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The French Connection is a darknet shop that claims to have been built to last, offering “high quality” products with the “stealthiest shipping” and bonuses. It’s a darknet shop with just a few products, all of which are related to recreational drugs. If you looking for a shop or a full-fledged darknet market, it would be better to find other options. Otherwise, you can try going over the dozens of products offered here.

The French Connection Market Link URL:

  • http://abyssopyps3z4xof.onion/

The French Connection Account Registration Link

  • http://abyssopyps3z4xof.onion/user/register

The French Connection Useful Links (French Connection market links to stores in other darknet markets, email addresses, and PGP guides)

  • http://abyssopyps3z4xof.onion/content/our-links



  • The French Connection is a darknet vendor shop, not a darknet market
  • It does not ship products to the US
  • Site has a javascript code for checking if you are  being phished.
  • The French Connection is looking for wholesalers and offers major discounts and credits.

How to Access The French Connection

As the Onion link of The French Connection darknet market suggests, this site is not accessible using just any ordinary web browser. You need to get the Tor browser to be able to open this dark web marketplace. Don’t worry if you are not familiar with the Tor browser because we have a Tor browser download guide to help you out. This browser is not that different from standard web browsers when it comes to the interface and functions. In addition to the Tor browser, to make sure that you can securely and anonymously use The French Connection market, you have to use a VPN service, PGP, and bitcoins.

VPN allows you to avoid leaving tracks of your online activities, thereby preventing the possibility of getting monitored. PGP or Pretty Good Privacy is a software for encryption and decryption. It is useful as you use The French Connection marketplace because it makes for anonymous and secure communication. With it, you can contact a vendor on The French Connection and be assured that no third party will be able to know about the messages or information you exchange, that you will not be sending incriminating information that can be used against you. In case you forget, you are likely buying something illegal or banned if you are buying it on a darknet market. Moreover, you need to be knowledgeable with the use of bitcoins (and moneros in some markets) since only cryptocurrency can be viably used in darknet markets on account of the anonymity and reliability they afford.

Account Registration

Getting an account with The French Connection darknet market is a quick process although the CAPTCHA may sometimes be a little difficult to read. We had to redo the registration thrice because of the wrong CAPTCHA, but we think you can complete the process in around 15 seconds. The account registration form only asks for your username, email address, and password.


We suggest that you create a new email account just to have something to use for this registration process. Make sure this new email account is not linked with your other email accounts, and nothing in it should provide a hint to your identity. Don’t use a temporary or disposable email address because this email address requirement is to provide a method for recovering your account in case you lose or forget your password. You may also use the free darknet email http://sigaintevyh2rzvw.onion/ listed on The French Connection’s Links page.

The French Connection’s FAQ page says that the email address field is essentially optional since you can just put any email address there and it wouldn’t affect the approval of your account registration. However, it is recommended that you add a real working email address so you can have a way of recovering your account in case you lose access to it. Also, this email address can be used to get notifications in case you receive private messages.

By the way, for the username, spaces are allowed as well as punctuation marks and symbols except for hyphens, underscores, periods, and apostrophes.

You will be automatically logged in once you complete the account registration process.

The French Connection Account Interface and Functions

The French Connection has a clean-looking website. It should be easy to figure things out in it. You don’t have to configure anything upon your first login. You’re already set to proceed to making purchases. Your My Account page does not come with a lot of features or functions. It only allows you to view your orders and change your password and email address (under the Edit tab).


There’s no option to enable two-factor authentication but as stated in the homepage, the site has a javascript code that can check if you are being phished. You don’t need to activate javascript support on the Tor browser to access the different pages and features of The French Connection but if you want to make use of this anti-phishing feature, you can turn javascript support on.

The links to the most important pages on the site are conspicuously shown near the top part of the site, just below the logo. There’s an FAQ page which offers a good amount of useful information about the site, but misses out on essential details like what name to use if you want to send a message to The French Connection’s admin or support team (using the site’s messaging system).


Since The French Connection is just a darknet vendor shop, not a full-fledged darknet market, don’t expect a wide variety of products. The products are also not presented in categories and listings similar to what you find in most dark web markets.

At the time we did this review, we found only a total of 41 products on the site. All of which are recreational drugs or related to recreational drugs. These products are as follows:

  • Heroin (12)
  • Methamphetamine from Ephedrine (3)
  • Cocaine (2)
  • “Superman” XTC Pills (3)
  • Synthetic Psilocybine Liquid (1)
  • Speed Paste (3)
  • Shabu-Shabu Meth (1)
  • “Black Tar” Heroin (3)
  • Crystal Meth (2)
  • Crystal MDMA (2)
  • Blotters / Blotting Papers in different designs (9)

On the website, these products are presented in a long list with their respective names or titles, prices, and images for some of the products. As mentioned, they are not grouped or separated in categories. You will just see a long listing of products.


The French Connection Search and Search Filters

Considering the minimal number of products on The French Connection, an advanced search feature or search filters may not be necessary. If you want to quickly find something, you can just use the Ctrl+F function (Command+F on Mac) on the Tor browser to search for texts on the Products page. Doing this will quickly take you to the cluster of products that correspond to the keyword you used.

The French Connection’s Products page presents products not in an alphabetical order (it’s somewhat random) but those with similar names are listed in succession so if you use Ctrl+F, you will be quickly taken to the part the product list that likely matches your search.


It’s not difficult to search for products on The French Connection when there’s only a few listed but it certainly wouldn’t be the case if more and more products are added. It would have been better if the products are grouped in categories and that all of them have their respective images and descriptions. Still, in its current state, there’s nothing much to complain about the way the products are presented in The French Connection. It’s okay, nothing remarkable.

