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A long-running darknet shop that specializes in psychedelic substances, GammaGoblin – Pushing Taboo has been in operation since January 2012. This darknet shop used to be part of Silk Road 1 and Silk Road 2. It also had or is still maintaining accounts at Evolution, Black Market Reloaded, Black Bank, Sheep Marketplace, Agora, Middle Earth, The Majestic Garden, and Dream Market. GammaGoblin – Pushing Taboo offers self-laid LSD tabs, self-laid DOM tabs, pure mescaline, and pure MDMA crystal.

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  • This darknet market is simply referred to as Pushing Taboo on its website but for the sake of making this review easier to find, we will include the GammaGoblin part of the name.
  • Public PGP key required during account registration.
  • You can login with your username and password (+ CAPTCHA) or your username and PGP key.
  • Has a “Custom Payment” feature (explained in detail below)

How to Access GammaGoblin – Pushing Taboo

This darknet market’s Onon link, http://pushingtabu7itqj.onion/,  should make it obvious that you can’t access this site using just any ordinary web browser like Chrome or Firefox. You need the Tor browser to open this darknet market. Additionally, you have to use a VPN service, PGP, and bitcoins to make sure that you remain anonymous as you buy things from GammaGoblin – Pushing Taboo.

Using a VPN or Virtual Private Network is necessary for you to avoid leaving tracks of your online activities and to prevent any attempt to monitor what you are doing online. PGP, on the other hand, is a software for encryption and decryption. It allows you to have anonymous communication or exchange of information with GammaGoblin – Pushing Taboo’s admin, as you make inquiries and send your shipping address. Of note, you actually need your PGP public key from the very moment you register for an account with Pushing Taboo. You cannot complete the account registration sans a PGP public key. Lastly, you have to get acquainted with the use of bitcoins as they are the only currency used on Pushing Taboo. Bitcoins enable anonymous but secure and reliable fund transfers.

Account Registration

Signing up with GammaGoblin – Pushing Taboo is a quick process. You will only be asked for your preferred username, password, and PGP key. As mentioned, you will be required to provide the PGP (referred to as GPG on the site but it’s the same). The site appears to reject PGP keys created using free PGP key creators online so you really have to use your real PGP key.


You may have difficulties finding the link for the registration page (it is not conspicuous). You actually have to hover your mouse pointer over “Anonymous” on the upper right corner of the site to display the registration link.

Once you’re done registering your account, you will not get any welcome message. Also, you will not be automatically logged in. You will just know that you have successfully registered an account if you are redirected to the homepage.

GammaGoblin – Pushing Taboo Account Interface and Functions

This darknet shop has a simple and minimalist site design. It should be easy to navigate around the site and find the section you want. There’s no need to activate javascript support on the Tor browser to access all of the site’s pages and features. In fact, the site regularly flashes notifications advising users to disable javascript to ensure anonymity.


To change your password, just click on the Edit Account link. There’s no option to enable two-factor authentication but the site appears to be adequately secure. To proceed to finding products you may want to buy, just click on the category links shown on the homepage (there is no dedicated page for presenting the different product categories and listings).

There are only a few pages on GammaGoblin – Pushing Taboo so it should be easy figuring things out in here. We suggest reading the texts in the About Us and Terms pages to have a better understanding of what this darknet shop is all about.

Categories and Product Listings

There are only two categories of products in GammaGoblin – Pushing Taboo. They are as follows:

  • LSD (product category)
    • Raw LSD Needlepoint Crystal (listed product)
  • Phenethylamines (product category)
    • MDMA Crystal (listed product)
    • 2.5mg DOM Tabs (STP, 2,5-dimethoxy-4-methylamphetamine) (listed product)
    • 1.4mg DOB Tabs (2,5-dimethoxy-4-bromoamphetamine HCL) (listed product)
    • Very Pure Mescaline HCl (listed product)

If you go to the products page of the site (which also serves as the homepage), what you will see is a seemingly incomplete or a poorly-designed page that only shows the two categories (plus the Custom Payment link). As shown above, there are only a total of  5 products on the site. If you click on one of the categories, LSD for example, you will be taken to a page that only shows one listing (Raw LSD Needlepoint Crystal).


You have to click on the More button so you can go the actual product page where you will find the different “packaging” or product weight options for a product. Again, in the LSD product page for example, you will find 3 Add to Cart buttons. These represent the different “packaging” available for the specific product. You can buy LSD in 50 mg, 100 mg, or more than 100 mg (custom) packages. Note: The more quantity you buy, the lower the price gets per milligram. In the MDMA product page, there are 5 buttons (5 gram, 10 gram, 20 gram, 50 gram, +50 gram-custom packages).

Instead of presenting the different packages or weight variants for the same product as separate product listings, they are just shown as different Add to Cart buttons. Instead of letting buyers specify the quantity to buy, there are fixed packaging or weight variants shown. Buyers can only specify the quantity they want if their order is bigger than the set threshold for a specific product (as indicated in the product page).

Search and Search Filters

GammaGoblin – Pushing Taboo does not have an advanced search feature. After all, it only offers two kinds of products, five products in total. It shouldn’t be difficult finding the product you want and placing an order.

How to Fund/Pay for Purchases

With GammaGoblin – Pushing Taboo, you will not be maintaining a wallet or a BTC balance tied with your account. You will not be making deposits here. Instead, your payments will be made from your own bitcoin wallet to the bitcoin wallet address or payment address that will be shown to you every time you pay for an order.

