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As the name implies, French Freedom Zone or FFZ is a French-native darknet community. However, it also features a section for international users, albeit not that active. It features discussions on a wide array of topics that are considered taboo in the regular web including crimes, esoteric topics, carding, hacking, and malware. It is also a darknet marketplace as it features a Market section in the forum as well as a separate Classifieds section where various items can be sold and or where “looking for” ads are posted.


How to Access French Freedom Zone

With its Onion link, http://ffzone4ry6efpqj3.onion, French Freedom Zone is no ordinary website. It is a darknet site, which means you need a special web browser to be able to access it. This special browser is the Tor browser. You don’t have to worry if you are not familiar with this browser, though, because it’s actually just like Firefox. The only difference is that it can help you stay anonymous on the web and it allows you to access hidden sites. It’s also an intuitive web browser that even allows you to add the usual Firefox browser extensions or add-ons you may find useful.

In addition to using the Tor browser, it is also recommended using a VPN service and PGP encryption/decryption. Using the Tor browser is actually enough for you to browse around the French Freedom Zone but you will be compromising your security. VPN is used to make sure that you don’t leave tracks of your online activities. PGP encryption/decryption, on the other hand, guarantees that the information or messages you share with other users of the site are only read by the intended recipients.

Account Registration

To register for a French Freedom Zone account, just click on the green registration button on the upper right corner of the site to fill out the account registration form. Alternatively, you can click on the Register Now link at the bottom of the username field in the login section.


The account registration form asks for quite a number of details although only 5 of them are compulsory. These required details are the username (must be 3-6 characters), email address, password (up to 20 characters), areas of expertise (programming, crime, etc), and country. For the sake of anonymity, we recommend not using your real email address. We tried one temporary email address service and it was accepted by the system. Also, it’s advisable not to state your real country of origin. You can just indicate France as your country. Your account will not be cancelled simply because you did not enter your real country in this field.

The other details required for the registration are the PGP key and mostly contact details or messenger IDs such as ICQ, Torchat, Jabber, Tox and Richochet. In lieu of a CAPTCHA code, the site uses a security question.

It would likely take you around a minute to complete the registration process since you will probably still be examining the fields you need to fill out. If you just focus on the 5 required details mentioned above, you can get an account in around 20 seconds.

There are fees you will be asked to pay before you can access all of the sections of French Freedom Zone. According to the site, this is done to ensure that only good members are allowed to read and make posts, preventing those who are only trying to exploit the site for other goals. Find the details on the amounts you will be asked to pay at the Registration thread of French Freedom Zone.

French Freedom Zone Interface and Functions

Before you get to go around the site, you will see a notification on telling you to activate javascript (if it’s not activated yet) on your Tor browser. You have to do so otherwise you will not be able to access all features and functions of French Freedom Zone.

You supposedly can change the language of the ite. Just go to the bottom part and find the “France” link (French is the default language, obviously). Click on it to display the other language options. However, when we tried this feature, nothing changed on the most conspicuous texts of the site such as the menu/link names and forum section and thread titles. We found some words that were in English but they’re the same with what’s shown when the French language option is chosen. We tried all the other languages available (Spanish, Arabic, Italian) but nothing readily observable changed.


Going to the the actual French Freedom Zone interface, we can say that it’s neat and well-organized. It has the general look and feel of a forum. If you have had the chance to participate in online forums or discussion boards, you shouldn’t find any problem using this site. It’s basically similar to the other forum-marketplace darknet sites we have already reviewed here.


There’s the usual menu bar on top that provides quick links to the most important pages of the site. For the link to the account page, just click on your username near the upper right corner to display the different account page links including the option to set up two-step authentication, manage classifieds, add or change profile details, and read or send private messages.

On your first time accessing French Freedom Zone, the private messaging and the shoutbox features will not be available yet. You will only be able to access them once you have made 15 posts on the forum.

Forum Sections and Threads

To give you an overview of what French Freedom Zone is all about, a summary of its different sections and threads presented below:

  • French Freedom Zone – Principal/Main Thread
      • Registration (account registration guide)
      • French Freedom Zone – Presentation (thread where new members can introduce themselves)
      • Open Space: Debates on All Subjects
      • Political Debates (includes discussions on topics related to politics, freedom, and laws)
      • Law (thread for laws and legal advice as well as scams and abuses of law)
      • General Criminology (includes discussions on terrorism, weapons, criminal history, and drugs)
      • Scams and Carding
      • Security Optimization
      • Hacking (includes shared tips, tools, and tricks)
      • Tools and Hacktools (features software, keyloggers, botnets, RATs, stealers, and other tools for hacking and carding)
      • Programming
      • Gaming
      • Sciences
      • Sexology and Eroticism (also features threads on rape, violence, sexual abuse, BDSM, and fetishism)
      • Spirituality
      • Graphics and Design
      • Webmastering
      • International Section
      • Basket (described as “trash of the deep web”)
  • Market
    • “Market Professional” (consolidated list of shops of the bestsellers on FFZ)
    • Casino
    • Hacking (includes threads for hacking services, malware, documents, BDD, and hacking-related information)
    • Carding
    • Accounts
    • Techniques (features tips and techniques on carding, scams, and other related topics)
    • Fake/Counterfeit Items
    • Arms
    • Drugs (cannabis, stimulants, psychedelics, hallucinogens, dissociatives,  opioids, as well as legal pharmaceuticals that can be abused)
    • Flash Sales (thread for temporary sales of items available in limited quantities)
    • Marketing Studies
    • Arbitration/Conflict Resolution (thread for discussing and resolving issues on transactions or with sellers)
  • Elite Section (private section exclusive to members)
  • Warez (private section for donor experts)
  • Laboratories



In addition to the Markets sub-forum, French Freedom Zone also has a Classifieds section, which is separate from the forum page. Unfortunately, this is only accessible to paying members. If you have successfully signed up for an account and you have not paid for the upgraded members, you will not be able to access this section.

Classifieds is similar to other classified ads pages you may have already encountered on the traditional web and darknet. A wide range of products and services are listed, similar to the variety of topics discussed in the forums.

Search and Listing Filters

French Freedom Zone has an advanced search tool that scours all sections of the site, not just the forums. The search bar is located near the upper right corner of the site. You can do a search first and sort the results later or you can directly go to the advanced search interface by clicking on the gear/settings button on the search bar.


The advanced search interface allows you to search everything in the FFZ site, search only for posts from specific members, or search in specific sections of the site. You can also do searches based on the author or user or based on the date (range) it was posted. Moreover, you sort the search results alphabetically in ascending or descending order.

Fortunately, the full search function of the site is available to all users. Even newly registered non-paying users can make use of all the features of this search tool.

How to Choose a Vendor

Similar to the case of other forum-marketplaces, to find  a good vendor, you need to go to their specific threads to evaluate them based on the information posted. FFZ has a “reputation” system, which provides a gauge based on the total positive and negative feedback given to a vendor or user’s posts on the site. This reputation system is far from perfect but can be a good basis when taken together with other information available on the site. There is also a star rating system that is based on the star ratings given by other users of the site. Obviously, it is preferable to choose a vendor with a high star rating and excellent reputation.

It is advisable to choose vendors that have been active on the site for a long time and those that are responsive to inquiries. Also, a good vendor is one that is regularly online on FFZ. It’s important to send questions to vendors as you decide on which one to choose. Be sure to inquire about their terms of delivery and stealth.

How to Order

Transactions are between the buyer and seller only. FFZ is no longer involved in transactions between users of the site. Users and buyers can just agree on the terms of the purchase or sale. That’s why it’s very important to choose vendors wisely.

Generally, the process of buying starts with the buyer browsing over available product postings and choosing one to buy. The seller then sends a message to the seller to indicate intention to buy. The buyer and seller then agree on the transaction. Negotiating prices or terms is possible unless the terms are already strictly stated on the product post. The buyer then sends the payment to the seller and awaits its delivery. The process is mostly similar to how it is conducted in other darknet forum-marketplaces.

How to Pay for Orders

Like in other darknet marketplaces, transactions are paid for in bitcoins. Again, the details of the transactions depend on the agreement between the buyer and seller. The buyer may request for multisig payments but the seller is not obliged to agree to such a setup. For your protection, it is advisable to always ask if it’s possible to do multisig payments or use an escrow system.

French Freedom Zone Support

If you have inquiries or if you need assistance on something related to your French Freedom Zone account, just go to the French Freedom Zone Help section link and go over the help resources provided. If you can’t find the information you need, you can then post your question or contact the admin or support team of the site. There’s a Contact link at the bottom part of the site that should conveniently take you to the “Request Information” page through which you can send your inquiry or request for assistance.


Pros and Cons


  • Well-designed, intuitive forum. Market and classifieds sections are separate from the discussion threads
  • Adequately detailed Help threads
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Relatively responsive site admin/support and also relatively quick in spotting and banning scammers


  • Fee required before you can access all features and sections of French Freedom Zone
  • Language toggle does not work (no changes in the texts of the site when changing to English, Spanish, Italian, and Arabic)
  • Not so active international section. FFZ is mostly for French-speaking users.


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