How to Fund/Pay for Purchases

With The French Connection, you will not be maintaining a wallet or deposit/withdrawal account. To fund your purchases, you need to have your bitcoin wallet and your bitcoins. Although the prices shown on the site are in euro (EUR), what you will be using in making payments are your bitcoins (BTC). The corresponding BTC amount you will have to pay will be shown to you as you proceed with the order checkout. If you don’t see the BTC amount, refresh the page. The EUR to BTC conversion is based on Coinbase.

The payment address or the bitcoin wallet address of The French Connection that you will be using as you send the payment for your order will be displayed on the site once your order is confirmed. This is after you have already entered your shipping address and reviewed your order.

Ordering Guide

Placing an order on The French Connection is a simple process. Just click on the Add to Cart button of the item you want to buy on the Products page to start the process. You can also click on the product link to go to the product page and click on the Add to Cart button on that page.

Usually, we would recommend going to the specific product page first before proceeding with the purchase so you can see more details about the products. However, with The French Connection, there aren’t really a lot of information shown on the product pages. In fact, what you will see in almost all of the product pages are information that have already been shown in the product listings.


To emphasize, what’s being used here is the Add to Cart button, not a Buy Now button. This means that you will be going to your cart first before your can proceed to the checkout to officially start the ordering process. Just like in traditional online shopping sites, items in your cart are not considered as ordered items yet. You will have to do the checkout process for the actual ordering process to be initiated.

You can add multiple items to your cart and check them out later on. If you have multiple items in your cart, you will be simultaneously doing a checkout for them. The price shown (the price you will have to pay) will be the total for all of the items in your cart. If you want to individually check the items out, immediately click the Checkout button every time you add an item to your cart. If you already have several items in your cart, you can just remove some of them before doing the checkout.

Once you click on the Checkout button, you will be taken to a page where you will be shown the BTC amount you have to pay and the text field where you will be entering your shipping address. Take note that there is no text field specifically labeled as “Shipping Address” here. What you see is just a text field labeled “Order Comments.” This is where you will be entering your shipping address. You must PGP-encrypt your shipping address before pasting it in the Order Comments field. Be sure to carefully review the accuracy of the shipping address you enter. The French Connection will not reship your order or provide a refund if you provided the wrong shipping address.


Follow this format when entering your shipping address:

  • Name
  • Address
  • City and Postal Code
  • Country

As mentioned earlier, this vendor does not ship to the US. It only serves customers from Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and countries in the American continent (except the US).

Make sure that you are paying the exact amount for your purchase. Otherwise, your order will not be processed. You are given 12 hours to send your payment, starting from the point when the payment address for your order was shown.

It is recommended that you use your real name and shipping address. As most darknet markets say, delivery persons or postmen find it more suspicious if they deliver packages to someone who is not known to be a resident of a particular area, especially if the delivery is quite frequent. You may get a PO box but that would entail an additional expense. The French Connection guarantees that it will destroy all sensitive information related to you and your transaction.

Estimated shipping time, as presented in The French Connection website, are as follows:


The French Connection does not offer expedited shipping services. Send a message to the site’s admin if your item has not arrived yet after the estimated shipping time lapses.

Unfortunately, The French Connection does not support multisig bitcoin payments. If you want the certainty that you can get a refund in case you are sent the wrong or defective products or if no product is delivered, you can just buy through The French Connection’s stores in darknet markets where it maintains a presence. These darknet markets include Nucleus and Nice Guy deep web markets.

The French Connection Market Support

The French Connection’s admin or support team has a messaging system but it does not state the name to use (the name to enter in the “To” field when writing a new message) if you want to contact The French Connection’s admin. What we found on the FAQ page is an email address, [email protected], which is apparently not supposed to be used because “Lelantos is compromised” according to a note on The French Connection’s homepage.

Nevertheless, there are other email addresses you can use in the Links page of The French Connection website. You can also contact admin through this vendor’s stores in other darknet markets. The links for these darknet markets are also in presented the Links page.


Pros and Cons


  • Neat and intuitive website
  • Relatively good uptime although it may take time for the pages to load sometimes.
  • The French Connection has accounts at AlphaBay, Mr Nice Guy, and Nucleus so you can buy The French Connection’s products through these darknet markets if you want to enjoy the protection of an escrow system or multisig payments.


  • Does not ship to customers in the United States
  • Limited number of products available (only recreational drugs at the time this review was written)
  • Multisig bitcoin payments not supported

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  1. SOMETHINGSIMPLE | July 27, 2018 at 12:28 am | Reply

    I would have to be one of FC’s biggest customers, I been buying off him for 3.5 years now, i started on dream market but since the thieving cunts scammed him on dream market, took all his money and kicked him off the site because he was too much competition to their drug dealers.

    I then followed him to his own site which was thankfully fully developed since then, now im happy they kicked him out because his prices are cheaper and quality seemed to even get better.
    I guess he could afford to pass the savings onto his customers after not having to pay the massive commissions dream charge on top of selectively scamming most now and then.

    Now his smack is the worlds best and priced unbelievably low, if you score your H elsewhere then you obviously have never bought from FC before.

    ill be honest with u all, fc and i have had our fights like occassionally when somethings late i blow my top like a dumb junky, then usually go crawling back the next day when it arrives or if it doesnt he has a bit of a groan and then always resends, he’s probably not the friendliest bloke alive either, but does he need to be.

    he’s simply got good shit at a good price and he’s honest. Make up your own mind.

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