Ordering Guide

Placing an order on GammaGoblin – Pushing Taboo is a simple process. First, click on the Add to Cart button for the specific product packaging or weight variant you want. You will then be taken to the Cart page where you will be shown the different items you have added to your cart so far and the total cost in dollars and BTC you will have to pay.


Important: The site imposes a 80 USD minimum order cost. You cannot proceed to doing a checkout if you have less than 80 USD in total order amount.

If the items you have in your cart are above the 80 USD minimum required to allow an order, the cart readily shows the fields where you can enter your shipping address (be sure to PGP-encrypt before pasting the address) and the options for shipping method. You no longer have to click on a Checkout button here. After you enter your shipping address (and entering a CAPTCHA), you can proceed to making your payment by clicking on the Submit Order button. The next page will display the bitcoin wallet address to where the payment is to be sent.

You are only given 2 hours to send your payment. Payments are usually confirmed within 10 minutes but may take up to 30 minutes on some occasions. If you fail to pay for the order within the 2 hours allotted, the order will automatically be cancelled.

Shipping Address Guide

GammaGoblin – Pushing Taboo requires buyers to supply their full names and complete addresses when providing the shipping address. Orders without a full name and other important address details will be cancelled. In case there is failure of delivery because of address mistakes or issues, no refund will be given. The site recommends using Wikipedia’s mailing address format as guide when providing the shipping address.

GammaGoblin – Pushing Taboo ships products to different parts of the world. Buyers in the following countries/regions are accommodated (estimated time of arrival for these different regions are indicated):

  • USA and Canada – 5 to 12 working days, but may take up to 15 working days
  • Central and South America – 7 to 14 working days on average but may take more than 3 working weeks
  • Europe  – 3 to 8 working days, up to 15 working days
  • Australia and New Zealand – 5 to 12 working days but may sometimes take up to 21 working days
  • Asia – 5 to 12 working days but may sometimes take up to 21 working days
  • Africa – 5 to 12 working days but may sometimes take up to 21 working days

The estimated times of arrival are based on a regular working day. During holidays, though, like the Christmas season and the first half of January, you have to expect more delays. It is recommended that you provide 10 more days of waiting time, in addition to the estimated time of arrival stated above.

GammaGoblin – Pushing Taboo offers two remedies in case your item does not arrive within the estimated waiting period. You can either get a 50% refund for the purchase or you can have a reshipping of the item arranged.


The products are being shipped through priority, untracked letters. They are also vacuum sealed. GammaGoblin – Pushing Taboo ships the items from a low-profile country in the European Union. As such, the package may be thought of as junk so go over your spam or junk mail folder just to be sure.

Buyers’ Feedback

All of the products on the site come with numerous buyers’ feedback. If you want to have an idea about the quality of the products you are thinking of buying, just examine the pages of feedback posted on the site.

Custom Payment

Alongside the product categories on GammaGoblin – Pushing Taboo, you will notice a link called Custom Payment. This link will take you to a page for handling payments that are not specified in the respective pages of the products being offered by the site.


Here, you can make payments for orders that cost less than the 80 USD minimum imposed by the site. You may also use Custom Payment if you contacted Pushing Taboo’s admin and you’ve come up with an agreement to have a custom discount for the large order. The idea is that if the payment you will be making does not match the fixed amounts indicated in the ordering pages of the site, you have to use the Custom Payment feature.

Our complaint with this Custom Payment feature, though, is that it ambiguously presents its purpose. In the text on the Custom Payment page, this feature is referred to as a “listing” as in the following: “Please use this listing for custom payments that are not listed elsewhere.” To clarify, this is a payment method and is being referred as a listing because you will be sending payment through this system in the same way you would be sending payment if you were to pay for a regular order on Pushing Taboo. This “listing” will present a unique bitcoin payment address although you will not be selecting a specific product in the process.

As a guide, remember the following points:

  • You will only be using Custom Payment if you have contacted GammaGoblin – Pushing Taboo’s admin for a particular payment arrangement. In regular purchases, wherein you did not ask for an exemption for the minimum order amount or if you did not ask for a special discount, you are not supposed to be using Custom Payment.
  • In instances when you will have to use Custom Payment, be sure to contact the site’s admin for clear instructions.
  • There are two Add to Cart buttons in Custom Payment. The first one is actually just going to reload the page (its linked URL is the page’s Onion URL itself). It’s the second button that you will have to use.
  • You may notice that “units” (not dollars or BTC) is the denomination used for the amount you enter here. One unit is actually just equal to 1 USD. Yes, the introduction of “units” here is inexplicably confusing but just ignore it. What you need to know is that you can only enter numbers divisible by 1 here (no decimal points/centavos). The equivalent BTC amount for the “unit” or dollar amount you enter will then be shown in the next page after you click on the Add to Cart button.

GammaGoblin – Pushing Taboo Market Support

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a method of contacting admin or the support team on the site. There’s a Messages section but it is actually a forum feature. It allows you to post messages for all other users to read, not send messages to specific users. Perhaps, the best way to contact this darknet shop’s admin or support team is through its different accounts or profile pages in other darknet markets.


Pros and Cons


  • Detailed product descriptions
  • Quick ordering process
  • Relatively good uptime


  • Limited types of products offered
  • No or very long automatic session timeout (security issue)
  • Website intuitiveness or user-friendliness could use some improvement.

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