Gary Davis Surrenders and Returns to United States for New Trial

gary davis returns to New York
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Irishman and co-administrator of Silk Road, Gary Davis, surrendered to the United States marshals last week. His surrendering to the U.S. authorities will likely lead to a conviction and life time in prison. Davis worked directly with Ross Ulbricht until the darknet marketplace was shut down by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in October 2013.

Mr. Davis’ legal representative Lana Doherty confirmed that her client would forgo challenging the Irish Supreme Court decision to turn himself over to the United States government.

“Mr. Gary Davis was given the opportunity to ponder the verdict of the Supreme Court,” she stated. “Subsequent advice has made him decide not to seek his right of an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights but rather to surrender himself to the United States law enforcement for extradition.”

The irony in all this is that Gary Davis claimed to be a target in a NY State prison when he was in police custody, and explicitly sought extradition to Ireland.

The charge filed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on December 2013 claimed Gary Davis was the Moniker ‘Libertas’ and employed by the Silk Road boss, a righthand man to Ross Ulbricht. A log on Ulbricht’s laptop used as evidence in his trial revealed that Libertas was paid $1,500 per week in bitcoin, for the maintenance of the site.

Ross Ulbricht is now serving a life sentence without parole in the United States prison. He was convicted for trafficking over $1.2 Billion worth in illegal narcotics on the dark web. Additionally, he earned up to $18 Million from all these transactions. All his money has been frozen or seized by the authorities.

However, the recent case of Carpenter v. United States made the legal representatives of Mr. Ulbricht seek out an appeal to the United States Supreme Court to reconsider the (Ulbricht) conviction. Unfortunately, the court declined the appeal.

On January 2014, Mr. Davis requested an extradition to Ireland before the Federal Court on the grounds that he had Asperger’s syndrome and could not receive suitable care while awaiting trial.

It emerged amid the first hearing in 2015 that Mr. Davis never had Asperger diagnosed until after his apprehension. According to a Davis statement in 2016 by encrypted email, Libertas depicted the jail where he would be detained at the Guantanamo Bay of New York. In March 2017, The court of appeal dismissed his suit against extradition and shipped him off to Ireland for an immediate trial.

The accused Gary Davis who have been tirelessly fighting against extradition will be indicted for conspiracy to drugs trafficking, which is life imprisonment under United States law. He is additionally accused of conspiracy to commit money laundering as well as computer hacking.

Libertas has not revealed how he will argue his case now that he is returning to New York. He told a doctor amid his Supreme Court hearing that his case resulted from mistaken identity. He additionally said, he did not know how a duplicate of his passport discovered on Ulbricht’s laptop happened to be there. His arguments from Ireland were mixed up and confusing.

There seems to be too much evidence connecting Davis to Libertas and his relationship to Silk Road. For example, there is evidence of a text message conversation between Dread Pirate Roberts and Libertas where there was mention of a sick pet. Surveillance evidence from that day had concrete video of Davis entering a pet clinic with an animal.

No information on a new trial has been made available, but this continues to be part of a string of Silk Road related news recently.

Roger Thomas Clark, a 56-year-old Canadian man, also indicted for his role in Silk Road activities, lost a similar extradition battle at the beginning of last month. He was extradited from Thailand and faces a slew of federal charges, including money laundering and drug trafficking.

Silk Road was notoriously known for being the Amazon of darknet marketplaces. Since its closure, all other dark web marketplaces have mimicked its style and selection. That is, categories are arranged by topic and item, and buyers can leave feedback as well as ratings for all vendors. Since the FBI shut down the site, every other darknet marketplace has been in the cross-hairs of the US government and others around the world. Taking down these big fish, Ulbricht, Clark and now Davis, is the governments way of sending a strong message to the rest of the darknet arena.

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