flow has not been configured properly yet.

InfoDesk. This is basically a directory of darknet vendors and a list of scammers. InfoDesk is a convenient way of  finding information about vendors as they maintain an online presence in different major darknet markets. It presents links to the profile pages of a vendor in different markets, the vendor’s PGP key, ratings, and recent market reviews.

Grams Advertising

Grams has an integrated advertising system for all Tor sites. If you want to place ads on Grams, you need to create a Grams account. Once you have logged in, just go to the Torads section (the Advertising link near the bottom part of the Grams website) to create ad campaigns. The onion link URL address is http://toradsc6vvmtugty.onion/.

Grams Search Engine Support

If you have questions about Grams search engine and its related services, you can send an email to [email protected] or if you want to communicate with the admin, you can send a message to [email protected]. There are PGP keys provided in the Grams Contact page in case you want to encrypt the messages you send. Also, you can interact with other users of Grams in its official subreddit:


Pros and Cons

Grams search is a good way to search the deepweb markets. It’s a convenient darknet search engine that does more than just search. However, it’s not yet complete. A number of its sections and features are still not working as expected. Still, Grams even in its current state is already a good tool for those who want to buy something from the dark web. It provides several useful information and links to help buyers in finding the best possible vendor or product.


  • Familiar and intuitive interface
  • Advanced search and other features for more convenient searching


  • Occasional downtimes (“Unable to connect”) and slow page loading
  • Still unfinished, some sections and functions are incomplete or not functioning

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